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Trials Manager’s report

Once again the sun shone on us making the venue a joy to be at, although it did get a bit wet and windy on the Sunday.  Thank you to Pam and Wendy for keeping everyone fed and watered over the three days, to all the tracklayers and stewards (I will let the judges thank them personally) a big thank you, also to my band of helpers who set the trial base up and took it all back down again - your help is much appreciated.  I would also like to thank Sandra for writing out all the certificates so beautifully.

Thank you to my judges Gary Martin (CD), Jan Rex (UD); it was the first time judging appointment for Gary and Jan, I think they both enjoyed it – hopefully!  Thanks also to Vana Moody (TD), Liz de Unger (CandA), Wendy Beasley (PD) and Paula Jaques (WD) who stepped in at the last minute to judge WD when Bob Cook fell ill.  It wasn’t until after the trial had finished that I realised that UD had 140 years of experience in its tracklayers on the Saturday - thanks Jan and Marian - you showed the youngsters how it’s done.

I hope you all had a great time at our trial - those that didn’t qualify better luck next time.

Penny Bann


Stake: CD


Steward: Caroline Martin

Many thanks to Essex 2000 for the invitation to judge at this well run trial.  Penny Bann and her large and well run group of helpers made my first judging appointment a real pleasure.  Penny has this trials managing down to a fine art.  The ladies in the kitchen, Wendy and Pam, did a sterling job, keeping us well supplied with excellent fare which included Jan Vallack’s superb cakes!!

Caroline is a first rate steward and gave the competitors all the help required to enable a successful day for every one of them.  She managed to put all the competitors at ease and despite some very nervous handlers we had some really first class performances.  Thanks also to Sandra Lewindon for stay stewarding amongst all her other jobs.

We started with nosework and the retrieve was conducted whilst the square was being laid.  The search articles were;  2` x 1` piece of wood, a shotgun cartridge and a 2" square piece of rubber matting, all laid on a grass paddock.  The C/A followed and commenced with heel on lead to the sendaway point.  The sendaway was 50 paces to a traffic cone in the hedge.  This was followed by heel-free to the jumps area where we completed the recall and then onto the jumps.

For the most part the tests were completed to a good standard, with all the dogs showing some real promise in one section or another.  Nerves let one or two of the teams down but there were a couple of quality teams on show and I am sure they are destined for success in the higher stakes.  Good luck to you all in the future and thanks for helping make mine a really enjoyable day.

1st A. Trodd with BAILLIE OF CHELASA, X Breed dog. This dog is a real star in the making and proved to be a worthy winner, with perfect nosework marks followed by quality C/A.  Baillie’s sendaway was inch perfect and he showed bags of enthusiasm throughout.  A well deserved win from a promising team.  Qualified with 97.5.

2nd R. Murchie with KENMILFORE BLACK DIAMOND, Labrador dog.  Ruth has had to work really hard with such a live wire and the results are starting to show.  His nosework showed him dropping just 1 mark and coupled with a reasonable C/A round pulled this team through to second place.  Keep up the work and good luck. Qualified with 90.

3rd D. Self with TREGONHAY THORN, ESS dog.  Thorn has such potential but he does make Dave drag it out of him!  He has such ability but is easily distracted, making his handler have to work very hard to get the best out of him.  None the less he is capable of putting it all together on the day and when he does is a joy to watch. Qualified with 84.

4th M. McGinn with BARKINGMAD BADGER, X Breed bitch.  Badger started the day losing only 2 on her nosework but lost her way a bit in the C/A.  There is definite potential there, Morag, and you have a lovely rapport with her.  Keep putting in the work and it’ll all come right. NQ.


UD, WD and TD Control and Agility

Judge: Liz de Unger

Steward: Caroline Martin

I would like to thank Essex 2000 for asking me to judge the C/A, and Penny for running such a friendly and well organised trial.  Thank you to Pam and Wendy for the delicious food and to Doreen Hook for having me to stay and making me feel so welcome.

It was a lovely venue, and I had an excellent field, very near the base, to work in.  All the competitors were super to judge and I was lucky to have an excellent steward in Caroline.  She did a wonderful job and was great company.  I really enjoyed myself.

UD.  26 entered, 22 ran

1st Mike Wood with VONGRAF IRON, CDEx, Mal, D.  Mike and Kofi did a very polished round, only marred by Kofi’s barking on the jumps.  A very well deserved win.  194.5, Q.

2nd Len Newman with SALLY BELL, WSD, B.  Len handled this sensitive little bitch beautifully and did a very neat round.  Well done.  189.5, Q

3rd Mary Prentice with MOUNTLOCHAN LAIRD O’LEYS, CDEx, BC, D.  Mary and Keltie did the best control round of the day – full marks.  Only lost one on the jumps with a casual foul.  Lovely to watch – well done.  188, Q

4th Diane Ling with DEBDEN MOSS, CDEx, Cocker Spaniel.  Moss is a cracking little dog with a lovely attitude – he jumped beautifully.  Well done.  178.5, Q

Also qualifying:

June Raymond with CANDLEWOOD ROMULUS, BC, D, 172.5

WD, 9 entered, 6 ran

1st Sandra Lewindon with BRACOKELI DELIVERANCE, GSD, B.  Sandra was rightly thrilled with Banjo, who is a lovely keen shepherd, but he can lack concentration at times.  Very well done.  174.5, Q

2nd Wendy Siggers with HEATHGATE ISLA, WSD, B.  Isla did a lovely committed sendaway and excellent retrieve.  Shame the jumps let you down.  175.5, NQ

3rd Valerie King wuth LITTLE TIKKI FOR LUCK AT KINGSPRIDE, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, B.  A lovely control round, with a superb sendaway, only losing one on heelwork due to barking.  Sadly, the jumps let you down.  174.5, NQ

4th Pat McMaster with KRISTAL MIGHTY, CDEx, UDEx, Cross, B.  A lovely steady round, only losing 1.5 on the control.  Jumps well.  99.5, NQ


1st Christine Brooks with DARIAN IN YOUR SMILE, CDEx, UDEx, BC, D.  Chris and Jake did a very polished round, just losing points here and there.  Excellent jumps.  A well deserved win.  207.5, Q

2nd Linda Newbold with COLLIEWOOD DANCING BRAVE, WSD, D.  Dylon is a lovely keen boy who did a full mark sendaway and redirect.  Well done.

3rd Roger Shrimpton with CORNDON TAF AT GRELGANNA, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, D.  A good competent and tidy round.  Pity about the long jump.  Well done. 198, Q

4th Anne Shepherd with LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, Cross, B.  A lovely keen dog who only lost 0.5 mark each on the sendaway and on the jumps.  196, Q

Also qualifying:

Hilary Mercer with STARDELL INDI, CDEx, UDEx, BC, B.  195.5

Manda McLellan with ASTRA STORM, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, D.  187.5

Irene Seymour with OAKENHEART DARK AFFAIR, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, GSD, B.  182.5


Stake: UD Nosework

Judge: JAN REX

Tracklayers: Friday – Jan Vallack, Marion Shields, Gary Martin; Saturday – Jan Vallack, Gary Martin, Sandra Lewindon.

Steward: Helen Brown

Many thanks to Essex 2000 for giving me my first opportunity to judge.  Thanks to Penny Bann and helpers for a well run trial, and to Wendy Siggers and Pam Stare in the kitchen.  Thanks also to my tracklayers and my search steward – all of you were great company and we had a lot of laughs.

I hope I set a fair test for the stake.  Tracking was on lush crop and the weather was kind both days, so we saw some great nosework.  Thanks to all the competitors who entered under my first appointment, and good luck in the future.

1st Mike Woods with KOFIE, 194.5.  Lovely round from a very experienced handler.  Well done.

2nd Len Newman with SALLY, 189.5.  Full mark track, lovely to watch.

3rd Mary Prentice with KELTIE, 188.  Lovely round.

4th Diane Ling with MOSS, 178.5.  Nice round, great to see a spaniel.

Also qualified:

June Raymond with KODY, 172.5.  Lovely track – trust your dog June!


Stake: WD nosework  

Judge: Paula Jaques

Tracklayers: Nicky Boyce, Jane Gray and Ron Jaques

Thank you to Essex 2000 for inviting me to step in for Bob Cook.  We all missed Bob and wish him well and back with us soon. 

Tracking conditions were great on lush crop and we saw some super tracks.  My thanks to my tracklayers who did excellent jobs as always and were excellent company.  They were Nicky Boyce, Jane Gray and Ron Jaques. My super square steward was Mike Woods - thanks Mike.

9 dogs ran, but we had only one qualifier overall

1st Sandra lewindon with BRACKOKELI DELIVERANCE, GSD.  Very well done, Sandra, Banjo did you proud.  Q, 174.5

2nd Wendy Siggers with HEATHGATE ISLA, NQ.  Hard luck Wendy, you will do it soon.  Well done

3rd Val King with LITTLE TIKKI FOR LUCK AT KINGSPRIDE, NQ.  Well done on the track, Val.

Thanks to Penny Bann and all her helpers for a very well run trial.


STAKE: TD nosework


Tracklayers: Fri - Gary Martin, Mark Lewindon; Sat - Gary Martin, Lee Kane.

Steward: Val Ridge

Thank you, Essex, asking me to judge on such lush farmland. Thanks to Penny Bann for her hard work before, during and after the trial - well done.  Thanks also to Wendy Siggars and Pam Stare supplying food and drinks,  and to Sandra Lewindon for writing certificates beautifully.  My team on the field did everything as I asked - thank you for your time and excellent company.  To everyone who helped in some way behind the scene, without knowing names I thank all of you on behalf of myself and the competitors, for without help of all kinds there would be no trials for any of us. 

The conditions were all you could ask for, a light breeze, warm for the time of year, damp underfoot with rain overnight ‘cleaning the fields’. This gave us tracks which were great to watch.  On the second day dogs, I felt, had to work  little harder, although this did not detract from their work.  Unfortunately squares in some cases need some work, 33 was the highest mark.  To those not qualifying this time, I’m sure it won’t be long; those who did, well done. To all of you good luck next time, and thank you for allowing me to judge you and your dogs, it was an honour and a pleasure.

1st JAKE, BC with Chris Brooks.  Track 97.5 + 30, Square 32: Overall Total  207, Q.  Well done.  Jake was first dog to work and kept his place.

2nd DYLAN, WSD, with Linda Newbold.   94 +30, 26, 198, Q.  Well done, lovely attitude.

3rd TAFF, BC, with  Roger Shrimpton.  98 + 30, 26: 198, Q.  A pleasure to watch.  Well done.

4th LOTTIE, X, with Anne Shepherd.  95 + 30, 19: 196, Q.  Works at a lovely pace.  Well done.

Also qualifying

INDI, BC, with Hilary Mercer. 93+30, 20: 195.5

STORM, BC, with Manda Mclellan. 97 + 20, 18: 187.5

ISSEY, GSD, with Irene Seymour. 90 +20, 26: 182.5


Stake: PD


Tracklayer: Mark Lewindon

Steward: Square, C/A and Patrol, Paul Beasley

Criminals: Mark Lewindon, Ron Jacques, Gary Martin

It is nice to be asked to judge at what is for us our most local trial, especially as, with Paul’s present work load, it is hard for us to commit to anything much at the moment.  I always enjoy judging PD and was a little disappointed to only have three entries, but all three ran and we had an enjoyable day.  Tracking was on a good growth of corn and although we had wind and rain the dogs did not find it difficult and all three qualified this section.  The weather eased a little for the C/A and once again all three came through on qualifying marks. 

The PD round started with an escort and handlers were required to escort Mark from the gate to me in the middle of the field.  On the way to me Ron walked past them and directed them to keep going towards the judge, and at the same time Mark turned round and engaged the handler in conversation.  At this point Ron attacked from behind and attempted to catch the handler.  Once this situation was under control the handler re-commenced the escort, but this time with Ron letting Mark leave.  When they reached me Ron was released and the quarter started from here.  The field gave some very good natural hiding places and dogs were sent to quarter an area covering all five of the large oak trees within it.  Mark was located behind the last tree and once the dog had indicated him the handler joined them and took charge of the situation.  After a search of Mark and the hide nothing was found and he was released.  The handler and dog rejoined the judge and turned round to face the test of courage.  Mark and Ron threatened and shouted and the dog was sent to attack; once the dog was closing in they picked up and shook bin bags full of newspapers to ward the dog off.  The final two exercises were a straight chase over a distance of about 150 yards after Gary, and a similar recall from Mark.  All three dogs performed with enthusiasm and commitment and two qualified with the other just missing out on one or two control issues. I hope they enjoyed my test and I certainly enjoyed watching them work.

1st Dean Woodcock with LEATARE LEFT IN THE DARK, CDEx-TDEx, BC, B, Q. This little bitch performed well in all sections and showed commitment and courage in her patrol round.  A worthy qualifier.

2nd Manda McLellan with ASTRA STORM, CDEx-WDEx, BC, D, Q.  Not far behind the winner and good in all sections.

3rd Maureen Reagan with KEMMILLONE FRASER, GSD, D, NQ.   No lack of enthusiasm here, just needs a bit more work on control.

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