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Trials Manager’s Report

This was the first time that Essex 2000 has run a dual Ticket trial; we also ran all other stakes, the CD, UD, WD and the two Ticket stakes, PD and TD.  We received a total of 93 entries.  Our aim was to attract enough entries in the PD stake to allow the club to continue running a PD championship stake.  In addition, those handlers who compete in both TD and PD could enter their dogs in both Tickets at the same trial.

Of the 9 PD entries, 7 also entered the TD stake, and of these, 3 qualified their dogs in both TD and PD.  The trial attracted new competitors to Essex and we received very positive comments from all competitors and helpers alike on running both Tickets.

Unfortunately, the dreadful weather hampered many teams, resulting in few qualifications overall, but thankfully trialists accept we cannot legislate for the weather!  We had a high number of scratches because of the conditions – poor Joan lost 10 out of the 14 entries in UD due to scratches!!!!

Many thanks to our judges Sheila Tannert (TD), Gary Martin (PD), Malcolm Snowdon (WD), Joan Snowdon (UD) and Chris Theobald (CD).  Thank you to Richard and Sally Speakman, who once again handed over their farm to us so we could use it as a base and also invited the judges, helpers and competitors to their house for dinner on the Friday night – I am, as usual, astounded by their generosity, in allowing us onto their farm, cooking us a meal and letting me tell them when they can spray their crops and when and where they can put their sheep on their own fields!!! 

Congratulations to Emma and Rik on winning the PD Ticket and Di Ling and Tom for winning the TD Ticket.  To all those that qualified, well done, and commiserations to those that didn’t.  Thank you to everyone who helped at the trial in whatever capacity; it’s very much appreciated and without your help we couldn’t run the trial.  I will leave it to the judges to thank all their helpers – but I must give a special thanks to the usual gang of people who are there at the start of the trial putting everything in place and there again at the end of the trial putting it all away.

Hope to see you all in March at our open trial.

Penny Bann


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Belinda Spensley, Gary Martin, Lee Kane

Steward: Sarah Burroughes

Thank you to the society for the invitation to judge the TD Ticket; I had a fabulous time, even though the weather wasn’t kind to us.

My tracklayers were Belinda, who laid all the early tracks, Gary, (before he judged the PD Ticket) and Lee; you all did a fabulous job, every dog had the same chance of competing the track. The tracking land was winter wheat with a good growth.  The weather certainly took its toll on the number of dogs getting round the track, Saturday being the worst day, with nobody qualifying the track and search.  Thank you to Sarah for stewarding all week.  I hope you enjoyed it has much has I did.

Penny, you did a fantastic job running the first dual Ticket trial.  Give yourself and your helpers a pat on the back, you certainly deserve it.  I hope the Kennel Club see this may be the way forward to helping PD, if societies have the facilities to do so.

A final thank you must go to Richard and Sally Speakman, your wonderful farmers; they welcomed everyone into their home on Friday evening, how amazing they are.

1st           Diane Ling with WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, 209.5, Q.  Congratulations, Di.  Tom did you proud; after a walker fouled your first track Tom stormed round the spare and finished off with a nice control round.  Good luck at the KCC’s

2nd         Mike Williams with MARINA BEN’S PAL, CDEx – TDEx, 200, Q.  Marina always gives you her best, Mike.  She’s such a lovely dog.  Congratulations on the reserve ticket.

3rd          Vic Snook with LITTLE MICA, CDEx –TDEx, PDEx, 198.5 Q.  Well done, Vic; you just need to sort that speak out.  I was very impressed with your control round.

4th          John Simpson with FAR CANAL FOSTER, CDEx-TDEX, 193, Q.  Foster did a nice tidy track but just missed the last leg and article.  Well done on your qualification.

Also qualified TDEx:

Paul Beasley with STARDELL SPICA, CDEx-TDEx, 186

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