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Venue: North Boarhunt

CD, UD, WD Stakes



Steward: Lynne Watkins

I would like to thank Hampshire WTS committee for the invitation to judge CD at their championship trial. A special thank you to Jean and Arthur for the friendly and comfortable accommodation - very much appreciated. Thanks also to all at the base.

Lynne Watkins did a fantastic job of stewarding and was great company, thank you Lynne.

There were 19 dogs entered and 18 worked over 2 days. Of the eighteen entries, fifteen qualified the nosework section, but the jumps and stays took their toll of the competitors. So we ended up with six qualifying CDEx and one with CD.

1st Pat Golding with ST. PETES JETTA, Lab, D, 96, Q CDEx. A very good impressive round. Pat and Max are a great team and work well together, loads of potential. Well done.

2nd Sheila Tannant with STYPERSON CLEO, Lab B, 92.5, Q CDEx. Another impressive round and deserved qualification. Congratulations.

3rd June Coutts with CRADBRIDGE BILL, Lab, D, 90, Q CDEx. Ryben worked very well for June, heelwork was wonderful, shame about the long jump. Good Luck in future trials.

4th Isla Cameron with MORGAN’S LEXI, WSD, B, 88, Q CDEx. A few hiccups on the heelwork. A good retrieve on the run off. Well done.

Also qualified CDEx:

Pat Tagg with ABAPSOMA BLANNKA, GSD, B, 88. Lara’s search was perfect, so quick and gentle when picking up each article, and good control on the sendaway saved the day. Well done.

John West with SHEPALIAN TOFFEE CRISP, ASD, D, 86.5. A lively dog handled well by John.

Qualified CD:

Andy Wooster with SUPER SAFFY, XB B, 71. Shame about the down stay, but a good result for your first ever





Tracklayers: Ann Clarke and Melvin Drewitt

Square and Control Steward: Sue Jones

Thanks to the Society for the invite to judge at this super trial. Jean runs this trial with a great team of helpers and enjoyable company, she evens opens her home up to all who need a place to sleep and dine, and her housekeeper, Arthur, is very well trained, nearly as good as Jean’s dogs; he even delivered my newspaper every morning.

I was told that Jean’s house opens onto the seafront, so I thought I would take in a little bit of sport and take along my wet suit and board!! They failed to say that is was a harbour estuary and also you would have to get up at midnight to see the sea.

It must be a nightmare for Jean running a trial at this time of year, not knowing what ground the farmers, who kindly allow us onto their land, have available for us to use.

With this in mind I set a test thinking that from past experience, UD may be worked on the worst ground, leaving the best for the TD. This was not to be, as I had lush grass because there wasn’t enough for TD to use. This was unfortunate for TD competitors because they had to use wheat stubble fields.

My UD team were great company and it was great to be god for a day. We had 10 entered and 9 worked, with 6 qualifying UDEx.

1st Pat Herbert, GLENALPINE MOO, BC, B, 192. Very tidy work from Pat. Pat found the first article on the track otherwise full nosework marks, super track, well done.

2nd Ian Brown, TRI ONE JETRIL, WSD, B, 185.5. The article missed in the square was costly today, otherwise full mark track and very nice control round.

3rd Rosemary Turner, MALTESER MARY, Lab B, 183. Good round from Nyla, but a little work is required on the heelwork.

4th Di Cottrill, SANDYS OAK, Lab D, 181.5. Didn’t have the best of tracking fields but Simba applied himself to the task. Well done.

Also qualified UDEx:

Angela Fields, JUST RED ROBIN, Lab, D, 181

Arthur Jeal, HARWOOD FARM BOY, WSD, D, 176.5

The standard was very good with dogs only losing a few marks, mainly on the agility section. Thank you for allowing me to judge your dogs and I hope that you enjoyed the test I set as much as I took pleasure in judging it.




Tracklayers: Mary Drewitt, Melvin Drewitt, Lynne Watkins and Arthur Jeal

Square and Control Steward: Pete Jones

My thanks to Hampshire for the invite to judge the WD Stake, which came way back in 2006; Pete’s heart by-pass surgery and the foot and mouth scare delayed our appointment, but we finally arrived. It was worth the wait - we spent a very enjoyable week watching good dogs working.

The long range weather prospect was wall to wall sunshine with a few showers towards the end of the week and it proved spot on.

Jean did her usual fantastic job as Trials Manager with Arthur helping to keep things under control; he was in the cook house one minute and then sent to lay tracks, he even nipped home to cut the lawns one day - what a versatile man.

Thanks to Pete for stewarding and also my tracklayers for doing a great job; you were great company and made my task easy and pleasurable.

Tracking was on lush grazing grass with only one slight hiccup on the second day, when Mary was just about to complete laying the first track; the cattleman came up the farm track on his quad bike with about 25 head of cattle ahead of him and let them into the field. He said he was sorry and that the farmer had not told him we were using this field, but went on to say carry on, as the cattle would move out of the way. Needless to say Mary thought best to scrap this track and use another field.

We had 28 entries and 22 dogs worked, with 12 obtaining WDEx and one WD. The standard was very high in nosework and C/A.

1st Maggie Moran, ALTRICIA TODDIE, BC, B, 195. Maggie is a newcomer to trials having competed in Ob. Full mark control and only losing 4 on the track and 1 on the square, a very good all round performance. They are sure to do well in the higher stakes.

2nd Ann Clarke, STYPERSON QUINCEY, Lab, D, 193.5. Quincey hauled Ann around the track and went on to do a very good control round; gained second place after a run off with the retrieve.

3rd Dave Marchant, MISTER BEAMISH, WSD, D, 193.5. Beamish did the tidiest track only losing 1.5 marks and an excellent control round, lovely to watch.

4th Gill Lawrence, BEKKIS DULCIMER, BC, B, 191.5. Excellent nosework, a good all-round performance.

Also Qualified WDEx:

Chris Gregory, CASSOP DANNY, GSD, D, 188.5

Linda Reynolds, AMBERSLADE NIGHT HAWK, ASD, D, 186.5

Jodie-Lea Phillips, FLIP FLOP RIP, BC, D, 184

Fran Atkins, BLEDRI of STEPASIDE, WSD, D, 183

Rosemary Turner, KHAMYSKER KWIK KRACKER, GSD, B, 180

Gill Lawrence, BEKKIS BEKWEY MERRIDOWN, BC, D, 177.5


Bob Cook, VIXAX D RUH FROM STEINMETZ, H/Herd, D, 162.5

Qualified WD:

Janette Hickson, ROSMARINUS RAINBEAU, BC, D, 154.5 WD

Special bad luck story - as Penny Bann came on to the control field to work a dark cloud came over and we decided to wait until it passed over and the rain stopped. Not a good idea because as Penny started her heelwork swallows swooped across the field to catch a meal after the downfall and her dog decided to round them up whilst doing the sendaway, otherwise good nosework and full mark agility.

Thanks to all competitors for allowing me to judge their dogs, and I would wish to say that the standard was excellent, as marks will verify.

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