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Venue: North Boarhunt



Tracklayers: Yvonne Carpenter, Judith Owen

Search and C/A Stewards: Tim Cooper, Claire Falla, Judith Owen

My thanks to Hampshire for inviting me to judge this stake and to Jean for her hospitality, not just opening her home to us but cooking breakfast  and providing an evening meal as well as juggling Trials Manager problems!!

So many people to thank:- Yvonne who laid most of  the tracks, Judith who helped out on the Friday (the tracking was on grass, somewhat wet and  heavy going), Tim who laid squares and scribed the C/A for 2 days, Claire who laid squares on Friday, Judith again, who scribed for me on the Friday for a very cold wet C/A, the ladies in the kitchen whose cake making must be without peer – thank you all, every track and square was laid exactly as I asked and you were all great company.  

Thank you to the competitors who entered under me, a great bunch of handlers and dogs.  Well done to those who qualified, and to those who didn’t, I’m sure your turn won’t be long in coming.

1st Sue Main and JAZZ THE JOKER (Jazz), WSD, D, 192.5, Q.  A worthy winner.  Sue and Jazz have a lovely rapport.  Nice handling, Sue.

2nd Brenda Nevard and I SPYDA SPIDER (Spider), WSD, B, 184.5, Q.  Another good partnership with nice handling.

3rd Rosemary Turner with KHAMYSKER KALAMITY KATE (Katie) GSD, B, 177.5, Q.  A lively girl well handled by Rosemary.

4th Nicky Prescott and WAGGERLAND TWINKLE (Twinkle), WSD, B, 167, Q.  A keen lass who just wants to do something - keeps Nicky on her toes.

Good luck to you all in your future trialling.





Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal, Vana Moody

Steward: Gay Stathern

 Firstly can I offer an apology for the inexcusable delay to everyone in sending in this report, but in particular to Jean and the Hampshire WTS, all those who helped at the trial and the competitors.

A belated thank you to the Society for the invitation to judge at what was becoming one of my favourite trials. Why was? Well the thoughts of The Traveller’s Rest and generous portions of wild boar pie made the decision to accept easy. But then dismay - Jean rang just before the trial to say that The Traveller’s was closed. Jean came up trumps in the true spirit of trials with an excellent new base in the nearby village hall and even better cobbled together a pretty mean chicken pie (with secret ingredient sausage).

Evenings were spent round a table talking and joking with judges and helpers aided by the odd glass of wine, or beer for the less sophisticated. How could you better spend your time?

Thanks to all who helped. Odette McInnes, Joe Richards and Barbara Hannam in the kitchen, and Tim Cooper, who besides finding time to compete also helped out with various tasks. Special thanks to my helpers out in the fields, Gaynor Strathern for laying the squares and Arthur Jeal and Vana Moody for tracklaying. Now when introduced to Arthur and Vana your first thought might be - ‘by gum (old Yorkshire expression), they look a bit long in the tooth’. Your second thought might be - ‘e by gum (an even more profound old Yorkshire expression), they’ve been round the clock a few times’. However, first thoughts and even second thoughts can be misleading because even with a combined age well into three figures they laid excellent tracks and you could not ask for better company to spend the time with. Thanks to Vana who multitasked by also stewarding the control and agility.

11 entered and worked. The first two placed stood out in all elements and made the test look easy.

 1st Mrs Judy Meekings and LAURINCO RED SKYE AT WINDLEBROOK, CDEx, UDEx, Lab, D, 186.5, and COM.

Track 86 and 20, Square 32 (4), Control 33.5, Agility 15. Skye did a good, confident track in heavy rain and followed up with a very good search. Control was excellent with one of only 2 full point sendaways.

2nd Mr Gary Atkins and GLENALPINE PETE, CDEx, BC, D, 178.5 and COM. 88 + 20, 21 (2), 34.5, 15. Pete’s nosework was excellent but with undeserved reward in the square. Control was nigh on perfect with the only other full point sendaway.

3rd Mrs Frances Webb and NORWULF LUIGI, CDEx, GSD, D, 161, NQ. 89 + 20, 28 (3), 19.5, 4.5. Monty had his fun hat on today but showed with the things he did seriously that he is more than capable.

4th Ms Dianne Whiting and SHELTYSHAM SO ESOTERIC, CDEx, UDEx, BC, D, 153, NQ. 83.5 + 20, 22 (3), 12.5, 15. Eric has a good name, none better. Unfortunately Dianne had to take some calls from work and it might have affected the concentration of both of them, but even so Dianne was very happy with his nosework.




Tracklayers: Anne Thorpe, Eric Carpenter and Yvonne Carpenter

Square Steward: Sandra Haim

Many thanks to Hampshire Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge the TD stake, to Jean Howells who had her stress levels tested to the full when one week before the trial was informed that their base had closed down and was no longer available. Then the afternoon before the trial, she was told that her control field could not be used.  Jean also decided to tighten the thumb screws on herself a little bit more by inviting the judges, tracklayers and stewards to stay at her home during the trial where she then proceed to cook us all evening meals and breakfasts.  I’m not sure how you do it all, Jean, but Sandra and I appreciate that you do.

Thanks also to my tracklayers, Anne Thorpe who laid all 3 days, Eric and Yvonne who did 1 day each - you all did a great job, thank you.  Sandra laid all the squares for me over the 3 days and every dog qualified the square - many thanks.  The ladies in the kitchen did a great job keeping us fed and watered.  A special mention to the farmers who were brave enough to let us on their land despite all the bad weather we’ve had.

We had 16 entries but only 9 managed to work mainly due to being snowed in on the Saturday.

1st Tony Lockyer with TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, 211.5, Q.  Good solid track and square, only lost 3.5 on control, full mark jumps.  Well done, Tony.

2nd Ruth Payton with CORIES BLAZING STAR AT KALIAZAR, BC, 192, Q.  Good track, left one article in the square, lost a few marks on the sendaway other than that a good all round performance.  Well done, Ruth.

3rd Angela Sanders with MR MICKEY MARVEL TO SZIKRAS, WSD, 192, Q.  Steady track but missed out a small part of the track; got 4 out of the square and good control round, full mark jumps.  Well done, Angela.

4th Carole Brooke with TADMARTON DARK REMY, Lab, 185.5, NQ.  After a good track and square Remy decided the sendaway and jumps weren’t to his liking today.  Good attempt, Carole.


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