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Open Trial
Trial Held: 28 February 2004

UD Nosework


Tracklayers : Jan Vallack and Marion Shields

I went from competitor to tracklayer to judge at this trial, but I was glad to be able to help out.  I hope Gill MacGregor is feeling better by now.

Well done to Doreen and Lynne for managing to run this trial after loosing their land and finding it difficult to get help.

Tracking was on winter wheat with a reasonable amount of growth.  The weather was rather chilly with a strong wind and snow showers.  Four dogs completed the track out of the seven that ran.  The others had a good try and it was mainly inexperience on the part of dog and handler which caused them to fail.

1st           Eric Nichols with TYTRI NIKKI BC (D) 196.5 Q.  Lovely nosework round only losing 1.5.  Well done Eric.

2nd         Mary Cooper with SAGENKAFT MARINER  CDex GSD(D) 173.5Q.  A very nice track with both articles.  A nail biting square but managed two at last! Congratulations.

3rd          Les Theobald with TYTRI TESS BC(B) 177.5 NQ.  Another nice nosework round with all six articles but unfortunately Tess had failed the control.

4th          Sandra Lewindon with SORIMOUR JUST JASMINE AT BRACOKELI  GSD(B) 153.5 NQ.  Nice track until the last corner.  Good luck in the future.



Stake: TD - WD - UD C&A


I would like to thank the society for the invitation to judge the control round.  This trial had many problems, starting with the farmer announcing a few weeks before the trial, that it would have to be re-scheduled from the original date because the ground was just to wet. On top of this one of the judges and one of the stewards had to withdraw at the last minute (very legitimate reasons) and just when they must have thought not much else could go wrong, the weather closed in! Despite all this the trails manager Doreen Hook and her band of helpers remained cheerful and we were all looked after well.

I should also like to say a special thank you to Doreen and her husband Charlie for providing me with accommodation and super evening meals.

The weather was awful, really cold all the time and on the Friday we had snow!!!! The competitors were a great bunch of people, they remained cheerful throughout and with out exception thanked me. The standard was mixed, the jumps and sendaways causing the problems in all the stakes. The down stay was 100% successful, not one dog broke and ten minutes must seem like for ever when you are lying on frozen ground and its snowing!

I will leave the placing for the individual nose work judges to list, but my congratulations to all who managed to qualify in such dreadful conditions!


W.D. (nosework)


Tracklayers: Joan, Jan, Vanna & Nicki

Steward: Pam

Thanks to Essex 2000 for asking me to judge the nosework and to those at the base for looking after me.  A lovely trial to be at - whether judging or competing. The first few dogs had poor weather conditions, but it gradually improved.  Thanks to my tracklayers and square steward, you all did a great job.  The track pattern was fairly simple, but not many got round, the weather conditions were against some of the dogs.  Only had 2 qualifiers - they are: -

1st           Janet Freeman with SUNSHINE BLUE BOY. (Charlie) (Lab) Qualified with 173 points. A masterly track, followed by a lovely square. Charlie worked really hard in bad weather conditions.  Well done Janet, you and Charlie are a super team.

2nd         Nicole Greville with KALIDEN GREAT REACTION. (Dillon) (BC) Qualified with 171 points.  Another nice track - shame you missed the last leg. A good square.

3rd          Pat McGrane with LITTLETHORN CLASSIC. (BC) 134 - N/Q.

4th          Jan Rex with IVYMOOR MISTIE. (WEIM)  84 - N/Q.


TD Stake 



Thurs: Mark Lewindon ,

Polly Thomas, Lynne Baker

Fri: Lynne Baker, Rod Roberts


Thurs Square: Val Ridge

Fri: Wendy Siggers

The organization and help at the trial was second to none. Many thanks for the invitation to judge I really enjoyed it, all my helpers were great and very good company. "Thank you all" Unfortunately the weather conditions were slightly too arctic to be trackable and we ended up with no qualifiers. Thanks to the competitors for trying, but with weather conditions like those Rin Tin Tins clever brother would have failed. Still it was a very enjoyable couple of days.


PD Stake


Tracklayers: Paul Morling, Lynne Baker

Stewards: Square  and  C & A, David Lamb

Patrol: Lynne Baker

Acting Criminals  Paul Morling,  Dave Clark,  Steve Lancashire,  Bob Cook.

The Sunday arrived sunny and pleasant the ground had a bit of give in it so opposite to the TD, all the dogs did good tracks, the C & A was a little mixed. But the Patrol round caused a few problems. All the dog or handlers made serious mistakes which left us again with no qualifiers.

 I believe that a PD open while being an 'open' should at least reflect the possible next trial which could be a PD ticket. That is not to say it should have the difficulty of, or the harshness of judging you would expect in a ticket.

To set a test which is simply a series of set piece exercises give handlers and dog very little indication of what is ahead of them.

Just my humble opinion, (there's no such thing as a humble opinion)

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