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Trials Manager’s Report

Firstly, I have to thank my Farmers - Mrs Speakman for allowing us to use her “drive” (those of you that came to the trial will understand what this means) as a base, and to her son Richard who allowed us to walk all over his land – he rang me earlier in the week to let me know how much rain we had had and that he had made sure that all the tracking land was ploughed and drilled exactly the same so everyone had the same land – what a gem! 

Thank you also to all my helpers, especially Ron and Paula for walking the fields; Belinda for helping me get the land; Helen, Wendy, Val and Doreen, who not only helped me set up the base, but came back on the Monday to help take it all back down again; to Sandra and Wendy in the caravan, who slaved tirelessly dishing out “bacon sarnies” (they did especially well on Sunday touting for business!!)

This was a new venue for our Championship trial and I hope you will agree that it was a lovely setting, with all but the WD tracking within 5 minutes walking distance from the base, and the control fields on either side of the parking areas.  Unfortunately we didn’t get very many qualifiers, with the land being so dry this time of the year.  Thank you to all my judges, Mike Snow (PD), Les Theobald (WD), Margaret Robinson (UD) and Sheila Tannert (CD) for setting lovely tests for our competitors; I will leave the judges to thank their helpers individually.  Congratulations to Mick Tustain and Ike for winning the ticket.



Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Lynne Baker, Jan Rex, and Joan Bunce

Square Steward: Val Ridge

Control Steward: Lynne Baker

Many thanks to the society for inviting me to judge, and much appreciation to Penny Bann and the Essex 2000 committee and all the helpers involved in running this well organized and friendly trial, set in a beautiful venue just minutes from the A12.

Special thanks to Lynne for tracklaying and stewarding the control for me on both days, to Jan and Joan for tracklaying, and Val for doing the squares.  Good company and good laughs always make judging more enjoyable. Also many thanks to the Trials Manager, Penny Bann, who also ran the base, and the kitchen staff and everyone who helped.

The weather was just short of warm, which made it much better for the dogs and handlers, although intermittent strong winds did not make the tracking easy.  Unfortunately, due to the very hot summer, the land was still very dry, with virtually no growth, and as the plough was covered with rape stalks from the recent harvest the going was quite difficult, but still trackable.

There were no qualifiers;  however the following dogs made a valiant attempt at the track.

1st           Christine Brooks with DARIAN IN YOUR SMILE, CDEx, BC.  Unfortunately he was distracted by the geese as he tracked the first leg. You both worked hard to recover the track after overshooting the corner and missing the 2nd leg.   He then proceeded to track the next 5 legs almost perfectly only to allow his concentration to lapse again near the end of the track. An excellent attempt.  Nice control round gaining 30.5, but didn’t want to do the scale today.         Total points, 125.5.

2nd         P.J. McMaster with KRISTAL MIGHTY, X breed.  Well done, a very good try by both dog and handler.  A bit of a problem on the sendaway, but still managed to gain 27, and lost only 1/2 on the agility.  Total points, 120.5.

3rd          G Harding with THERE’S A KINDA HUSH, CDEx, Rott.  Really thought she was going to do it.  Started well, but she found it difficult to maintain the concentration required for the tracking conditions.  Nice control round, with a good sendaway; gained 32, plus full marks on the agility.  Well done.  Total points, 108.

4th          N Van-Der-Wee with VOMHAUSNYE MOTTO, GSD.  Another good attempt at the track - well done.

Full marks on the agility, but unfortunately failed the sendaway and stays.  Total points, 94.5.


Thank you to all the competitors. I enjoyed my weekend very much and wish you all the best of luck in your future trials.  Thanks to Penny, and the Society for the rucksack, a smashing and very useful present.


WD Stake


Steward: Chris Theobald

Tracklayers: Belinda and Jan Vallack

I would like to thank the committee of Essex 2000 for the invitation to judge, and thanks to Penn Bann for running the trial.  Thanks also to Chris for stewarding and my experienced team of tracklayers who never put a foot wrong.

The weather was fine with sunshine all day.  The tracking was on rolled plough making the conditions very hard for all dogs.

7 dogs entered with 6 actually running, of these only one completed the track, and then unfortunately then failed the Control Round, leaving no qualifiers.

1st           BONZER HONEYSUCKLE BLOOM (Lab) handled by Polly Thomas, 164 NQ.  The only dog to compete the track (which was in the hardest field), getting both track articles and 3 from the square.  Shame about the sendaway.

2nd         HOLLY COLLIE (WSD) handled by R Woods, 76 NQ.  Failed the track and then struggled on the control.  

Once again, many thanks to the society and the competitors for a very enjoyable day; for most dogs the ground was just too hard.


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Ron Jaques and Mark Lewindon

Stewards: Squares, Colleen Slade; Patrol, Paula Jaques

Criminals: Ron Jaques, Mark Lewindon, Dave Clarke, Richard Cornwell and Belinda Frakes

This was a well organised trial.  Penny Bann, the Trials Manager, did a super job of looking after me and Colleen.  The trial was run efficiently, with us wanting for nothing.  The tracklayers were absolutely first class; Colleen laid all the squares (her first time) and all articles were recovered by dogs, except one.  The criminals, Ron, Mark, Dave, Richard and Belinda were the best set one could have.

There were 13 entries, and 11 ran.  Tracking was on rolled plough, very dry with no growth, on 2 sunny, windy days.  After nosework and C & A, we only had 3 dogs qualifying.

Manwork started with the Test of Courage into a horse trailer.  Lots of noise from the criminals; as the dog ran up the ramp, it had a large bucket of water in its face.  All the qualifying dogs did this fairly well.  We then did a Quarter with no-one out, to see if the handlers could direct the dog all round the field, and cover all of it.  The Chase followed, then the Recall; both exercises commenced with the dog walking free at heel, with the handler challenging, for 20 yards, before halting and then sending the dog.  Unfortunately, Murphy failed the Recall, which meant that, along with various other marks lost, Dave and Murphy didn’t qualify.  I have to say, he is a very impressive young dog.  So we were left with only two qualifiers, one PDEx and one PD.

1st  Mick Tustain, Malinois dog JOTUNHEIM VIP, CDEx, TDEx, PDEx.  What a dog!  Absolute commitment in every exercise, not just Manwork!  Lovely track and square, good C & A, followed by a fully committed and very impressive Patrol round.  He didn’t bark at the end of the second quarter, but stayed with the criminal.  He was so far in front of everyone else that it didn’t matter today.  A really impressive all round performance.  Excellent handling of a not easy dog.  Well done – now go and make him up!  286.5 / 320.  Qual PDEx

2nd  Wendy Beasley, BC bitch, WTCh BRIDGALPINE LIBRA OF STARDELL, CDEx, TDEx, PDEx.  Libby is now 11 years old, but you would never know it when you watch her work.  She went into the Manwork on a low mark, due to missing a little bit of the track, a poor sendaway, and failing the long jump.  Her Manwork was good, even at her age.  An excellent Test of Courage, Chase and Recall, and a good bark, but she let one man ‘slope off’ during the search.  A dog to be proud of, for sure.  252.5 / 320.  Qual PD

Other dogs that put in some really good work, but missed out were:-

Dave Marchant with WAGGERLAND JAKE did lovely nosework and Manwork, but unfortunately had no sendaway today. 

Dave’s WAGGERLAND MURPHY worked superbly until displaying a lack of control on the Quarter and Recall.

Lee Payne’s SWEET ASSASSIN worked well on everything except the jumps.

My thanks to everyone involved with this trial.  A special thanks to Ron Jaques for walking through the Manwork round with me on the Saturday evening, and to Paula Jaques for a superb job of stewarding the Patrol round, leaving me to just get on with judging.  Thanks guys!

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