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Dry, windy weather was the order of the day at the Open Trial this year making tracking a bit challenging but thanks to our Judges Eric, Jenny, Dave, Margo, Yvonne and all our willing helpers many dog teams did well. Thanks so much to everyone for their help many travelling long distances, and a special Thankyou to Les Theobald for doing all the TD early tracks...especially on his birthday! Our farmers Richard and Sally Speakman came up trumps for us again moving sheep and lambs around to accommodate us and not forgetting Toni Speakman and her husband who have now moved into the house next to the fields we use. Penny got herself a job as a shepherdess looking after the newborn lambs and has adopted one who was born with a broken leg (called her Peggy). Be interesting to see her in the Intro Stake next year Penny! I must say....I can't eat lamb now...
Wendy, Doreen, Angela and Pauline all helping to feed and water everyone worked hard as usual and finding ourselves a bit short of helpers this year I thank Vana and Ann Wright for,stepping in to help out in the fields. I
I can't believe how quick the years pass and I could not close without saying how sad we all were at Essex to lose Jan Vallack just before her birthday this year. Personally, she taught me how to lay tracks accurately, nosework was her forte. She helped Essex WTS when we first started and we will miss her help with new people and their dogs in addition to her sharp tongue! Bless her...she could see the funny side when we banned her from the role of base steward though!
Good luck to all and with all the new dogs coming on.
Belinda Spensley


Judge: Yvonne Carpenter
Steward Caroline Martin.

Thank you to Penny, Belinda and the rest of the Essex 2000 for the opportunity to judge again for this fabulous Society. Always friendly, well organised with fantastic land and control and exercise areas. Nothing is ever too much trouble whether it's for a judge, a helper or a competitor. Thanks also to Richard and Sally for allowing the trial to be run on their land. Mega thanks to Caroline for her impeccable stewarding, making sure every competitor had the opportunity to relax and enjoy working their dog. And of course thanks to the Wendy, Doreen and Angela for making sure we had whatever refreshments we wanted. Finally thanks to the competitors for their entries. Some of the dogs weren't quite ready but some are more than capable of moving through to the next stake. There were some super C&A rounds but unfortunately they weren't always matched with the super nosework rounds!

1st and COM, 190.5.Wolfhart Kindred Spirit, GSD, B and E Mestraud. Full mark sendaways ensured that this team got their COM. Well done.

2nd and COM, 189.5. Longhalves Summer Surprise, WSD, D and Pam Clarke. Good HW and jumps from Quest. Well done.

3rd, 180.5. Jetril Jae, GSD, B and B Briley. Super dog, super attitude, could definitely have put her in the back of my car! Only young and had a blip with the scale otherwise lovely performance.

4th, 171.5. Tracelyn Token, GSD, B and S McGrath.

1st and COM, 184.5. Onion Sargie, Xbrd, D, and Gary Martin. Super HW and sendaway, Sarge worked well despite the distraction of having us on the field with him! Well done.

2nd and COM, 172. Highglade The Last Waltz, Beardie, B and Ann Trodd. Another super sendaway and good jumps clinched this COM. Well done.

3rd and COM, 160. Whispering Fleece in the Mist, WSD, B and Sandra Wright. Super, super attitude to work but a tad excited! I fully sympathise Sandra! Excellent sendaway pulled the C&A marks up. Well done.

4th, 179. Dreaganta Mycorran Geala, BC, B and John Turtill. Lovely round with full marks on everything except the scale.

1st and COM, 207. Pacescott Northern Spy, Lab, D and Peter Brooke. Well, we won't talk about the HW, Peter! However the rest of the round was fantastic. Full jumps, full speak and 9 for the sendaway. Lovely to watch and judge. Well done.

2nd and COM, 200. Little Miss Jynx at Bracokeli, WSD, B and Sandra Lewindon. A VERY enthusiastic Jynx! Another with full jumps and a good speak that clinched this place. Well done.

3rd and COM, 191.5. Stardell Mercury, BC, D and Joan Snowden. Super sendaway with good speak and jumps gained Moss his COM. Well done.

4th and COM, 185.5. Amberslade Massachusetts, ASD, D and Jenny Richards. Outstanding C&A round, losing just 0.5 on the jumps. Super, clean handling from Jenny and lovely performance from Alfred. Well done.


UD Nosework

Judge – Dave Olley

Thanks to Essex 2000 committee for the judging appointment.  I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in the trial including my helpers for their fantastic track laying and stewarding.  Everybody mucked in to produce a really friendly trial.  The weather was fine, and the venue and farmer were perfect.


1st Eleanor Mestraud & Wolfhart Kindred Spirit, GSD, B, Q190.5.  Congratulations on your qualification and win. An impressive and powerful performance.

2nd Pam Clarke & Longhalves Summer Surprise, WSD, D, 189.5. Well done on your qualification, well handled.

3rd Betty Briley & Jetril Jae, GSD, B, NQ 180.5. Good track & square.

4th Sam McGrath & Tracelyn Token, GSD, GSD, B, NQ171.5. Another good nosework performance.

Thank you to all the competitors, I really enjoyed judging all your dogs.


WD Nosework

Judge – Jenny Olley

Steward – Margo Brothwell

Tracklayers – Dave Self, Belinda Spensley & Lee Kane

Thanks to Essex 2000 committee for the judging appointment at this lovely trial.  Thanks to Belinda Spensley, Penny Bann and all the base staff for your expert running of the trial and ensuring I had everything I needed. 

The helpers in the field were a super bunch, they ensured all competitors had a fair chance with excellently laid squares and tracks, and were great company too.  Lee also doubled as an optician mending my distance specs when I stood on them and the lens came out.

We had lovely crop to track on, one day was windier than the other, which proved difficult for some dogs.  Over the 2 days we saw some super tracking and searches, the dogs and handlers were all a pleasure to judge.

Six teams qualified the nosework, ending up with 3 overall qualifiers.   I was also lucky enough to see some of the C & A take place back at the base.  I was willing on all the teams from the sidelines, it was  great to watch.


1st Gary Martin & Onion Sargie, X-Breed, D, Q184.5.  A fabulous track, Sarge made it look effortless, just losing a half and both articles retrieved from the track.  Great work team, congratulations on your qualification.

2nd Anne Trodd & Highglade The Last Waltz for Chelsasa, Bearded Collie, B, Q172. Mattie worked so hard to compete the track, she was well handled by Ann, who allowed Mattie time to make the correct decisions, and was rewarded. Well done Ann on your qualification.

3rd Sandra Wright & Wisperin Fleece In the mist, WSD, B, Q160.  It was quite windy when Fleece tracked, she worked hard and retrieved both articles from the track, great teamwork.  Well done on your qualification.

4th John Turtill & Dreaganta Mycorran Geala, BC, B, 179NQ.  This gentle little dog competed a super track, with both articles & 3 from the square.  Unfortunately Teela had a blip on the jumps today, was pleased to see she has qualified since.


TD Nosework

Judge : Eric Carpenter.

Tracklayers : Les Theobald and Malc Snowden.

Square stewards : Di Long (2days), Pamela Droy-Moore (1day).

17 entered, 15 worked.

Thank you to Essex 2000 for the invitation and to Penny and Belinda for organising the trial and to all the committee for supporting them. Danbury Park Farm is an excellent base with the adjoining exercise field adjacent. I was looked after well by the catering team of Wendy, Doreen and Angela so my thanks to them.
Les and Malc are experienced track layers and managed to keep up the good work here so well done ! and thank you very much both for your track laying and your company. Di and Pamela laid the squares as asked and were as good company as the aforementioned foot sloggers. Thank you for this and for ferrying me about.
The intended tracking land was unavailable as the crop had failed and had to be ploughed back in. The land used was behind the Police dog kennels and was well grown winter cereal and looked good for tracking. Looks can be deceiving though as only 6 teams qualified the nosework and only one team got 3 & 4, with only one other team getting 4 in the square and two getting 3 on the track.
Thanks to my co-judge Yvonne. Between us at the end of the day we had 5 teams gaining their COM. Well done you five and best wishes for the future. For those who didn't make it this time you and your dog are capable of doing it so my best wishes to you too.

1st. Peter Brooke and Pacescott Northern Spy CDex,UDex, Lab, D with 207.
Excellent work from Peter and Quincy with just one sticky moment where the crop was sparse and the ground very stony but Peter left it to Quincy and he worked out. The only team to get 3 & 4.Well done.

2nd. Sandra Lewindon and Little Miss Jynx at Bracokeli CDex,UDex,WDex, WSD, B with 200.
Another excellent track from Sandra and Jynx who is a busy little dog which resulted in 3 & 3. Well done.

3rd. Joan Snowden and Stardell Mercury CDex,UDex,WDex, BC with 191.5
The best track in the stake from Joan and Moss with 99.5 and getting 2 & 3. Well done.

4th. Jenny Richards and Amberslade Massachusetts CDex,UDex,WDex, ASD, D with 185.5
A good track from Jenny and Alfred sending them into control with 2 & 2. Well done.

Also obtaining their COM,

Liz dear Under and Flintsfield Faithful Fella, Lab, D with 182.5
A good track and square from Liz and Bahrain giving them 2 & 3. Well done.





Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge the PD. I was extremely well looked after, the hospitality at Essex 2000 is second to none. Thank you to the catering team for feeding me and a special thank you to Penny Bann for overnight accommodation in her home.
Danbury Park Farm is a superb trials venue and my thanks go to the Speakman family for allowing us to use the land and buildings.

My track layers were Malc Snowdon and Gary Martin, squares and C&A steward was Joan Snowdon. Protected stewards were Amanda Pollard, Gary Martin, Malc Snowdon and Lee Kane. Belinda Spensley acted as Patrol Steward. Thanks to you all for doing a great job and for being such good company. Although it was dry and fairly sunny, the very strong wind made everything quite hard work - not just for the dogs tracking, but for competitors and helpers just walking about.

All three teams qualified the nosework - no mean feat in the strong wind. Track articles were green hose and blue cord. Square articles were a section of tennis ball, leather, nylon belting and a piece of knitted fabric.

All three qualified the Agility, but only one qualified the control and one qualified the patrol - sadly no team qualified in all sections.

The patrol round started with a fairly long chase. The helper came across the field from the handler's left, some 80 yards distant, continual challenging was required until the moment the helper started to run at which point the dog was sent. The helper was given a cursory search and was then escorted back to the area from where the quarter would commence. The quarter involved locating two people sitting behind a windbreak who were innocent bystanders but may have witnessed in what direction a jewelry thief had made off. The handler was required to question the two helpers who would tell them in what direction to send the dog. The dog was required to check an empty hide some 200 yards down and across the field, then 100 yards along the fence line to a second hide where the jewelry thief was located. A full search of this helper and the hide should have revealed the stolen "blue pearls" concealed in the hide. This helper (jewel thief) was then escorted from the hide and during this escort there was an attack on handler.
At the conclusion of this escort section, the dog and handler were in position for the recall exercise which was set up in the same manner as the chase had been. Handlers were told to watch me for my signal to recall the dog.
The final exercise was the Test of Courage. Three helpers walked in a noisy and threatening manner towards the dog and handler - the handler was allowed to choose their own moment for releasing the dog. When the dog was on a sleeve, the dog was surrounded with noisy plastic sacks being flapped. Once the handler had taken control of the situation the test was complete.

The final placings were:

Joe qualified nosework, patrol and jumps, but sadly decided he needed a really good roll in the down stay, then sat up, so didn't have enough marks to qualify the control. Such a shame.

Great nosework from this team. The sendaway proved their undoing in the control. More general control is needed in the patrol, but did a stunning recall.

Qualified the nosework in spite of going off piste almost at the end of the last leg of the track and missing the end article. Qualified the control and was the only one of the three to earn full marks in the agility. At the start of the patrol round he didn't clock the running helper so didn't get the chase. so no recall either, which was a real shame.

In spite of not qualifying, I hope you all enjoyed your day. I certainly did - it gave me great pleasure to watch your dogs working.

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