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Venue: North Boarhunt



Steward: Sue Hay

I would like to thank Hampshire WTS for inviting me to judge the CD Stake.  My Steward, Sue, did an excellent job, very competent and putting all competitors at ease - thanks for your company and sense of humour.  Jean Howells ran a well organised trial with Jan Darby as her right hand woman - thank you both.  Caroline and Yvonne were my stay stewards on Friday - thank you.  The ladies and Tim kept us well fed - one of the most important jobs at a trial.

We had 17 entries and 16 ran.  Friday was warm but competitors and dogs had shade.  Saturday was really wet to start but cleared up for control.  The competitors/dogs who worked on Saturday had the disadvantage of TD competitors walking the perimeter of our control field but most coped well.  This was despite the group of TD spectators who decided to walk through the middle of our control field, pausing at the sendaway cone on their way.  Plus the competitor who decided to let their dog off lead for a pee/run around within sight of dogs doing down stays.  Some competitors were new to trials, others experienced trialists. 

Thank you all for entering under me and for accepting my decisions.  For those of you who didn’t qualify this time keep trying and good luck in future trials.

1st Gerard Paisley, CANDLEWIND AZZURRI, BC, B, 94, Q CDEx.  If Pebbles’ tracking is of the same standard as her control round, it will be a partnership well worth watching.  Well done, Gerard, you have a super little dog.

2nd Sue Redshaw, MEADOWSHOT MACGRAW, Lab, B, 92, Q CDEx.  Sadie did you proud, Sue, a well handled control round, lovely to watch.

3rd Karen Cullen, TRAMELLA TIPSI, GSD, B, 91.5, Q CDEx.  Maddie’s round was a pleasure to watch, just a slight hitch with the long jump which I’m sure you will soon sort out.  Well done, Karen.

4th Malcolm Snowden, STARDELL SIRIUS, BC, D, 91, Q CDEx.  Malcolm is an experienced trialist; once the jumps are sorted I’m sure there will be no stopping Robbie.  His nosework and control were excellent.

Also qualifying CDEx:

Sharon Carter, QUADET DANSA AT IVYMOOR, WEIM, B, 89.  Well done, Sharon, a very competent round.  It’s really good to see you back working your dogs again.

Don Laskey, SHARDEE’S KOS, GSD, D, 84.5.  Don, what a handsome dog Kos is; just needs his heelwork and long jump sorting, then there will be no stopping you both.

Qualifying CD:

Dave Currier, CLASOLA TIGER’S EYE, WEIM, D, 76.  Dave, it was a real shame Bozz broke his down stay, he was unsettled from the start; otherwise a very nice round.


Stakes: UD and WD


UD Tracklayers: Sue Ashby and Vana Moody

UD Square Steward and Scribe: Gaye Strassen

WD Tracklayers: Gary Martin, Sue Ashby, Vana Moody and Eric Carpenter

WD Square and C/A Stewards: Thurs, Yvonne Carpenter; Sat, Arthur Jeal

Firstly, my apologies for the delay with this report.

Many thanks to Hampshire Working trials Society for the invitation to judge and to Jean Howells for all the hard work put into organising the trial.  Managing a trial can be a headache at the best of times, but not knowing what your land will be until the last minute makes it doubly hard.  Thanks also to Jean and Arthur for your hospitality and looking after me during my stay and to Clare Falla and Arthur who drove me to and from the Airport. 

My stewards and tracklayers were great company and did a brilliant job - thank you so much for giving up your time.  Thank you to Jan Darby, doing a great job in base as always, and to everyone in the kitchen who kept us well fed and watered each day.  Lastly, a really big thank you to all the farmers for the use of their land. 

The weather was warm and dry for Thursday and Friday with just the odd downpour on Saturday.  Tracking in both stakes was on well grown grass which resulted in some lovely nosework rounds and I thoroughly enjoyed my three days judging.


1st Mrs Lynne Bricknell and SOLINDY BLACK MAGIC, CDEx, WSD, 194.5, Q UDEx.  Well done, Lynne and Moss; beautiful track and square, and very tidy C/A.  Good luck for the future.

2nd Mrs CC Guard and LENYAM MARAUDER OF PHILKINDY, CDEx, UDEx, Lab, 185, Q UDEx.  Harry’s enthusiasm on the track lost him a few marks - well done CC for keeping up!  His attitude is super; well done and good luck with him.

3rd Mr Terry Hannam and GAUNTLETSRUN MOON RIVER, BC, 184, Q UDEx.  Mepps did a really nice track and 3 out of the square, followed by another nice C/A round.  Well done.

4th Ms Jane Sutherland and Gerard Paisley’s CANDLEWIND LA VENEZIANA, BC, NQ.  Handled by Jane, Venice did lovely nosework and control rounds, but unfortunately today the jumps took their toll.


1st Mr John Simpson and FAR CANAL FOSTER, CDEx – WDEx, Cross, 195, Q WDEx.  Foster worked a beautiful round, one of the few to get full marks on the jumps; a real pleasure to judge.  Very well done.

2nd Mrs Linda Johnston and RAVEN HILL RORY, Cross, 187.5, Q WDEx.  Very good track and lovely tidy square; another lovely control round with just the long jump giving a problem today.

3rd Mrs Anne Shepherd and MILLIE MOONBEAM, Cross, 186, Q WDEx.  Another lovely nosework round with just the sendaway being a bit costly.

4th Mrs Sally Baker and CLASOLA DASKA, CDEx, UDEx, Weim, 175.5, Q WDEx.  Well done, Sally and Vita.  Very nice track, but dropping articles in the square cost you a few today; super sendaway.

Also qualifying WDEx:

Mrs Sandra Lewindon and QUORIES KAI AT BRACOKELI, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 171

Mrs Ruth Payton and CORIES BLAZING STAR AT KALIZAR, Beg Ex, CDEx – WDEx, BC 162.5

Mrs Heather Donnelly and WOOLRAM LOTHARIO, CDEx – WDEx, BC, 161.5

Thank you to all the competitors, and best of luck to you all at future trials.

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