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Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Belinda Spensley and Teresa Palmer

Steward: Paul Beasley

Thanks for the invitation to judge UD at this new trial.  The Essex team made me very welcome and we were blessed with lovely weather.  Thanks also to my tracklayers, Belinda Spensley and Teresa Palmer, and to Paul for the squares and the C/A stewarding.  It was a shame that the low entry was further reduced by cancellations, but those that did work were a pleasure to judge.

1st           Mike Woods with Malinois bitch JONTUNHEIM JIGSAW (Esta), 194.5, Q. This pair gave a demonstration of great teamwork and almost faultless performance and it was lovely watch them work.  

2nd         Jill Kevis with Springer Spaniel MEADOWVALE SPIDER (Ollie), NQ.  Although Ollie did not manage his track today he did a lovely square and great control and agility.  

A quick mention for Jill’s other dog, Beardie BUMBLERIDGE’S NIGHTSTAR (Dexter), who was really unlucky on his track when, after a cracking first leg, a pheasant got up from under his nose on the corner and thoroughly distracted both him and Jill.  Bad luck, I think he might have made it without the interruption.


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Gary Martin and Amanda Pollard

Square Steward and Scribe: Kate Wykes

PD Steward: Belinda Spensley

Protected Stewards: Winston Cadogan, Bob Cook, Lee Kane, Gary Martin, Paul Morling, Amanda Pollard, Alan Sword

Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge; I had a good time and was well looked after.  Thank you to Penny for running a very good trial despite the low entries.  Thank you to Wendy and Doreen for looking after all my catering needs.  A special thank you to Richard and Sally Speakman, the owners of Danbury Park Farm.  Their generosity to Essex in allowing us to compete on their farm is much appreciated.  Thank you.

The weather was warm, sunny and dry.  Thank you to Gary and Amanda for laying the tracks.  These were laid on fodder beans and although everyone tried to be careful I’m sure if you looked at the fields from the air you would’ve been able to see where we walked. 

The PD stake is about the patrol round but they still have to do a proper nosework and control round worthy of a championship stake and then onto the patrol round.

I set a round that I considered to be worthy of a championship stake; this meant that the round wasn’t set out in individual little pockets - the handlers had to think for themselves as the round progressed before them and it would appear that they were not used to having to do this.  However, we did still manage to keep our qualifiers so well done to them.

1st and CC            Diane Ling with WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, X, D, 276.5, Q

2nd         Emma Baker with JESSZAKS RICOCHET RIK, CDEx - TDEx, PDEx, BC, D, 269, Q

3rd          Bill Richardson with KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, CDEx - TDEx, PDEx, BSD, D, 264, Q

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and for accepting all my decisions.  To those who qualified, well done, to those who didn’t better luck next time.

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