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Wednesday: pm

Walked the fields - all ok

Thursday: am (Day 1)

First three tracks go down ok, then the tracklayer is about to lay the next set when the farmer starts to harrow field.  He points to a 200 acre field that "won't be touched" - so the next set are layed there - unfortunately it's stubble not plough so the first 3 are run again. 

Then a flat back lorry arrives with two 3 wheeled fertilizer Lorries (like giant tonker toys) plus another in tow.  The contractor says he is about to spread potash on all our fields - managed to delay him until all the tracks are worked.

Thursday: noonish

Get a phone call that a "runaway" fertilizer lorry has "ran into" a red Nissan van - rush up to fields only to find the "red Van" belongs to Moira the WD judge!!!!!!  Thankfully none of her dogs were hurt or upset by the fact that they were pushed over a ditch and landed in the bushes, if it had been me I would have been screaming and shouting - not Moira she just smiles and carries on - the same can't be said of the contractor who was running along beside it trying to stop it - thankfully he only slightly hurt himself!!

Thursday: afternoon

Need to find a new farm with fields for the rest of the trial - still only day 1!!!

Decided to speak to the farmer who owns the farm where we have the base and control fields.  Explain the situation and ask if he has any we could use.  "Help yourself" he says, bless him (we have never asked before as we train there and don't want to upset him)

Walk round a few of the fields I can see and speak to him again to see if he has any more.

Thursday: pm

Load all the judges plus two passengers into a brand new Land Rover and take it for its first "off road experience" across all the farm fields, thankfully Moira, Lol & Lynne agreed that there was enough land for the rest of the trial.

Go out to dinner and find out Moira's nickname is Mother Theresa - I now know why.

Friday: am (Day 2)

Tracks are laid in the new fields, competitors arrive and all runs smoothly from there onwards.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the Judges: Doreen (CD) Lol (UD) Moira (WD) and Lynne (PD) who made my job easy by picking their brains.  Also a big thank you to all my helpers - Tracklayers, Square Stewards, Escorts and not forgetting Wendy in the Caravan, I will leave it to the judges to name names.  Thanks also for the cards and calls of encouragement I have received for surviving this experience with a sound mind.



CD Stake


Steward : Penny Bellis

Thanks to Essex 2000 for inviting me to judge CD.  To Penny Bellis for stewarding and being such good company.  To Penny our Trials Manager, to Wendy and everyone who helped with the catering.  Thanks also for the competitors for being a friendly crowd.

1st           John Lambert with UNION JACK (GSD).  What a lovely win for your very first trial.  Jack did you proud John. Well done both of you. 93 PTS Q.

2nd         Les Theobald with TYTRI TESS (BC).  Tess's full mark square was a delight to watch.  Les Well done to the both of you. 92.5 Q.

3rd          George Harding with THERE'S A KINDA HUSH (ROTTIE).  Sofie was a real pleasure to watch.  She is such a character. 90Q.

4th          Joyce Cashmore with DASHING HANSOME JAKE (LAB). Jake was a pleasure to watch.  Sorry about the sit stay.  Better luck next time.  84NQ.


UD Stake


Tracklayers : Joan Bunce, Mark Lewingdon

Stewards : Joan Bunce control (sqs. Dave Lamb)

Thank you to the Society for the judging appointment.  Also to the tracklayers and stewards for all their help throughout the trial.  The ground which was rolled plough was very hard and dry and all the dogs found it very difficult to track. Squares and control was very good for such young dogs.  Finally, thanks to Doreen and Charlie Hook for your hospitality.

1st           TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY CDX (BC) M. Robinson (188.5) Brilliant to watch, well done.

2nd         CARIS TYLER WOOD (GR) A. Porter (152.25) UD only.

3rd          DEWYNDORF CUMULUS CDX - UDX (LAB) B. Ottley (136.5).

4th          DRESBERG ESTELLE (GSD) Jim Sewell (109.5)


PD Stake


Tracklayers:Richard Cornwall - Fri & Sat

Mark Lewindon - Saturday

Search Steward:  Jan Rex

C & A Steward:  Richard Cornwall

Patrol Steward:   Penny Bellis

Criminals::Steve Lancashire, Tom Davis, Chris (Steve's Mate), Colin Harrison and Pete Branch.

My thanks to Essex - 2000 Committee for the invitation to judge the PD stake at the above championship trial. It was really nice to judge my first PD championship trial on home ground. I had a really good time throughout. Many thanks to my tracklayers, Richard and Mark, my search steward Jan Rex both days, Richard for stewarding the C & A, Penny Bellis for stewarding the patrol round (her first time, you did very well, thanks Pen) and lastly my criminals. You were all great company and carried out my instructions to the letter. Thank you all very much. Thanks to Penny Bann, the Trials Manager, for taking on the job and releasing me from it in order that I could accept the appointment, thanks Pen, you did a great job even with all the hiccoughs with the land etc. Well done. Thanks also to Dave Selfe for getting all the competitors to their tracks on time and for the use of his Land Rover in the patrol round. He was also my general dog's body, fetching, carrying or moving something. Thanks Dave. Thanks to Wendy in the kitchen for keeping us fed and watered. Thanks also to Moira Rogerson and Flight for being the run through handler and dog in order for me to judge the distances and to make sure the test flowed. Thanks to the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions. I hope you all enjoyed my test for the PD Stake as much as I enjoyed judging you. Special thanks have to go to David at Crays Hall Farm for the use of his land not only as our trials base but this time, due to unforeseen circumstances, he provided us with the tracking land too. Thank you so much. You really are one in a million. Thanks to Ted and Paul (farm hands) for your assistance too. Thanks also to the committee members all of which were helping in one way or another, doing jobs that needed to be done  which nobody would notice, well done you are a great team.

The weather was kind to us, hot on Friday, which made tracking much harder but Saturday was far better for the dogs. It was cooler and it had poured down with rain in the early hours of Saturday morning, making tracking conditions much better. We were treated to some really nice nosework and the control and agility was very good too. We lost 7 on the nosework, and none on control. There were 5 dogs qualifying going into the patrol round.

First exercise was a split chase. Once the handler had reached the first criminal they were to call their dog out and send it onto the second criminal but taking charge of the first one. Then came the search and escort, with an attack on handler taking place as they were heading back towards the pole. One of the criminals would fall to the floor distracting dog and handler and the other one would go for the handler, with instructions that if they could touch them then they were to do so. Only 1 or 2 were got by the criminal.

Next came the quarter. This exercise was carried out nicely by all the dogs, just losing odd marks here and there, but unfortunately the location bark seemed to be a problem for all dogs barring one. There were two criminals in the hide, one was up a stepladder, which was leaning against the tree and the other was at the bottom looking up. The criminals were talking to each other and ignoring the dog. This certainly did seem to cause a problem. Once the handler had dealt with these two criminals who were innocent people, there was a short escort to get them back to the pole for the recall. This was set up the same as the chase with two criminals. Only two dogs didn't recall. Then came the Test of Courage. The two recall criminals walked back towards the handler having a conversation with them. The handler had to walk forward with their dog under control towards the recall criminals. The handler was then instructed to take hold of their dog's collar. The two recall criminals then took off giving verbal and ran out of sight behind a farm trailer where the other three criminals were. As soon as the criminals were out of sight the handler was instructed to send the dog. Once the dog came round the trailer, the criminals reacted with a lot of noise, waving padded sticks, swishy sticks etc. whilst one criminal was banging big band symbols together, making rather a lot of noise. Handler was to control this unruly mob, dis-arm them and deal with the situation. Once the handler had reasonable control, as they were about to search the criminals, there was another attack on handler. Once the dog had bitten that was the end of the test.

Thanks again to all the criminals for their hard work and to Penny for stewarding the round.

1st           Dave Marchant and Jake - 277.5/320. Well done Dave, lovely nosework, good control and agility and a very acceptable patrol round. This little dog is a pleasure to watch. He seems to love everything. Shame about the location bark but he made up for it on the test of courage. No hesitation, straight in, gaining the only full mark test of courage. Well done and the very best of luck at the Kennel Club Championships.

2nd         Graham Brumpton and Billy - 253.5/320. Well done Graham. Qualified in each section but unfortunately not enough overall. You should be pleased with him. He did you proud even with your nerves. Again, this dog has a lot of enthusiasm and a pleasure to watch. Keep up the training. Best of luck to you both at your future trials. Well done.

3rd          Celia Bourne and Kai - 261/320 NQ. Well done Celia. Again a nice dog to watch in all the sections. Lots of enthusiasm and wants to please. Kai did, in my opinion, the best quarter. He covered the field and was looking for criminals not just running up the barrier. He did the whole of the quarter on just two commands. Well done. Unfortunately, Kai decided he was not going to bark today. Who knows what might have happened if he had barked. Best of luck to you both at your future trials. Well done.

4th          Rod Roberts and Bart 240.5/320 NQ. Well Rod, what can I say. Bart seems to be enjoying the patrol rounds more and more each time I see him. Shame about the recall, which was very costly. This team had a full mark search and escort. Bart reacted very quickly when the criminal made a break, which meant Rod only had to take one pace back. Bart also gained the best sendaway marks. Well done and best of luck at your future trials. 

Again, thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable few days.   

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