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Many thanks to our judges Jean Howell (TD), Les Allen (WD), Alan Sword (UD) and Margo Brothwell (CD).  Thank you to Richard and Sally Speakman, who handed over their barn to us so we could use it as a base.  No one was more surprise than I to find a chandelier in the marquee as a light – when the marquee man said would you like a light in it I assumed he meant a spot light not a five branch brass chandelier!!!  We were tempted to put our handbags underneath it and dance round them but managed to stop ourselves thankfully (well, we are Essex girls!). 

Congratulations to Andy and Sid on winning the ticket in absolutely appalling weather.  To all those that qualified - well done.  Commiserations to those that didn’t.  Thank you to everyone who helped at the trial in whatever capacity; it’s very much appreciated and without your help we couldn’t run the trial.  I will leave it to the judges to thank all their helpers – but I must give a special thanks to the usual gang of people who are there at the start of the trial putting everything in place and there again at the end of the trial putting it all away.

Hope to see you all in March at our Open trial.





Steward: Diane Ling

Many thanks to Penny Bann and all at Essex 2000 for inviting me to judge at this excellently well run trial and for looking after me really well.  Special thanks must also go to the farmers for allowing us access to their wonderful farm.

I think it rained virtually the whole of Saturday, sometimes light and sometimes heavier, but the saving grace was there was almost no wind and it was really mild for the time of year.

13 entries, 12 ran.  The overall standard was very pleasing with some very proficient work on display.  Eleven of the teams qualified the nosework, eight qualified the jumps and/or the control sections.  At the end of the day we were left with five CDEx qualifiers and one CD.

1st Belinda Spensley with GR, CARISHILL EMERALD, gaining 94.  Dafni is a really bouncy, happy Goldie, made me smile just to watch her working.  Performed throughout to a high standard.  Congratulations.

2nd Steph Cooper with Weim, RYANSTOCK LIBERTY, CDEx, gaining 89.5.  Very exuberant dog who worked the square at Warp Factor 3, but did rather mouth the articles.  Has a great attitude so should go on to greater things.

3rd Mike Woods with Mali, JOTUNHEIM JIGSAW, gaining 89.5.  Very capable young dog in very experienced hands.  It was great to see Mike returning to the competition field and giving a good display of work.  Onwards and upwards!

4th Kevin Hill with GSD, JOYFUL JENSON, gaining 89.  Another young dog, beautifully handled and showing great potential for the future.

Also qualifying CDEx:

J. Halsall with CS, THE BLACK BEETLE

Qualifying CD:

G. Taylor with WSD, TEELUM BATES

In closing - thanks to all the competitors for allowing me to judge you and your dogs; everyone had positive attitudes and will undoubtedly have future successes.

Huge thank you to Diane Ling for sharing the day with me - really great stewarding job and hope you didn’t end up with foot rot courtesy of your leaky welly boot.       





Track layers: Mike Williams, Caroline Martin and Winston Cadogan, (Fri); Mike Williams, Les Theobald, Winston Cadogan (Sat)

Search and control stewards: Doreen Hook (Fri), Teresa Palmer (Sat)

I would like to thank Essex 2000 for the invitation to judge and Penny Bann for running such a great trial with a brilliant atmosphere.  Wendy Siggers, Angela Clark and Carole Crouch were the team in the kitchen and looked after us well - many thanks.  A very special thanks to the farmer who provided us with superb land and an excellent base facility.

I had a team of really experienced tracklayers, who put the tracks down exactly as planned, as did my square stewards - many thanks to you all.  My thanks also to Doreen and Teresa who very efficiently managed the C/A whilst putting the competitors at ease.

20 entered and 14 ran.  The tracking land was on 6 – 8 inches of winter wheat which covered the ground well, making for great tracking conditions; no team failed the track but it did make for a very challenging square, with only one team getting all four out.  We managed to stay dry for most of Friday; it was mainly wet for Saturday’s tracking but with very little wind on either day.  The first track article was a yellow cartridge case and the last article a piece of leather 3.25" x 0.75".  The square articles were a piece of rubber garden tie 4", a wooden coffee stirrer 5.5", garden hose 3" and a piece of knotted cord 6".

We had a great control field just across from the base, although pretty wet under foot.  The sendaway was 90 yards across the field on a diagonal to a five bar gate in the corner, which seemed to throw a few dogs, who much preferred to go to the nearest boundary.

1st Sheren Perez with KAEFFER KAL, WSD, B, 188.5, Q.  Worked on the second day and clearly came across some of the previous days tracks, which presented no real problem.  The only team to get all four out of the square, and a very neat and tidy control round with a clean set of jumps.

2nd Yvonne Carpenter with DRAC AT CARFELD, BC, D, 188, Q.  Yvonne worked on the first day and finished just a half a point behind Sheren; missing one out of the square was a bit costly, but only dropped 2 on control with a clean set of jumps.

3rd Susanne Jaffa with DITSY DOT, X/B, B, 182, Q.  Good track but unfortunately missed two in the square, but a full point control and jumps made up for it, with the best sendaway overall.

4th Susanne Jaffa with JANALLAN BAROQUE, BSD, D, 179 Q.  Susanne was about a third of the way around the track when some dog walkers came along the edge of the track and one of the dogs decided to run across to "Otto" to say hello!  She stood her ground until the dog was finally recalled and chose to continue the track rather than run a spare - good decision, only dropping half a point!

Also qualifying:

Paul Morling with THORNEFLEET PAPRIKA, CS, B, 178.5

Stella Richards with GLENALPINE KASHEL, BC, D, 175.5

Richard Cornwall with VOMKYNA EAGLE, GSD, D, 160.5

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves; it was a pleasure to watch you and your dogs.  Good luck for the future.




Tracklayers: Belinda Spensley, Gary Martin, Alan Sword, Paul Morling and Lee Kane

Search Steward: Jane Gray

C/A Steward: Belinda Spensley

Many thanks to Essex 2000 for inviting me to judge the TD at their championship trial; I had an enjoyable few days.  Thanks to Penny for running a good trial, and to Richard and Sally for allowing us to use their farm to run the trial.  Thanks to all the helpers in the kitchen for keeping everyone fed and watered.

My tracklayers were Belinda, Gary, Alan, Paul and Lee.  I am very grateful to you all, especially Belinda and Gary, who laid the majority of the tracks.   You all did a brilliant job, many thanks.  Thanks also to Jane, my square steward, who laid all the squares for four days.  Thanks to Arthur for looking after the dogs.

41 competitors entered, 34 worked.  Only one didn’t complete the track and four unfortunately only got one article out of the square.

The tracking conditions were superb and very few articles had to be retrieved by the tracklayers.  The squares were a different story with only 4 dogs getting 4 out of the square. 

Out of the 29 nosework qualifiers, 7 didn’t return for C/A.  They must have known what the weather was going to be like, because it was appalling.  It poured with rain non-stop!  Belinda, you needed a medal for stewarding in such conditions, but you did a grand job.  Thank you so much.  In such appalling weather stays and jumps took their toll. 

The eight competitors who qualified really deserved their qualification.

1st Winning the Ticket, Andy Baker with WTCh SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, BC, D, 206, Q.  Did the first track on the first day and stayed ahead of the field the whole time. A very good track with 3 articles and a very good square with 4 articles.  160.5 after nosework, then managed to hold the control round together!  Full marks on the jumps gave you a well-deserved win.  Very well done, Andy.

2nd Winning the Reserve Ticket, Gary Atkins with WTCh GLENALPINE PETE, BC, D, 198, Q.  Worked on the last tracking day and did a good track with 3 articles, but unfortunately left one in the square, which was costly.  On 153 after nosework, then did a good control round.  Well done, Gary.

3rd Barry Gilbert with WTCh GLENALPINE COSWORTH, BC, D, 197, Q.  A lovely track but unfortunately missed an article on the track and one in the square, giving 144.5 after nosework.  A very good control round with full marks on the jumps.  Well done, Barry.

4th Wendy Beasley with STARDELL LUNAR, BC, B, 195, Q.  A couple of sticky corners on the track, otherwise a good track with three articles.  Three articles out of the square gave you a nosework mark of 147.5.  A good control round.  Lost 0.5 on the long jump.  Well done, Wendy.

Also qualifying TDEx:

Jane Wood with LUDGATE POWER N GLORY, BC, D, 194

John Simpson with FAR CANAL FOSTER, X-Breed, D, 191

Wendy Magyar with GLENALPINE TED, BC, D, 188.5

Paul Beasley with STARDELL SPICA, BC, D, 182

Special thanks to Doreen, who came out in the pouring rain after every control round to collect the score sheets, enabling Penny to write out Certificates and so save time at the end.  Thanks to you both.

Thank you all for entering and I wish you all the best of luck at future trials.

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