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Trial Manager's Report

Well this was another successful trial for Essex - 2000 and thanks go to all those who gave up their time to help from judges to tracklayers and stewards, and catering staff to escort and general dogsbodies, and to all those who help set up before the trial and clear up after. Thank you all. I would like to say a special thank you to my good friends Mandy and Johnnie Bridger, who although have nothing to do with working trials, came down on the Saturday morning to do the catering. Thanks you two, it really was appreciated. Thanks to our tracking land farmer and a very big thank you to David our base farmer. You really are one in a million. Thanks David.

I will leave the judges to thank their individual helpers in their stakes but would just like to say thanks to Mike Woods, who started the day as square steward for Bob Cook but ended up judging the UD nosework due to Bob being taken very unwell and unable to continue. He is now improving slowly. Thanks to the tracklayers Jan Vallack and Dave Self who laid tracks and took over laying squares. Thank you all for just getting on with it.

The weather was kind to us, in that it didn't rain and it wasn't windy. The only thing was it was so cold it froze everything and I do mean everything. All the water pipes, taps, loos, water containers and everything in the caravan were frozen solid. But everyone just got on with it. No complaints, just saying "Lynne where can I fill this bucket with water so I can flush the loo". Trials folk are a great bunch, they just get on with things.

I hope you all had an enjoyable trial and had a safe journey home.





Steward: Joan Watkins

I would like to thank the committee of Essex 2000 for the invitation to judge the C & A, and everyone who looked after me; Mandy, Johnnie and Bridget in the catering caravan and a big thank you to Lynne for letting the dogs and I stay over. Special thanks go to Joan Watkins, my steward, you were great company and did an excellent job. This was my first time visiting this venue and what an excellent venue it is. I was given a huge grassed field with natural choices for the sendaways and even the weather supplied was ideal. The results were disappointing with only 2 qualifiers overall, but I did see some very good individual performances. Thank you to the competitors, you were a happy friendly bunch .good luck to you all for the future.

TD Stake

1st           C C Guard and LENWORTH BERTRAM OF PHILKINDY (lab).203.5 Q. Excellent round. Going into hunting mode on the sendaway was the only mistake. Good luck for the future.

2nd         Nick Boyce and SARAMAK DANCING DIVA (WSD).184, NQ. Another good round. A little bit exuberant on her speak and sendaway! She did a mega outrun (about 200yds further than my marker-but she did enjoy it).Well done on your placing.

3rd          Sharon Carter and IVYMOOR KALYPSO KATIE(Wiem.) 190, NQ. Shame about your sendaway.

4th          Rowena Hodnett and DRUMMAJOR GOOD LUCK CHARM (Rott.).183 NQ. A good performance, nearly there. Brilliant heelwork.

WD Stake

1st           Gill Raddings and MINKA MORGAN CHECK (Terv.).182.5.Q. A well deserved win. I only wrote one word on my sheet, “ Perfect”. Only lost half mark on C & A. This is a dog to watch out for in the future.

2nd         Bill Hardaway and GEMMA FOSTERBOOTH OF Burnaway (GSD).179.NQ. So sorry Bill, shame about the scale. Good luck for the future.

3rd          Mike Robinson and FLINT OF GLEN MEL (BC),140.5, NQ. Flint qualified on the C &A. He works well for you Mike, you don’t need the extra commands.

4th          Sandra Lewindon and SORUMOUR JUST JASMINE AT BRACOKELI (GSD).96.NQ. Nice bouncey Shepherd. No sendaway was costly today. Better luck next time.

UD Stake

1st           Kelly Sear and JAFARE THYME TINGLE (Cocker Spaniel).185.NQ. A nice little dog that just gets on and does the job. One of the best sendaways of the competition. Jumps took their toll today but I am sure your qualification is not too far away. Good luck.

2nd         Val Ridge and KASTANIE TITANIA (Bouvier).178.5.NQ. Jumps were Lillie’s problem today but the rest of her work was great.

3rd.Wendy Siggers and HEATHGATE ISLA (WSD).169.NQ. Nice C&A round. Just bits and bobs to tidy up.

4th          Jane Clark and CASMAWLLAN JACK IN THE BOX (BC).106.5.NQ. Best of luck for the future, as above dog just bits to sort out. good jumps.

A special mention to Pat McMaster and KRISTI- A wonderful little dog that showed his dad that he really could do the jumps. Well done to the qualifiers, keep trying those that didn’t make it, and good luck to you in the future.


CD Stake


My thanks to Essex WTS 2000 for the opportunity to judge their CD Open Working Trial.  I had a very relaxing day out watching dogs work (or not as the case may be!) The weather was relatively kind, only light showers, with gusty wind. Thanks also to Sally Baker for stewarding, much appreciated.

We had eight entries but were down to five on the day. All the dogs and handlers have potential but more work and less nerves are needed! 

1st           & the only qualifier  DUNNSLAYNE DAZZLING QUEEN (WSD)  A very respectable round, good luck in your future trials.

2nd         BOSIE BOY (GSD) sort out those stays and you'll have a winner.

3rd          FREEDOMS DREAM (Wei) Wow can this dog jump!  Stays would have made all the difference.

4th          CALVADOS GATHERING STORM (Newfie), great dog but I don't think Newfies are going to take over working trials just yet. Thanks for a super handler attitude.

5th          SNOW DIAMOND (GSD) the first trial can be scary, hope you enjoyed yourself. Keep training and you will both be fine.


Stake: UD

Judge: MIKE WOODS & BOB COOK (Report sent in by Mike Woods)

Track Layers: Dave Self & Jan Vallack

Stewards: Dave Self & Jan Vallack

I started off laying search squares and Bob Cook was the Judge, as the morning progressed Bob became quite unwell and it was apparent he would not be able to continue. After a phone call to base it was agreed Bob would be taken home and I would take over the judging.

I would like to thank Lynne Baker, Dave Self and Jan Vallack for the help they gave Bob and the assistance they gave me with the UD judging. They really were first class. Happily Bob made a good recovery after a period of 2 weeks and is now back to his grumpy old self, just how we like him.

1st           K. Sear JAFARE THYME TINGLE NQ 185. An excellent track with full marks square. It was a pleasure to watch this little cocker spaniel track.

2nd         V. Ridge KASTANIE TITANIA NQ 178.5 Excellent track and square. Well done. I’m sure qualification should be soon.

3rd          W. Siggers HEATHGATE ISLA NQ 169. Well done Wendy. Nice track to watch. Hope you achieve qualification soon.

4th          J. Clarke CASMAWLLAN JACK IN THE BOX NQ 106.5 A good performance on the track but unfortunately did not complete it. Well done on the square.


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon

Steward Squares: Steve Lancaster

Patrol Steward: Joan Miller

PD Helpers: Steve Lancaster, Tom Davis, Penny Belis, Mark Lewindon

Food: Sandra Lewindon

Special thanks to everyone involved with the trial. Thanks to the society for the invitation to judge. My team, perfection in every respect Only have one thing to say Mark my track pattern will be harder next time. We had good weather, no rain plenty of sun with a light breeze. The dogs and handlers were a pleasure to watch and judge.

1st           Wendy Beasley GLENALPINE PHEOBY OF STARDELL 288 Q. worked nearly perfect in every section a worthy qualification.

2nd         Paul Beasley GRELGANNA LEO OF STARDELL. 255 N Q Not Paul's day.

3rd          Richard Cornwall KAUFENBERG GRUBER 158.5 NQ.

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