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Venue: North Boarhunt




Tracklayers: Yvonne Carpenter and Tim Cooper

Stewards: Yvonne and Odette

 Many thanks to Jean Howells and the Hampshire committee for the invitation to judge their Open UD Stake. I was made very welcome and was well looked after throughout. Special thanks to Jean for her overnight hospitality at her lovely home. To the catering ladies at the base, thanks for a great breakfast which set me up for the day ahead.

Thanks also to Yvonne Carpenter and Tim Cooper for your brilliant track laying skills, to Odette for precisely laying the squares and extra thanks to Yvonne and Odette stewarding/scribing my C/A. You all did a great job and I enjoyed your company.

Last, but by no means least, thank you to the land owner and farmers for allowing the society access to their land - we could not proceed without your kindness.

We were fortunate with the weather, apart from a little light rain at the start of the day, it kept dry with a slight breeze and even some sunshine.

8 entries / 7 ran. Five of the seven runners completed the track in fine style; two of these were less successful in the C/A, leaving us with 3 qualifiers coming home in the following order.


1st Mrs June Coutts with TADMARTON ESTELLE, Lab, gaining COM on 190 points. Ripple tracked with great enthusiasm - June did well to keep up with her. Good control and full jumps took them to the top of the tree. Very well done.

2nd Mrs Vana Moody with GLENAPLINE RISA, CDEx, BC, gaining COM on 188 points. Beautiful nosework from Vana and Risa. Just two marks dropped on control, but a "nil point" long jump pushed them out of the top spot. Well done, Vana.

3rd Miss Lynne Watkins with STARSHOT SZARKA WITH SZIKRAS (HWH Viz) gaining COM on 184 points. A bit hesitant at start of track, but then went from strength to strength. Most of the C/A went well, but the SA proved expensive.

4th Mrs Nicky Crowther with RAGLAN BEAUFORT BOMBER, X-Breed, NQ. I loved this dog’s tracking – really steady and positive – great to see. Good control round, full point clear and long, only to go out on the scale. Bad luck, Nicky,

I’m sure your day will come.

 Thank you to all the competitors for entering, accepting my decisions and being such good company. See you all around the trials.





Tracklayers: Yvonne and Eric

Square and Control Steward: Yvonne

Control Scribe: Odette


Firstly, thank you Jean Howells, Trials Manager for inviting me to judge the WD stake. Your brilliant hospitality and strong team of helpers at base of Odette, Linda, Jo, Barbara and Tim were superb.

To my tracklayers, Yvonne and Eric, you did a great job. In addition, Yvonne laid all the squares and was also my control steward and performed the roles exactly as I wanted, many thanks. Last but not least, thank you for my control scribe, Odette, who made my job a lot easier.

 Tracking was on lush spring wheat and virtually the same for everyone. The search square was well performed by all competitors and contained a piece of green hose, brown tape, green carpet and a Yakult bottle. Unfortunately the bottle came back in various shapes!

The control rounds were excellent from all competitors, as were the stays, however only one competitor obtained full marks for the jumps.

 1st Suzanne Jaffa with DITSY DOT, Cross, B, 183.5, Q. An excellent performance from this team and the type of control one would expect from Suzanne.

2nd Tim Cooper with GLORIOUS GLOSTER, Cross, B, NQ. Another good control round and the best sendaway.

3rd Lyn Bricknell with SOLINDY BLACK MAGIC, WSD, NQ. Again, another good control round.

4th Wendy Donaldson with AMBERSLADE MARGARITA, ASD, NQ.

 Finally, thank you to the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions.




Tracklayers: Anne Thorpe, Ann Clarke, Eric Carpenter

C/A and Search Steward: Clare Falla


Many thanks to Jean and HWTS for inviting me to judge the TD stake at their open trial. Jean puts a tremendous lot of work into their trials. All the judges and majority of tracklayers stayed at her lovely home. The first night we went to the pub, but the next two evenings she cooked us all lovely meals. Thank you also to all the ladies in the kitchen; we were treated to a lovely cooked breakfast first thing in the morning and lots of refreshments during the rest of the day.

I had a really good team with me, Anne, Ann and Eric (tracklayers) and Clare. The poor tracklayers had to retrieve most articles, as we only had one dog get round the track; the rest did no more than 4 legs. I don’t know why as it was really good grass. Thank you, Clare, for being a really good steward. You put everyone at ease and did exactly as asked.

The weather was fine but cold and windy. We started with the control, speak first with the handler facing me with 10 barks. Then heelwork and then to the sendaway, which was straight out to a fallen tree and then left redirect to another fallen tree. Then the jumps.

My track was 14 legs. Articles were a piece of soft rubber, length of hosepipe and a piece of carpet. Search was a milk bottle top, tea spoon, black wellie and wooden spatula. These, on the whole, were very well done.

1st Judy Meekings, Lab D, LAURINCO RED SKYE AT WINDLEBROOK, CDEx – WDEx, 170, NQ. Unfortunately Skye ate the first article and only got one of the others. Really worked very hard to get round the track though. You should be pleased with his perseverance, Judy.

2nd Lauren Marlow, Malinois D, JOTUNHEIM ELI, CDEx – UDEx, NQ


4th Carole Brooke, Lab D, TADMARTON DARK REMY, CDEx – WDEx, NQ.

 Thank you to you all, Jean, helpers, competitors; I really enjoyed my mini holiday.



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