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Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Belinda Chapman, Dave Self and Amanda Pollard

Steward: Gary Atkins

A big thanks to Essex for the invitation and to Penny Bann, Trials Manager Extraordinaire, and her helpers for running a brilliant trial.

The WD competitors were very lucky to have such conscientious helpers for this stake and I thank them all very much for their hard work and good company.  The land unfortunately proved to be the downfall of all ten teams.  The beans were high and in flower and this seemed to affect things badly in WD.  The PD competitors fared better, so experience obviously helped.  Stan Ford and his dog Zeus made the best attempt at the track - well done and good luck next time.  

5 teams worked the C/A and I saw some excellent sendaways.  Only 2 teams completed every exercise so were placed.  Well done to everyone and thanks for remaining in good spirits in spite of your disappointment and mine!  Good luck next time.

1st           VONLUCIANHAN ALLIANCE, handled by Reg Saker

2nd         STARDELL TARAZED, handled by Andy Lloyd

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