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Trials Manager’s Report

I would like to start by thanking our judges, Charlie, Yvonne, Eric, Malcolm, Joan and Rita.  How lucky we were to have such a great group of people!  We received numerous comments from competitors saying how they enjoyed the trial and how friendly the judges were.  Personally that makes me happy.  I always hope that even if it wasn't their day to qualify, everyone should go home having had a good test, felt they were fairly judged and both they and their dogs enjoyed the day out.

Isn't it amazing the distances we travel?  Just a glance at the catalogue gives an idea, Staffordshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire to name but a few - this is what makes our sport special.  People meeting up at trials, gossiping about dogs, training methods, what went wrong… what went right!  Only those of us that do it understand but it's great!

Counting up the helpers for this little open trial came to 25.  Many of those did several jobs and I may have overlooked some.  On top of the normal helpers, many competitors help with clearing away the jumps, clear the rubbish bags and take down the signs.  To those of you who chose not to help, you really are missing out on so much.  Not only is it great fun, you feel a sense of belonging, which can never be achieved in my view just by competing, not to mention how much you learn!  Don't miss out, offer to help - even if it's a small job, it's important.  To those of you who do… THANKYOU!

Special thanks to Rita for the fabulous cakes, not only does she judge and help she can cook!

I will leave the individual thanks to the judges, but I must mention some special people who are always there and are invaluable to Essex 2000 - Lee Kane, Doreen Hook and Wendy Siggers.  The jobs these folk do are too many to list.

Last but definitely not least, thanks to farmers Richard and Sally Speakman, who own Danbury Park Farm.  They allow us to park caravans in their barn, provide fields to exercise the dogs, move the sheep to accommodate the trial, allow us on all the land and cook everyone a meal at the Championship trial in November!  To those who haven't yet ventured to Essex, we have great land, most of which is walking distance from the base, we are two minutes from the A12 and you will receive a very warm welcome.  Happy Trialing!

Belinda Spensley.


Stake: Introductory


Steward: Juliet Maskell

I would like to thank Essex 2000 for asking me to judge the Intro at their very well run trial.  Belinda Spensley was trial manager, under the guidance of Penny Bann.  Juliet Maskell stewarded the control rounds and laid the squares.  Thank you, Juliet, you were great company and nothing was too much trouble - you kept everything running smoothly.

Six entered with 5 running.  We had a run off for second place; I decided to ask them to do a retrieve.  It proved a little bit too much for Kobus - he laid down at his dad's feet on the presentation of the dumbbell.  SO very close.

1st                Christine Wolstenholme with TAWNYHILL ULTRA, GR, Cooper, dog, 89, Q.  In my eyes a perfect search square gaining full marks for it.  Very tidy round - ready for CD, I feel.  Congratulations and well done, a pleasure to judge.

2nd              Denise  Steer with AXEPAK MAN, X-breed, dog, 88, Q.  Good team.  Nice control round, but needs a bit of tidying up here and there.  Must listen to commands from steward.  It is all there - good luck in trials.

3rd               Christopher Beale and Woodcock, with Nyrvana Whisper in The Dark, Kobus, GSD, dog, 88, Q.  I have had the pleasure of judging this team before and there has been a lot of improvement.  Well done, Christopher, I hope I see you and Kobus again in trials again.

4th               Emily Mayer, HA-HA HORACE OF GUITCROSS, Horace, X-breed, dog, 81.5, Q.  What can I say?  This little chap worked like a true professional working dog.  As he is under 10 inches, or 254 mm, at the shoulder he was the smallest dog at the trial.  Search square done in record time, full mark sendaway, long jump a bit too much but the clear and scale he managed no problems.  A lovely happy control round.

I would also like to mention Doreen Hook with her dog BLAZING ELVIS or Blaze to his friends. We had a bit of a scare when Blaze pulled Doreen over just as she was about to compete, banging her head quite badly.  Doreen still wanted to have a go, so went on last.  They did well but not enough to qualify.  Blaze is a big strong lad and seems more than capable of doing Working Trials.

Thank you all for working under me and allowing me to judge you.  I hope you all carry on with training your dogs and we see you at more trials.

Special thanks to the ladies in the kitchen, and the biggest thanks goes to the farmers for opening up their farm for the trial to take place - without them there could not be a trial. 


Stakes: UD WD and TD Control and Agility


Stewards: Malc Snowden and Sandra Wright

Many thanks to Essex 2000 for the invitation to judge the C/A, and to Penny, Belinda, and all their very willing helpers, who run a super trial.  Thank you to the ladies in the kitchen for keeping us well fed, and to Richard and Sally, who are the most accommodating farmers you'll ever meet.  Thank you to my stewards, Malc on Friday and Sunday, and Sandra on Saturday.

The field I had for the control was excellent and I was able to set up separate sendaways for each stake.  Over the 3 days I saw some lovely dogs work and finished up with a good number of qualifiers.  Well done to all of those and good luck to everyone in your future trials.

UD Stake:

1st           Denise Steer with SHUKKAH NAAMTO HADES, GSD, 172 NQ

2nd         Penny Bann with TARNEDGE KHALEESI, Lab, 162.5, NQ

3rd          Jill Kevis with MEADOWDALE SPIDER, ESS, 99.5, NQ

4th          Eayew Dunsby with MR MISCHEVIOUS, WSD, 90.5, NQ

WD Stake:

1st           Andy Baker with RIGHT THEN SONNY JIM, WSD, 189, Q

2nd         Ruth Payton with KALIAZAR CHAOS, BC, 184.5, Q

3rd          Diane Ling with LITTLE DEBDEN JOE, X-Breed, 184, Q

4th          Margo Brothwell with TANGHAM LITTLE SAXON, X-Breed, 180, Q

Also qualified:

Lee Kane with STORMHAUS DASCHA, Rott, 174.5

Jenny Richards with AMBERSLADE MASSACHUSETTS, ASD, 171.5

TD Stake:

1st           Chris Gregory with THRIFTWOOD ALLEGRA, GR, 215.5, Q

2nd         Dave Olley with ELMHAUS PORTER, GSD, 212, Q

3rd          Caroline Martin with GWYNION SOLL, BC, 205.5, Q

4th          Pat Herbert with GLENALPINE FEN, BC, 204, Q

Also qualified:

Frances Webb with NORWULF LUIGI, GSD, 199

Mike Woods with JOTUNHEIM JIGSAW, Mali, 198

Julie Atkins with GLENALPINE PEG, BC, 194


Well done to everyone


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Caroline Martin and Dave Self

Square steward: Wendy Beasley

Firstly, I would like to thank Essex 2000 for the invitation to judge the UD nosework.  Thank you to Belinda and Penny and all your helpers for looking after us.  The girls in the kitchen, thank you for keeping us well fed.  Last but not least, thanks to Richard and Sally for letting us use their farm and fields.

Thank you Caroline and Dave for laying the tracks and Wendy for laying the squares.  Unfortunately, we didn't have any qualifiers - some so very close and everyone gave it a good go.

1st           Denise Steer with SHUKKAH NAAMTO HADES, GSD, 172 NQ

2nd         Penny Bann with TARNEDGE KHALEESI, Lab, 162.5, NQ

3rd          Jill Kevis with MEADOWDALE SPIDER, ESS, 99.5, NQ

4th          Eayew Dunsby with MR MISCHEVIOUS, WSD, 90.5, NQ


Stake: WD nosework

Tracklayers: Steve Banfather, Paul Beasley
Search Stewards: Katherine Herbert, Wendy Beasley

11 entered, 9 ran.
My thanks to the society for this invitation and for their hospitality.  But they got their money’s worth; they made me lay TD tracks on the Friday, but I had a 100% record - the competitor got round and so did I on the spare!
On the Saturday the van would not start and Belinda had to come and collect Yvonne, myself and the dogs as well as run the trial.  She then allowed her car to be a temporary kennel for Drac.  Caroline and Gary were adopted by Hex and my co-judge, Joan, and Malc were overjoyed to have Dev as a guest for the day.  Thank you all.
My thanks to Belinda and Penny and all their helpers for running such a lovely friendly trial and catering to my dietary needs a lot and often, and d**n the consequences.  Big thank you also to those who had to spend time with me in the field, Steve, Paul, Katherine and Wendy - you were all superb and good company.  My thanks also to my co-judge, Joan Snowden.
At the end we had six teams obtaining their COM.  Congratulations to them.  Those who didn’t make it still performed creditably and should take heart from the positives and work to strengthen their weaknesses.  My best wishes to you all for the future and thank you for your entry.

1st     Andy Baker and RIGHT THEN SONNY JIM, CDEx, WSD, D, 189, Q.  Excellent nosework from Jim, with 2 and 3, which would have been more impressive if he hadn't kept an article as a keepsake!
2nd     Ruth Payton and KALIAZAR CHAOS, CDEx, BC, B, 184.5, Q.  More excellent nosework from Dot, with 2 and 4.
3rd     Di Ling and LlTTLE DEBDEN JOE, XB, D, on 184. Good and tidy nosework with 2 and 3.
4th.     Margo Brothwell and TANGHAM LITTLE SAXON, XB, D, 180, Q.  Good nosework from Saxon, also with 2 and 3.
Also qualifying:
Lee Kane and STORMHAUS DASCHA, CDEx, UDEx, Rott, B, 174.
Jenny Richards with AMBERSLADE MASSACHUSETTS, ASD, 171.5

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