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Trial Manager’s Report

Thank you to the Speakmans for the use of their land once again.   The tracking land was really lush winter wheat and had about 10 inches of growth on it, and the control and exercise fields had been harrowed and rolled especially for us!!  Thank you also to all my merry band of helpers for setting up the base on Friday and taking it all back down again on Monday; as they say, many hands make light work.  It was a pleasure to be with you all over the weekend.

Once again the sun shone on us, making the venue a joy to be at, although it did get a bit windy on the Sunday.  After two attempts at putting up the PD hides and them being blown back down again we gave up!!  Thank you to Pam and Sandra for keeping everyone fed and watered over the two days, to all the tracklayers and stewards, a big thank you - I will let the judges thank them personally.

Thank you to my judges Mark Lewindon (UD), Joan Bunce (WD), Colin Ball (TD), Richard Cornwell (C&A) and Dave Marchant (PD). 

I hope you all had a great time at our trial, even those that didn’t qualify - better luck next time.

Penny Bann


Stake: UD, WD and TD Control and Agility


Steward: Doreen Hook

Trials manager: Penny Bann

Catering: Pam Stare, Wendy Siggers and Sandra Lewindon

Thanks to the Essex WTS 2000 committee for inviting me to judge the Control and Agility and for all the teams who entered under me.  Thanks also to all the other members of Essex WTS who helped set up jumps, set up the base and ferry and look after competitors over the two days.  Special thanks to Doreen and Charlie Hook for putting me up on Saturday night and on your birthday too, Charlie - much appreciated.  Doreen, thanks for putting up with me for two days whilst stewarding for me, keeping nervous competitors calm and doing just as I had asked.  Thank you also for letting me watch Chelsea FC win again on Match of the Day.  As they say, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thanks to the competitors and their dogs for entering under me and accepting my decisions.  Most of you were still smiling at the end (was this because you were gritting your teeth I wonder?)  I enjoyed watching you and your dogs, especially as I will not be competing until next January - training is not the same as competing. Some of the newer competitors to trials seemed to be in shock and were quite nervous; please persevere - after the first few trials the nerves aren’t as bad, they never completely go though.

Entries were quite low with 16 in UD, 5 in WD and 5 in TD.  There were four scratches before the trial, which meant I had 22 teams to judge.  Conditions in the spring are not the same as in the autumn at this venue; handlers please make a mental note for the future.  The winter wheat is very long.  The weather on Saturday stayed dry and the sun even came out in the afternoon.  On Sunday the day started wet and windy, the rain stopped and it just got very windy, but at least the rain / snow held off.

The UD and WD were the carried out in the same way. The test commenced with retrieve, which was performed in most cases very well, followed by the heelwork pattern, then sendaway, and finally the jumps. Generally heelwork was of a high standard, but on Saturday I was rather disappointed with the standard of the sendaways, with some noteable exceptions.  The TD round was totally different.  TD commenced with a straight forward speak, then normal pace heelwork which was in a curved pattern from top to bottom around the jumps, followed by fast and slow pace.  The heelwork was mostly of a high standard, but the straightforward sendaway and re-direct needs working on.  Generally the biggest two faults on heelwork were handlers talking to their dogs and dogs lagging behind.  The older dogs generally performed well over the jumps and not many were lost as a result of failing to gain sufficient marks, but in UD roughly half didn’t get enough marks to qualify.  For the stays I asked the handlers to walk out of sight round a corner in the field and the time was completed with the handlers out of sight.  I had no headaches with this exercise, but we did have dogs sitting up or moving towards or returning to their handlers on all the stays that were carried out.

Congratulations to all those who qualified, well done.  Sue, I believe you are now able to compete in ticket, good luck to you and Travis for the future.  Most of the rest of you were knocking on the door with respect to the C/A part of your test, except for the sendaway.  I really did enjoy the number of new entrants to trials, with some different breeds from those that are normally at trials.

Finally thanks to Dave Marchant for letting me out to play during the PD; I really enjoyed helping with your PD round.


1st     Lauren Marlowe and JOTUNHEIM KID (Denis), Mal, Q, 198.5.  From what I saw it won’t be long before you are competing with Mick.  Well done.

2nd   Ron Jaques and JAQ IN A BOX, (Jaq), BC, Q, 184.  He is coming on well, Ron.

3rd    Dave Tungatt and BOZETA EYES WIDE OPEN, GSD, NQ, 178.5.  Jumps let you down this time.

4th    Bob Cook and VIVAX D’RUTH FROM STEINMETZ, Dutch Herder, NQ, 178.  Bob, it was an “if only” day.


1st     Jane Webb and INSTINCTIVELY PIPPA, (Pippa), WSD, Q, 196.  Improved since last year and will soon be in ticket.

2nd   John Lambert and UNION JACK, CDEx, (Jack), GSD, NQ, 158.5

3rd   Wendy Siggers and HEATHGATE ISLA, (Isla), WSD, NQ, 158

4th    Rita Banfather and STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSAY, CDEx, UDEx, NQ, 149.5.  Stay let you down this time.



1st     Sue Redshaw and MEADOWMILL TRAVIS, CDEx – WDEx, (Travis), Lab, Q, 200. Super round.

2nd   Mike Robinson and FLINT OF GLEN MEL, (Flint), BC, Q, 184.5

3rd   Beryl Kimberley and OAKENHEART DARK DELIGHT, CDEx – WDEx, (Misty), GSD, NQ, 182.5

4th    Jan Rex and IVYMOOR MISTIE, CDEx – WDEx, (Cher),Weim, NQ, 178


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Penny Bellis and Vana Moody (Sat), Dave Self and Jan Rex (Sun)

Square Stewards: Dave Self (Sat), Wendy Siggers (Sun)

I would like to thank the committee at Essex WTS for my first judging appointment.  Penny Bann did an excellent job, running the trial like clockwork.  Special thanks go to Pam, Sandra and Wendy in the kitchen for keeping me fed and watered over the two days.  The tracklayers and square stewards did fantastic jobs, on Sunday in difficult conditions with a gale force wind that almost put me on my back. 

Sixteen teams entered with fourteen running.  The tracking was on a calf length lush crop.  The track articles were a generous piece of carpet and a plastic bullet.  The square articles were a shotgun cartridge, pieces of vet bed, flooring underlay and three core cable.  Skill levels ranged from complete novice teams to experienced handlers with young dogs.  All of the handlers accepted my decisions with grace and behaved impeccably on the tracking land.  Some of the dogs were clearly thrown by the crops, and conditions on Sunday were made even more challenging with the high wind.  In the end half of the teams that ran qualified on the nosework and those that completed the track recovered both articles.  Of those, two qualified overall.

1st     Lauren Marlow with JOTUNHEIM KID, (Mal, D), Q, 198.5.  An experienced handler with a young dog, Dennis, who really got his act together on the day and hardly put a paw wrong.  This was the culmination of a highly successful weekend for Lauren who came out a worthy winner. (Track, 89.5 + 10 + 10: Square, 34).

2nd   Ron Jaques with JAQ IN A BOX, (BC, D), Q, 184.  Another very experienced handler who tackled the test with apparent ease with his young dog Jaq.  It was good to see the both of you qualify.  (Track, 89 + 5 + 10: Square, 34)

3rd   Doug Tungatt with BOZETA EYES WIDE OPEN, (GSD, D), NQ, 178.5.  A good steady track and four from the square.   You will do well with this dog, Doug. (Track, 87.5 + 10 + 10: Square, 32).

4th    Bob Cook with VIX D’RUH FROM STEINMETZ, (Holl Herd, D), NQ, 178.  Another steady track with both articles and three from the square.  I am confident that you will qualify soon. (Track, 87.5 + 10 +10: Square, 27)


Stake: WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Belinda Frakes and Jan Vallack

Steward: Helen Brown

Thanks to Essex for inviting me to judge at this good trial, well organised by Penny.  The venue is really nice; also thanks for the food.

Helen, Belinda and Jan were nice company, and good tracklayers and steward.  Lastly, thank you competitors – I hope you enjoyed the test.

1st     Jane Webb and INSTINCTIVELY PIPPA.  A really good track, 88 and 2 articles, and then 4 from the square.  What more can you ask?  Well done.  Qualified.

2nd   John Lambert and UNION JACK.  This team completed the track very well, especially as there was a dead fox very close to one of the legs.  Track 85 with 1 article, 3 from the square.  NQ.

3rd   Wendy Siggers and HEATHGATE ISLA.  A good track, 86, but sadly didn’t get the articles; 3 from the square.  Better luck next time!  NQ.

4th    Rita Banfather and STARCO MYGUY OF BANNERSWAY.  A very slow start to the track, then Finnegan seemed to realise what was wanted, and tracked well.  Track 77, 1 article, square 4 articles.  NQ.


Stake: TD Nosework


Tracklayer: Gary Martin      

Steward: Frances Ball

Thank you to the committee of Essex 2000 for the invitation to judge at this trial. Thank you, Penny, for all your hard work running this trial. Thank you to Gary who laid all the tracks and to Frances who laid the searches.

Only five dogs entered and four ran. Tracking was on good, lush corn which all the dogs enjoyed and Gary only had to recover one article. The searching proved to be more difficult with two dogs recovering three articles, one dog two articles and one dog only one article.

1st     Sue Redshaw’s Lab, MEADOWMILL TRAVIS.  Travis worked really well and enjoyed both the track and search – but tried to eat the clothes peg! (97+30+22.5), Cert of Merit. Well done.

2nd   Mike Robinson’s BC D, FLINT OF GLEN MEL.  Flint also enjoyed his track and search but missed the cork (first article) on the track. He also missed one in the square but brought out the other three nicely.  (95.5+20+27.5), Cert of Merit.

3rd   Beryl Kimberley’s GSD, OAKENHEART DARK DELIGHT.  Misty did the best track, losing just two marks, but unfortunately spent most of her ‘searching time’ eating the corn. (98+30+8.5), NQ

4th    Jan Rex’s Weim, IVYMOOR MISTIE.  Cher did a good track and recovered two from the search (but also tried to eat the clothes peg!) but unfortunately just missed out on the C & A today. (95+30+14), NQ

Hope you all enjoyed the test – the dogs certainly did.




Steward: Paula Jaques

Square steward: Susanne Jaffa

Tracklayer: Ron Jaques

Criminals: Mark Lewindon, Ron Jaques, Belinda Franks, Richard Cornwall

I’d like to thank Essex 2000 for the invitation to judge, and Penny Bann and all her helpers for running a brilliant trial. Special thanks to Mark and Sandra Lewindon for their superb hospitality over the weekend. Thank you to Ron for track laying and to my criminals for their excellent work making the patrol round flow exactly as I wanted. Thanks also to Paula for stewarding the control and the patrol rounds - brilliant job. Big thank you to Susanne for putting out the squares and for doing the run through for the Patrol Round.

Sadly there were only 2 entries and neither qualified, but a big thank you to both competitors for entering.   I wish you both good luck in your future trials.

1st     NQ 247.5, Ann Bussey and WTCh ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE. Nice nose work and C/A, as you would expect from this experienced team. Unfortunately, no recall and a hiccup on the quarter cost a qualification this time. Well done and good luck for the future.

2nd      NQ, Chris Gregory and VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM. Good nosework round from Buffy, but another failed recall cost a qualification . Well done and good luck for the future.

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