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Trials Manager's Report

First of all I would like to say thank you to whoever did the Indian war dance and got us the lovely weather we had. No rain, sleet, hail, snow or wet of any kind. Slightly breezy but basically very acceptable throughout the trial, including some lovely sunshine. Thank you to our farmers for the use of their land but of course, a special thanks to David at our base farm. Thanks to everyone who helped, Wendy in the kitchen, Dave (I've not done this before) Selfe, who was Assistant Trials Manager and a very good job you did to. Thanks Dave. Don't worry I will let you, at some point, go out to play in the fields, so you won't be stuck in the base forever.

I will let all the judges thank their helpers individually but I would like to say a special thanks to Mark - not only, but also - Lewindon. On the Friday, when we were setting up, Mark was up the tracking fields marking out the land for the TD. When I arrived up there with the other tracklayers, Mark asked if it was ok if he could go as he needed to get home because Indi, which is Sandra's bitch had started to whelp her puppies. So off he went to do his mid-husband bit. Then he was up at some silly hour on Saturday morning to go and lay 6 TD tracks. Not only did he lay 6 TD tracks but he also laid all 10 search squares for TD. Then Sunday he got up once again and laid 2 PD tracks (didn't have to lay squares this time) and also played the part of criminal and put a sleeve on in the afternoon. So now you can see why I have named him "not only but also". Well done Mark and thanks very much, you are a star.

Thanks also to all the Judges. John West - TD, Paul Morling - PD and WD, Penny Bellis - UD and Vana Moody - C & A. Thanks all you did a great job.

And thank you to all those behind the scenes in whatever capacity. As us Trials Managers always say, anything helps. Thank you everybody.

Lynne Baker


UD Stake


Tracklayers / Stewards: Steve Lancashire and Val Ridge

Thanks very much Essex 2000 Working Trials Club for having me to judge the Utility Dog Stake. Congratulations to the Trial Manager, Lynne Baker and her team on a chilled out and well run trial and thanks Lynne for having Rosie and me to stay. Thanks Wendy for doing the food and to Steve Lancashire and Val Ridge for doing both the tracklaying and the search squares for my stake.

The conditions were excellent for nosework, short corn and a mild sunny day with a light breeze. All five of my competitors qualified at a very high standard through the nosework test. As you can see I had a very pleasant weekend.

The results were as follows:

1st           Elegant Little Eva CDEx Lab (b) Handler A. Christie. Nice Steady dog who enjoys his work. Track 87 + 20 Articles

Search 31 CoM

2nd         TYTRI ROY BC (d) Handler G. Martin. Lovely work and best track. Handler found the second article though. Full mark square. Track 88 Articles 15 Search 35 CoM

3rd          KRISTAL MIGHTY X breed (d) Handler P. McMaster. This dog didn't seem to want to know at the pole. The handler tried a pep talk, spoke sternly, then had a play. The dog then wagged its tail and went happily round the track without further ado and with very little fault. Marks were 86 Articles 10 and 34 square CoM

4th          DISA MICA Lab (b) Handler: J. Neesome. Another dog who was able to make the best of the good conditions. Track 86 Articles 20 Square 34 NQ


T.D. Nosework


Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Angela Porter.

Stewards: Mark Lewindon, Angela Porter.

Thank you to Essex W.T.S. 2000 committee for the invitation to judge and a special thank you to Lynne Baker for the accommodation, and the many jobs undertaken as help was sparse on the ground due to a lot of club members attending Crufts. This I must say was not missed on the tracking ground as Mark and Angela worked very hard on track laying and also layed the squares for all competitors. Both deserved a Gold Medal.

Due to a small misunderstanding with the advance of articles before the trial, I apologise to all competitors that the articles were smaller than intended, however this did not stop most of the dogs retrieving most of the articles, the only unfortunate result was that only two retrieved articles from track and square together. I am sure that this will stand them in good stead for T.D. Championship.

1st           W. Wright CAMPBELL BLACK C.Dex-W.Dex (BC) 188Q  Absolutely superb tracking with good retrieving of articles from the square but let Us have all four next time. Well done.

2nd         S. Parr CHEYENNE JANE  C.Dex-W.Dex    (GSD) 182Q  Just edged in front of 1st on nosework. I should imagine that dropped to second after the control round.

3rd          S. Watts MAES LLOI MISCHIEF MAKER C.Dex-W.Dex   (ESS)   186 NQ    By far the best nosework from the above. Obviously needs some work on the control round. The nosework was a pleasure to judge.

4th          C.Ball CONNEYWARREN TUCKER BOX  C.Dex-W.Dex  (Lab) 173.5  NQ  Unfortunately was the only dog in the top four that only retrieved one article off the track, I am sure Colin will correct this asap.

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