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Open Trial
Trial Held: 14 September 2003


This being Nicky McBride's first time as Trials Manager, she coped very well. The trial ran smoothly without any hiccups and fortunately for us humans, the weather was lovely, but it made it ve1y hard for the dogs. The ground was so d1y even the grass fields for P.D. were difficult. Our thanks go to our farmers, Mr Cullum for the tracking land and of course to David for our base and control & agility land. Thanks to all committee members and club members for all their help in getting this trial off the ground. To all the helpers and judges, without whom trials wouldn't run, thank you. I will leave it to the judges to thank their helpers in their reports.

LYNNE BAKER, Assistant Trials Manager 





Tracklayers: Sue Ashby & Jan Vallack

Steward: Joan Snowden

l really enjoyed my first nosework judging appointment despite my nerves. The trial was very well organised by Trials Manager Nicky McBride and Lynn  Baker, Assistant Trials Manager, and  the food was very good and plentiful.

Thank you Jan and Sue for laying tracks and for your support. thanks also to Joan Snow­ den for the squares and your company during the trial.

lst          Lynne Davies with KANE SYRUS (X Breed) 169.5. A well deserved qualification, a smashing dog.

2nd        Barbara Ottley, DEWYNDORF CUMULUS 180 NQ. A good track and square, sorry you didn't qualify today, no doubt you will soon.

3rd          Penny Bann, JENNALJNE   MUCKING FUDDLE,  108. You both made a good start with the track but sad ly missed a turn.

4th          Belinda  Chapman,  P.D.  KAI OF NEWCOURT.   104.  Made a good start to the track and Belinda really used her eyes when Kai indicated the first article,  but  unfortunately lost their way on the second corner.




Tracklayers: Sue Ashby, Jacqui Gibney & Paul Beasley

Steward: Val Ridge

Many thanks to Essex 2000 for inviting me to judge the WD nosework. Thanks Nicky and Lynne for your hospitality and all the back-up team, Doreen, Carol, Wendy and Jan, thanks very much. My tracklayers Sue and Jacqui (the crosswords' queens) and Paul, thanks, and my steward Val. Tracking was run on rolled plough and proved to be difficult. On this occasion all the dogs made a valiant attempt and I am sure will do well in better conditions.

1st M Regan, KENMILLONE FRASER (GSD) 125 .5. NQ.

2nd Jean Howells, GLENA LPINE JED (BC) 101.5 NQ.

3rd Alan Wright, CAM PBELL BLACK (BC) 95 .5. NQ.





Tracklayers: Ruth Cahill, Ruth Payton & Richard Cornwell

Steward: Joan Bunce

Many thanks to Essex 2000 for the invitation to judge the TD nosework. Nicky and Lynne, thanks for all your hard work in running the trial, Doreen, thank you for escorting; Carol, Wendy and Jan for feeding us. A special thanks to Pam for the food in the evening. Tracking was on rolled plough and unfortunately proved too difficult for the dogs although all dogs attempted to locate the track (Sorry guys and girls). Thanks to my tracklayers Ruth, Ruth and Richard, thank you for laying the tracks and then gathering the articles back. Joan laid the squares and we had some excellent work, thank you Joan. Thank you to everyone for your company.

1st Wendy Beasley, GLENALP!NE PHEOBY OF STARDELL (BC) 87.5.

2nd John Wright, BRIDGALPINE ZAC (BC) 86.

3rd Joyce Tibbetts, WOLFHARTS MYRKUR ULFRON (GSD) 84.5.

4th Neville Watson, FLYNNTASTIC FLINTLOC FLASH (BC) 84. 




Thank you Essex 2000 for the opportunity to judge at your Open Trial. 7 entries, 5 ran. I hope that handlers and dogs enjoyed the test: tracking conditions were extremely difficult. and  having negotiated for the best field we could find, the pattern was as easy as I  could make it.  It  was unfortunate that only  two dogs managed to complete it. Thank you so much to Richard Cornwell and Ruth Payton for laying tracks and Malc Snowden for Laying searches.

Richard,  Ruth  and  Male  were  joined  by Penny Bellis and Paul Morling to act as criminals in the patrol round. The dog was sent out to find a simple minded Richard who had wandered away from the local asylum. Once found he had to be escorted  to safekeeping, during which Paul rushed out of the hedge to attack the handler, supposedly protecting his 'brother'. Once the dog had defended the handler. that part of the test ended. The dog then needed to quarter the other part of the field to find Ruth, search her and escort her. Then the test  of  courage  with  a  lot  of  noise  and 'weapons' in evidence, as soon as the handler had taken charge of the situation. Malc broke away from the group, he was challenged and dog sent for the chase. The recall followed in the same way with Paul as the 'criminal'.

Thank you 'criminals' for giving everyone an equal opportunity. and being so realistic in the role you took on.

1st        Linda Newbold.  LITILE BRADLEY. Struggled,  but got round the track, he did a good square and C&A round. In the patrol he is keen and looks the part, did a good quarter and T.o.C. (111/150) CoM 261.5. Well done Linda. Best of luck in Ch PD.

2nd          Mike Woods. COCKBURN  WILF. Did a creditable patrol round ( 118/150) 237 NQ.

3rd       Ruth  Cahill,  DAVERIES    HARRIET. Tiggy did the best patrol round of the  day, and obviously  enjoyed this  part of the test. 121 /150, 235 NQ.

Thanks to all the competitors for accepting my decisions.


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