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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 23 November 2003

Trials Manager's Report 

This was the first championship trial for Essex - 2000, having been told early this year we had got championship status. The trial ran like clockwork with the aid of all the experienced help and the Essex Committee who all took on whatever job they were allocated and did it without question and with total professionalism. Well done, and many thanks to you all. Once again thanks to David, our base farmer who can't do enough for us (what a diamond he is) and to his farm hands who do whatever they can to make our lives easier, like reversing my caravan into the barn, which I have to admit I can't do. Thanks Paul. Thanks also o our farmer who provides us with the land for tracking.

I'll let the judges thank the helpers in their stakes, but I would like to say thanks to Carol Brooks for doing all the catering from Wednesday to Friday and to Lyn Watkins and Angela Sanders for Saturday and Sunday:  Doreen Hook for doing the ferrying and for putting people up in her home throughout the trial: Penny Bann for helping at the base and all her hard work before and during the trial: Joan Bunce for organising all the trophies and David Lamb for being a general dogs-body. Thanks to Pam Stare for doing a lovely meal for us all on the Friday evening and welcoming us into her home. Also to Sandra Lewindon for adding her delicious culinary delights to a lovely spread. Thank you both very much, it really was appreciated. We will book your restaurant again for our next trial!! Thanks to all the judges and a special thank you to Val Upton for coming out of retirement to judge the TD stake at our first championship trial. No, you won't get her to judge again, she's put her judging hat back in the attic! Thanks Val.

The weather was kind to us for two days and after that the heavens opened for three days solid. Still, that's trials. I hope everybody enjoyed themselves as much as I did. Happy trialing for 2004 and good luck to you all.

 Mrs Lynne Baker


CD Stake


Stewards: Square and Control – Penny Bellis

Thank you Essex for inviting me to judge at your first championship trial. I know how hard Lynne and her committee have worked to achieve championship status, well done. Thank you all the helpers whatever you did for this trial, you are really appreciated as trials wouldn’t exist without you. Thanks to Penny Bellis for being my steward for squares and control, presenting my test to the competitors just as I wanted. I hope your wet cold bits have recovered Penny. And to all my competitors I enjoyed judging you all and the best of luck in the future.

1st           Sandra Dearing, SHELTYSHAM SHEPSON OF PRODFORM (BC) 94 Q.Well done Sandra, really enjoyed your round and well deserved win.

2nd         Jean Cooke, DUNNSLAYNE MAC (WSD) 90.5 Q.Smashing young dog, I’m sure you’ll both go far.

3rd          Belinda Chapman, KAI OF NEWCOURT (GSD) 86 Q.I know how hard you’ve worked, its great to see you rewarded, I’m sure you’ve more qualifications to come.

4th          Angela Gourd, NICKILA RED (BSD) 80.5 Q.I really enjoyed seeing you qualify and good luck in the future.


U.D. Stake

Judge: Mike Woods

Tracklayers: Nicky McBride & Paul Morling

Stewards: Penny Bann & Penny Bellis


Many thanks to Essex 2000 for the invitation to judge U.D. and to Lynne and her happy band of workers. It was a very friendly well run and enjoyable Trial despite the heavy rain. 

A big thanks to my two tracklayers Paul and Nicky who did an excellent job. Thanks also to my stewards Penny Bann on Friday and Penny Bellis on Saturday. This team of four workers were a joy to live with and made it an excellent trial for me.


1st           Dave Clark and Siegermaus Storm (GSD) D. 187. A very impressive team and should do well at future trials. Well done Dave.

2nd         Bert Maynard and Sorumour Just The One (GSD) B. 184. Excellent track in difficult conditions.

3rd         Barbara Ottley and Dewyndorf Cumulus (Lab) B. 183. This dog worked extremely hard for Barbara on the nosework and was a joy to watch.

4th          Fred Brooks and Gibbosan Perseus von Bernina (GSD) D. 183. We all enjoyed Fred's cheerful nature and good humour. This team did a lovely track. Well done Fred. 'I promise to put a pole in for the sendawya next time.'

Also Qualifying:

N Greville, Kaliden Great Reaction (BC) D. 167.


W.D. Stake

Judge: Jan Vallack

Tracklayers: Joan Bunce, Mark Lewindon & Paul Morling

Search Steward: Nicky McBride & David Lamb

Control Steward: Joan Bunce 

Thanks to Essex 2000 for the invitation to judge the W.D. Stake. To the Trials Manager Lynne Baker for all the hard work before, during and after the trial, Well done. To my tracklayers, Joan Bunce 4 days, Mark Lewindon 2 days, Paul Morling 2 days, square stewards Nicky McBride 2 days, David Lamb 2 days, Thanks you all for your hard work and dedication, I'm sure the competitors appreciated you, as I did. Joan Bunce laid tracks in the mornings then stewarded the control in the afternoons, Joan, you were brilliant, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed your company, Thank you. Doreen Hook was the very efficient escort, no easy on those roads, thanks to you, and the ladies in the kitchen for my special sarnies. 

Finally to Belinda Chapman for her warm hospitality and good humour, escorting me to and from the trial, Thank you, also well done to you and Kai on your CDex. 

There were 27 entries, 22 competed. The first two days were very windy, next two days it rained. Seven dogs completed the track: the strong winds affected the tracking on the first day, only one team got round, another very nearly. The squares overall were well done. The control round was straightforward, sendaway 130 yards to a large oak tree. Agility was very good. 

1st           Jean Howells with Glenalpine Jed (BC) D. 192. Worked very well in rain on the last day, Jed hauled Jean round the track. 86+20. Then did a full mark square in 1.35secs. Very neat control round, 32, full mark agility. A worthy winner, congratulations Jean and Jed.

2nd         Sheren Perez with Kay Laren (WSD) B. 190.5. Good track in strong wind., 85+20, square 33, control 32.5, agility 20. On a rool now Sheren. Well done.

3rd         John Wykes with Flynntastic Red Jaff at Tarnforce (BC) D. 187.5. Superb work through all the tests except missed the end track aryicle, what a difference that made to the placings. 88+10, excellent square 35, very good impressive control 34.5 agility 20. Well done, this team was a pleasure t judge.

4th          John Phillips with Kensil Blakato Bounty (GSD) D. 187.5. Very good steady track, 88+20, 34. Nail-biting retrieve and sendaway, control 28, agility 17.5. Well done John.

Also qualifying WDex: Carole Hall, Jess of Seldomseen (WSD) B. 181.5. Very steady track in the rain, 84+20, 28. 29.5+20. Well done Carole. I think you were pleased, just a bit!

Frances Ball, Alice on Springs (Lab) B. 181. Alice worked hard in the rain, 81+20, 34. A bit hairy on the control 26, 20. Alice has come a long way in a short time. Well done both of you.

Q WD only: Joan Watkins, Kingslodge Indiana (WD) B. 159. Hard luck Joan, you both worked really hard. Nice control and agility 

Thank you to all the competitors, it was a pleasure to judge you. For those that didn't do it this time, keep trying. All of your dogs worked hard for you.

Happy trialling, and a very happy 2004 with lots of success


TD Stake


Track Layers

John Reynolds,Stella Smythe,Colin

Has Sison,and Gill Mcgregor

Search Sally Rouse and Val

Scribe Doreen Hook

Kitchen Carol Brooke, Lynne Watkins

Angela Saunders

Run Off Track Layer Nicky Mcbride, Thankfully Not Needed

Thanks to the society for the invitation to judge their first ticket. Lynne caught me at a soft moment as I had retired from judging. Thanks to the track layers for their time and the excellent track laying. The weather Started well but gradually became very wet on Saturday and Sunday.

So Colin, Gill and Doreen and myself got very wet. The land was harrowed plough

and quickly turned to mud so became heavy going. .Lynne as trials manager left nothing to chance also looked after my dog scot giving him tablets every half hour and

Doreen who came to the vet with me so a Big thank you to both of you. Scot has

Now fully recovered.thanks to Everybody who helped in anyway.

Ist           And C.C.winner Mike Snow with WAGGERLAND HARRY W.S.D.d Excellent all round preformance. 212.5

2nd         and the reserve ticket Rod Roberts with LITTLE BART cross/breed 207 Another good team the return over the Scale very expensive

3rd          Anne fowler WT.Ch. WAGGERLAND FLOSS b/c Always near the top well done204.5

4th          Dave marchant waggerland mister jam, 202

Also qualified


W.S.D 201.5 super control round, lovelyDog

Another team having a good year

Tony Lockyer with HARTSHILL MEG W,S,D b 201

Tony Lockyer with WT.CH.HARTSHILL ROB 197

Anne Clarke with TARNEDGE SOLAR lab 190.5

Val Isherwood with KINGLRIFF RAFF RIFFKA B/C b 186.5

Sharon Carter IVYMORE JAY Weim d 178

The open-trial in September did not have any qualifiers on the track so I set a very straight forward test you can imagine my surprise when most dogs came off the field with three and four.

However 2 dogs failed the stay, some the Agility and some the control. A very happy atmosphere and good Company made this a trial not to miss.


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