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Venue: North Boarhunt



Tracklayers: Arthur and Jodie

Search Steward: Gaye

C/A Steward: Jodie

Firstly I would like to thank Hampshire W/T Society for asking me to judge the UD stake.  I always enjoy this trial as a competitor, and now also as a judge.  My grateful thanks also go to my Tracklayers, Arthur and Jodie, Gaye, who did me proud with her search squares, and a second thank you to Jodie, who was also my control steward.

The weather was glorious on both days and the tracking was on lush grass.  14 of the 15 entries competed.  We had one Qualifier on Friday and three on Saturday.  A good selection of breeds competed, giving us a range of different working styles.  All competitors were good sports and accepted my decisions with good grace.

Track articles were a square of floor covering and a square of scourer.  Square articles were a square of wellie , cartridge case, plastic spoon and a dolly peg.

1st Mr John Simpson with FAR CANAL FOSTER, 189.25, Q.  It was a pleasure to watch this team work.  His track and square were from a very committed dog.  The control was nearly faultless.   Main mark loss was on a second attempt at the long jump.  I look forward to seeing Foster’s progress through the stakes.

2nd Mrs C C Guard with LENYAM MARAUDER of PHILKINDY, 184, Q.  Harry is a Labrador who is full of power and enthusiasm, he tracks like a real professional.  He was unfortunate to cut to the article on the track, missing half a leg.  Apart from this, his square and track were a pleasure to watch.  His control was also very nice to see.  Good luck in future trials.

3rd Mrs Joyce Tibbetts with VONHAUSWOLF MAUD, 177.75, Q.  This GSD, Kerry, was another dog who was totally committed to her track and square.  The team worked well together and it was only a 2nd attempt on the clear jump which marred an almost perfect round.  Another one to watch.

4th Mr Terry Hannam with GAUNTLETSRUN MOON RIVER, 167, Q.  Another pair who worked well together.  Mepps is a Red Collie who wants to please.  His track was enthusiastic; unfortunately only one article dropped his points.  Also, only 2 from the square.  Watch this space.




Tracklayers: Lindsey Poole and Lynne Watkins

Apologies for this report’s late appearance, especially to the qualifiers who might have been looking for it.  Thank you to Jean and her helpers for looking after me, particularly my excellent tracklayers Lindsey and Lynne.  I enjoyed myself, but then the Hampshire trials and countryside have been favourites of mine for many years!

Congratulations to my four qualifiers.

1st Margery Lee and SYN MISCHIEF’S PARTNER, WSD, 181, Q.  Syn spent 15 minutes struggling on the first leg and then did the rest of the track in four minutes without losing another mark.  4 articles from the square and good jumps and sendaway meant a successful day – well done! (132+29.5+19.5)

2nd Chris Young and LLYNELLEN MEADOW SAGE, WSD, 177.5.  Jac did all the exercises competently but missing a track article cost him a higher place. (130+30.5 +17)

3rd Judith Owen and BRENTMOOR JAY, BC, 174.5. Top track mark, full mark agility and a good sendaway were the ‘highs’ but two from the square made the difference. (124 +29.5+20)

4th Mark Gowler and GOTTHEFIDGETS, WSD, 168.  Struggled somewhat on the track and missed the last article but finished with an excellent square. (119+29+20)




Tracklayers: Val Upton and Vana Moody

Stewards: Judith Owen and Clare Falla

Oh dear, this stake proved to be a nightmare for Trials Manager, Jean Howells.  We were on the way to the tracking land on the first day when we were called back.  "The sprayers have moved into the wheat field and are spraying all over the tracks!!"  Poor Vana had laid 5 tracks, and they were all lost.  So we worked the C/A first, and then moved on to the adjoining rape fields for the nosework, sadly without any dogs managing to complete the track.  Day 2 – and the message arrived - "They’re now spraying the rape!"  All that was left available to Jean was a huge ploughed field.  It was dry as a bone and hard as rocks, and no dog managed more than a couple of legs, although they all worked really hard.  So we had no qualifiers, although I saw some very promising young dogs, who would have coped well with more forgiving land.

My thanks to Jean for her calm handling of the crises, and to Val and Vana for toiling in very difficult conditions and staying cheerful and upbeat in spite of the disappointments – and having to find all those articles.  Thanks also to Judith and Clare, who both scribed and search stewarded diligently and accurately, and were excellent company throughout the three days.  And thanks to Hampshire WTS for the invitation to judge at this friendly trial, and to Jean for all her hard work, before, during and after the trial.

1st Keith Rowley and WISCOMBE JAZZ, Lab.  Daisy worked on the rape, and got the furthest round the track of any dog; she found conditions difficult and worked really hard to complete about half the track and recover one article, the only track article found by a dog!

2nd Gary Martin and CARISHILL ATLAS, Golden Retriever.  Dylan worked valiantly on the track on the plough, but found it too hard for him.  He did, however, work a superb square, having already produced a first class C/A round.

3rd Zoe Finlay and TRIJEM OCEANS BLURAIN WITH OVERDRIVE, ASD.  Dan struggled gallantly round 3 legs of the track on the plough, and then produced a beautiful full mark square to give Zoe some consolation.

4th Jane Wood and LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, BC.  Lenny worked an almost faultless C/A round, but found the nosework conditions too much for him.

Thank you to all the competitors, who remained cheerful in spite of the extremely testing conditions, and who accepted disappointment with a shrug and usually a comment of "That’s Trials!"  I wish you all better luck in the future – I’m sure all the dogs are capable of qualifying well in more dog-friendly conditions.

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