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Venue: North Boarhunt

UD, WD Stakes



Tracklayers and Stewards: Anne Thorpe (Friday) and Arthur Jeal (both days).

Thank you to Hampshire for the invitation to judge this stake and to Trials Manager, Jean Howells, and her helpers for all the hard work they put in to organise and run the event.

Anne and Arthur laid the tracks and also doubled up as search square and C/A stewards, so a very big thank you to both of you.


The tracks were on lush grass and all dogs bar one completed good tracks, in most cases recovering both articles, a strip of leather and a wooden dolly peg. The search square contained a strip of fabric, a jam jar lid, a square of cardboard and a square of carpet. No individual article presented a particular problem for the dogs and most teams came away with good nosework marks. Considering that this was the first outing for many of the dogs, most coped with the C/A quite well – but some found areas where much more training needs to be done!!

Although the weather was misty with some rain on Friday, followed by almost continual rain on Saturday, this did not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of the competitors, all of whom remained in good spirits throughout and were a pleasure to judge.

Unfortunately, out of fifteen entries for the UD Stake only eight teams competed over both days, with only three qualifiers.

1st Jenny Jefferson with BEKKIS THE PATHFINDER, BC, D. The best mark for nosework and a full mark control round helped to secure this well deserved qualification and first place. Track 107, Square 35, Control 35, Agility 17.5, Total 194.5

2nd Jean Cooke with WAGGERLAND TOPIC, WSD, D. A nice, solid performance all round, and the only full mark agility. Well done. 103/35, 34.5, 20, Total 192.5

3rd Lindsey Poole with VOMKYNA DIAZ, GSD, B. Another good all round performance. Well done. 108/32.5, 28.5, 15, Total 184

4th Fiona Britten with OWLSLEY TIKOUKA, Weim, D, NQ. This dog completed all exercises really well, but unfortunately a hiccup on the scale cost the qualification. I’m sure this will be rectified soon!

Congratulations to the qualifiers and good luck in the future; I hope those who did not make it this time will be able to qualify soon.




Tracklayers: Lindsey Poole, Ann Clarke, Judy Meekings, Barry Harvey

Stewards: Jodie (2 Days) and Lindsey (1 Day)

Thank you to the Hampshire WTS for the invitation to judge the WD stake. Thank you to Jean Howells and Arthur for their hospitality and full English at their lovely home. I felt pampered and special, for the cards and presents and the rendition of “Happy Birthday”, many thanks. Poor Jean ran the trial under very trying conditions and foul weather, but we still had some laughs.

To the tracklayers and stewards for doing a grand job in awful conditions, you were great – many, many thanks. But you left me stranded astride a very narrow stile – great fun! (from Jan’s daughter, Lindsey, who’s typing this – Mum, I don’t want to know how you enjoy yourself when you’re away!!!). To my carers, Jodie and Lindsey, for ferrying me about and generally taking care of the old git - one day you will get your rewards!!

As previously said, apart from the Thursday morning, the weather was awful. But there were qualifiers despite this, the stake being the ‘Golden Oldies Handlers’.

1st Angela Sanders with STARTSHOT BUCANEER AT SZIKRAS, WHV, D. Full marks jumps, very nice work, well deserved win, Angela – congratulations. 194.5, COM

2nd Val Upton with GLENALPINE RAFFERY, BC, D. This team worked in terrible conditions – well done. 190.5, COM

3rd Ron Davies with KAI JUMPING JACK, WSD, D. Well done Ron and Jack, a real golden handler. 190.5, COM

4th John Reynolds with STONECROSS TOMMY, WSD, D, Well done John and Tommy, another Goldie. 186, Com

Also qualifying:

Arthur Jeal with HARWOOD FARM BOY, WSD, D. Well done, 182.5

John West with SHEPALIAN TOFFEE CRISP, ASD, D. Well done, 178.5

Adrian Quick with LAWINICK SLOW ‘N’ EASY, GSD, D. Well done, 173

Thank you competitors for giving me the pleasure of judging your dogs. For those that didn’t make it this time, good luck to you in all future trials.




Apologies if anyone was waiting to read this - it was written and sent snail-mail soon after, but I guess the snail got eaten or crushed en route!  I’ve lost any notes I had so thank you to everyone at Hampshire for inviting me, looking after me, feeding me and - most definitely - laying tracks and squares for me when anywhere warm and dry would have been a much more preferable option!  I don’t need notes to remember the weather - the ‘hill’ is a delightful place in gusting wind and pouring rain.  Nevertheless a few competitors battled round and well deserved their success.

1st Tony Lockyer and LAWINICK COME ‘N GET IT AT HARTSHILL, GSD, B, 196.5, Q. A masterclass in patient persistence and concentration on the track in the worst of the weather - thank goodness Isla had enough stamina left to get two out of the square.  129+18+30.5+19.

2nd Irene Nicholl and GUNULT CHA CHA, Weim, D, 176, Q.  Had some trouble with corners in the wind but kept ending up in the correct direction.  Didn’t care for the wet in the control field!  107+24+25+20.

3rd Julia Skipp and ZAK OF SKIPAWAY, WSD, D, 154.5, NQ

4th Ann Clarke and STYPERSON QUINCEY, Lab, D, 145.5, NQ.

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