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Venue: North Boarhunt

UD, WD, TD Stakes

Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Mary Drewitt, Melvyn Drewitt

Steward: Caroline Martin

Thanks to Hampshire WTS for the invitation to judge UD; this has always been one of my favourite trials on the calendar. Jean Howells does a fantastic amount of work to ensure the continuing success of this event. She is tireless in making sure that every trial is just as it should be and is backed up by a truly first class bunch of helpers. Jean is not only trials manager but put us up in her lovely home, cooked breakfast, organised the fantastic weather, made sure we had all we needed and kept Arthur under control - no mean feat! We had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed this trial and the company of some genuinely nice people. Thank you all.

My tracklayers, Mary and Melvyn, are excellent tracklayers, great company and made my task so much easier, as well as giving the competitors the best chance of getting round. Thank you both, you epitomise all that is good in trials people.

Caroline stewarded both the squares and the C/A to her usual high standard, making sure all competitors had ample opportunity to show their dogs off at their best.

I set a simple test and one that I thought would be reasonable for the teams that were properly prepared. We started with C/A and some normal paced heelwork, so the dogs could settle down and the handlers could lose some nerves! Next was the retrieve followed by more heelwork. This led us to the sendaway, which was 75 yards to a cone in the hedge, and finally the jumps. The stays took place after all competitors had completed their C/A.

As usual the jumps took their toll, but more surprising was the heelwork, which was variable in standard, with some dogs taking advantage of the buffet on offer in the form of lush grass and chomping their way through the round! The sendaway and retrieve standard was generally very good.

The nosework was conducted on lush pasture. The articles were a 6cm piece of green hosepipe on the second leg and a 5cm piece of wooden batten. The nosework saw some impressive performances and overall the standard was very good.

1st Margaret Tarvit with VEREKER NUN NICER, Vizsla, Bitch, 191.5 and COM. A good all round performance with a perfect sendaway and clear on the jumps but that heelwork………….!! A lovely nosework round saw Zazz go through to win a three way run off. You are rightly proud of her, Margaret. Well done.

2nd Rosemary Turner with MALTESER MARY, CDEx, Lab, Bitch, 191.5 and COM. Nayla produced a competent C/A round followed by very nice nosework, where she completed a full mark square in 54 seconds!! A real treasure this one and with a bit of faith from mum on the track will do well.

3rd Arthur Jeal and HARWOOD FARM BOY, WSD, Dog, 191.5 and COM. This team took the C/A by the scruff and showed how it should be done. Arthur’s experience brought out the best in AJ and showed this youngster has real potential for the future. A nice track with just one sticking point and then a near faultless square. Well done, Arthur, and good luck.

4th Brenda Nevard and REDFOR SPIN, WSD, Dog, 191 and COM. A lovely control round from Spin was followed by a nice track and full mark square. Well handled by Brenda with a lovely rapport between them. Just a little bit more faith on the track and you’ll be well away!

Also qualified COM:

Kelly Chapman and TARNEDGE POSY, CDEx, Lab, Bitch, 182.5. Near perfect C/A from this team. A bit of a hiccup from mum on the track cost them dear. If Clarkie finds out, Kelly, you’ll be in trouble!!! Another team with bags of potential.

Frances Stoneley and ORCA OF WESSEX, WSD, Bitch, 182. Lovely C/A followed by nice nosework, although the missed article was costly. Faultless square and a pleasure to watch. Well handled and one for the future.

Margaret Tarvit with HOOKSIDE DAMASZT, Vizsla, Bitch, 164. You really did this the hard way Margaret! Competent C/A round showed that it’s all there. However, missed part of the track and that put her on the back foot but 34 for square helped her sneak a COM!

Worthy of mention;

Mary Hansell and her GSD Dog, NELLINKA WINTER STORM. Real drive and an obsession for the scale! Fantastic track and square. Sort out the bits and bobs and you’ll be there. Good luck.

Mrs Veazey with her BSD Bitch, VANISTICA RAINBOW SEEKER. What a track!!

Thank you to all the competitors for entering and allowing me to judge your dogs. Well done to those that qualified and to those that didn’t, there was promise in all of you; keep at it and good luck.




Search Steward & Scribe: Jodie Phillips

Tracklayers: Lynne Watkins, Arthur Jeal and Melvin Drewitt

Thank you to Hampshire Working Trials Society for inviting me to judge the WD stake at their open trial. Smoothly run by Jean Howells as usual, she even arranged the best weather of the year so far - my suntan is now well under way for this summer. Also thanks to Jean for keeping rolls and cake coming all day.

Tracking was on a good growth of spring grass and my pattern was beautifully laid by all three of my experienced tracklayers - thank you to Lynne, Arthur and Melvin. The articles were a piece of underlay and a cartridge, all tracks were visible with very little walking so ideal for judging. The good conditions meant we saw some very nice tracking. The squares were laid expertly by Jodie - articles were a clay pigeon, a piece of leather, a cork and a milk bottle top. The control round followed the nosework; and was straightforward. First the retrieve, followed by heelwork, sendaway 110 yards downhill to the hedge and then the jumps.

10 entered, 9 ran, 3 qualified.

1st Mr and Mrs Wykes, KIPCROFT MEG OF TARNFORCE, CDEx, UDEx, BC, B, handled by Kate Wykes. Missed one article on the track, and faltered slightly in control but lovely to see Meg’s confidence growing; worth all your hard work, Kate. Well done. 87, 10, 31 nosework, 27.5, 19 C/A, Total 174.5, Q

2nd Gill Lawrence, BEKKIS DULCIMER, CDEx UDEx, BC, B. Another with only one track article and a control round worked with a rather noisy accompaniment off field - working two dogs in one stake is not easy. Well done, Gill. 85.5, 10, 32 nosework, 26.5, 20 C/A, Total 174, Q

3rd Linda Reynolds, AMBERSLADE NIGHT HAWK, CDEx, ASD, D. Struggled on one corner but otherwise tracked beautifully. Lovely retrieve and heelwork, and the sendaway would have been if had been in the right direction! He deserved his qualification. 80, 20, 26 nosework, 25, 20 C/A, Total 171, Q

4th Lindsey Poole, MORROW BILBY, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, B. Tracked well, then struggled with the square. Insufficient marks overall, though qualified in each section. 86.5, 10, 17 nosework, 27.5, 15 C/A, Total 156




Search Steward: Clare Falla

Tracklayers: Paula Harvey, Barry Harvey, Melvin Drewitt

C/A Steward: Jodie Phillips

My thanks to Hampshire for inviting me to judge the T D Stake at this well run trial, with good company all weekend. Thank you, Jean, for being the Trials Manager/ Host/ Chef/ Escort......Phew! Thanks also to Paula and Barry for tracklaying every day, sometimes in the bitter cold wind, then sunshine, and Melvin for the end of the first day. You all had to work so hard retrieving articles on every track. Thank you. Clare had offered to do the squares - this was her first time, and what a good job she did. She gave every competitor a fair chance, laying the articles as I wanted them. Thank you, Clare, it was a relief to hear you say you would do it again (there you are Jean, you have it in print, someone offering!) Jodie was the Steward for the C/A and you were super. Guided every one around the course very expertly indeed, and remembered everything (including my spot for me to stand!) Thank you. The helpers really do work their socks off, but I’m sure every one would agree, all competitors do appreciate you. Thank you.

Tracking was mainly on bare, dry soil, with the occasional green shoots. Put that together with a strong cold wind and it just proved too, too much for the dogs, BUT.......... we did see some super committed dogs who didn’t give up, kept their spirits up and I’m sure if we hadn’t ran out of time would have kept going until they completed the track, in particular were:

Liz Hickman and JAY, Mary Prentice and KILTY, Lynne Baker and KAZ, Mary Drewitt and ERIN, Anne Clarke with QUINCEY, Gary Haim and FLINT

It was an honour to have seen and judged all the dogs, but, alas, we didn’t have a qualifier in the nosework. Liz Hickman and Jay were the only pair to complete the track, and what a track too, but missed the first and last article. Poor Liz - when we blew her off on the walk out, she stopped, backed up, and of course................there it was. Blast!

The control rounds were of a good standard, and I knew I was watching TDEx’s in the making. To all the competitors, all the best for the future trials, and thank you for allowing me to judge you and for accepting my decisions

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