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CD Stake


Steward : Penny Bann

I would like to thank Essex 2000 for the invitation to judge CD at their Championship trial.  Lynne Baker - Trials Manager and all the crew who helped, both at the base and on the fields.  Great job - hard work - well done!  Thank you Wendy and Jan for the food, much appreciated.

Penny was a great steward and really good company, and we were lucky to have good weather.

To all the competitors thank you for entering and I hope you enjoyed my test.

1st           Louise Reynolds with SARAMAK DANCING DIVA (WSD) 93 - handled by Nick Boyce.  Katie completed all the exercises with good attitude.  Good square and retrieve, and the heelwork I'm not sure who had the best style, Katie or Nick.  Well done and good luck.

2nd         Sue Henderson with SUMAHA RAZZLE DAZZLE (FCR) 90.5Q.  Good overall performance and a full mark S/A by Woody - straight to the point.

3rd          Peter Lewis with BERRYTREE SASSY (LAB) 88.5Q.  Sassy completed a full mark retrieve and a very good square, good control and jumps made sure of this place.

4th          Sharon Webley with ARRANBANKS SPOTTA BOVVA (WSD) 88Q.  Full mark square and retrieve, and good control.  I understand that Sharon and Bovva haven't been in trials very long, but on this performance I am sure they will do well.

Also qualifying CDex.

Kelly Sear with JAFARE THYME TINGLE (Cocker Spaniel) 87Q.  Brilliant retrieve and square by Tia, good control.  A little dog with big attitude.

Ali Christie with BULLETPROOF BILL (LAB) 83Q.  A good overall performance by Kester.

Pearl Rigg with FRONSAC KRUGER (GSD) 81Q.   A good round by Rosco.

Congratulations to all the qualifiers and to those who didn't quite make it this time keep having a go.  Good luck everyone!


UD Stake


Tracklayers : Sue Ashby, Jan Rex

Steward : Jan Valack

I would like to thank Essex 2000 for the invite to judge the UD stake.  It was a well organised trial.  I would also like to thank my track layers Sue Ashby and Jan Rex.  A very big thank you to Jan Valack my steward who made it all flow for me.  Jan can I book you again.

1st           Beryl Kimberley and OAKENHEART DARK DELIGHT.  Well done

2nd         Peter Lewis and BERRYTREE SASSY.  Nicely handled, well done.

3rd          John Lambert and UNION JACK.  Your face was a picture when I said that it was not the track article you found when it was.  Well done.


Stake TD


Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Gary Martin, Angela Porter, Sue Ashby

John Reynolds

Search Steward    Val Ridge, Wendy Siggers

I would like to thank all the people listed above for the contribution that they made to the success of  the TD stake at this trial. Each and every one of them did an excellent job which gave the competitors every  chance to qualify in difficult conditions.

Tracks were laid on rolled plough.

The prevailing weather conditions seemed to determine the success rate. The best tracking day followed a day of rain which seemed to make the ground more receptive to the tracklayers boot.

After four days tracking we had thirteen qualifiers.

The C/A commenced with the speak exercise with the dogs standing on a flat bed farm trailer. This was followed by the sendaway and redirection and finally the agility.

At the end of the day we had six qualifiers

1st           A Tohme with  FURSDON   TWYLYTE  TRAMONTANO Weim( B)  204.5

2nd         P Herbert with     WT CH  JOLLY  JILL   WSD ( B) 194

3rd          P Beasley with GRELGANNA  LEO of  STARDELL  BC  (D) 191.5

4th          S Bergh-Rouse with TOILERS TIMO at SARSWAY  GSD  (D) 190.5

other qualifiers

M Robinson with TYTRI LACE of TRENTVALLEY     BC  (B ) 187.5

C Ball with CONNEYWARREN  TUCKER  BOX   LAB   (D) 185.

Congratulations to you all.

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