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Venue: North Boarhunt



Steward: Jodie Phillips

Thank you to the society for the invitation to judge the CD stake, the kitchen ladies and man, and to Jean for organising the trial and finding the excellent land.  The grass was between 6 and 8 inches long and not too lush, so it gave the dogs the opportunity to demonstrate some really excellent nosework.  The articles were 4" green hosepipe, 4" by 1.5" dark green cotton tape and 3" by 2" green scouring pad.

I set a sendaway of 80 yards downhill to a post just in front of the hedge line, and I was very impressed with all the dogs - every one was successful; Carol Burgess’s little poodle Laycee was an absolute pleasure to watch.

Everyone had the odd hiccup which did prevent more qualifying but they all showed that the ability is there, it’s just getting it right on the day.  I would like to thank all the competitors for entering under me and making my day so enjoyable.

My biggest thanks have to go to my steward, Jodie, who as ever was efficient, friendly with all the competitors putting them at their ease, and excellent company for the day; many thanks, Jodie, you made it all so easy.

1st  Ruth Cahill and GSD bitch, VOMKYNA DEIKA, 92, Qual CDEx.  A pleasure to watch a polished performance from handler and dog.  A well deserved win

2nd  Margery Lee and WSD dog, SYN MISCHIEF’S PARTNER, 91.5, Qual CDEx.  Syn is a rough diamond beautifully handled by Margery, who managed to contain his enthusiasm

3rd  Anne Shepherd and Cross bitch, MILLIE MOONBEAM, 78.5, Qual CD.  What a lovely dog Millie is, the exuberance just got the better of her today

4th  Rosemary Chase and WSD dog,  WICCS BRIGHT STAR BRYNN,  80, NQ.  This was Rosemary and Brynn’s first trial; unfortunately the jumps took their toll today, but they both showed great promise and will do well.




Tracklayers: Ann Clarke and Eric Carpenter

Steward: Caroline Martin

Many thanks to Hampshire WTS for the invitation to judge UD at this well run friendly event.  The week absolutely flew by and we had a fantastic time with exceptionally nice people.  The whole trial is run with precision by Jean Howells; she really doesn’t have it easy, as she never knows what land is available until the Saturday before the trial starts, and even then its subject to change!!  Jean has assembled a first class team around her, led by the newly promoted assistant trial manager, Arthur!  Her team are superb and nothing is ever too much trouble.  There is a lovely atmosphere at Hampshire making this one of the highlights of the trials calendar.  Superb hospitality in the evening, and plenty of time to catch up with friends.  As a judge or competitor you really couldn’t ask for more; thanks Jean for all your time and effort in making this trial such a great event.

To the landowners and farmers - thanks for the use of your land, without you we don’t have a sport, so thank you.

The ladies in the kitchen were a revelation!  I was amazed to see Yvonne Carpenter - yes that’s right, YVONNE CARPENTER, in the kitchen!  Now this is no mean feat to persuade Yvonne to enter the catering tent - so much so that when Julie Atkins heard she spent the next 5 minutes laughing on the end of the phone!  Well, I have to say that not only did Yvonne equip herself well, she excelled, and was by the end of the week planning menus at the ‘Hampshire Deli’.  Yvonne’s assistants were Caroline, Ann and Annie.  The George Foreman (other portable cooking systems are available!) was put to superb use and all manner of fare was conjured up.  At one stage 6 ladies were standing around the cooker laughing away as they experimented with pancakes!  Great fun and really great people - thank you.

Jan in the base did her usual sterling job sorting out the marks, getting people to tracks and control fields with her trademark efficiency and good humour and was great company.

My tracklayers were, as you would expect, just superb.  The tracklaying was accurate and sympathetic and conscientiously laid.  They were excellent company and we had a few laughs; what more could a judge ask for from his team?  Thank you both so much, I really appreciated your help.  Caroline laid all the search squares and stewarded the C/A with her usual efficiency and good humour and ensured all competitors had the very best chance of success; thanks for all your time and effort.

We had 9 entries and of these 8 ran.  We started with nosework - tracking was on pasture with about 6 inches of growth.  The articles were a 3"x 1" piece of leather and the end article was a cone, a pine cone not an ice cream one!  Square articles were (i) 2.5 " piece of dowel (ii) 2" piece of black cord (iii) 1.5" square of black rubber and (iv) 2" piece of green garden hose.  For the most part the nosework was well executed with one or two teams making a very good job of it.

The C/A started with normal paced heelwork to settle a few nerves.  Retrieve was next, followed by heelwork through all three paces to the sendaway.  This took the form of 140 yards to a hedge where a rather helpful farmer had left a large fencing stake in just the right position that made an effective point for the dogs to run to.  There was then more heelwork to the jumps (which wasn’t marked but the handlers didn’t know it!) and the jumps were undertaken, clear, scale and then long.  Last were the stays.

1st Jane Wood with her BC dog LUDGATE POWER’N’GLORY, 193.5, Q UDEx.  Jane and Lenny completed a lovely nosework round that was a pleasure to watch.  No messing about, just got on and did it.  Hardly put a foot wrong, losing 1 mark on the track and then one in the square for a bit of juggling by mum!  Nice C/A with a full mark sendaway.  Worthy winners and good luck in the future with him.

2nd Mrs Angela Fields with her Labrador dog JUST RED ROBIN, 187, Q UDEx.  Storm is a real credit to your training and the partnership you have with him, Angela.  I was so pleased for you because he really is a super dog.  Nice track losing just 2 marks, missed one in the square but he didn’t stop trying, and then what a control round, losing just one.  Really nice to watch, well done and good luck in the future with him

3rd Dave Self with his Labrador dog LAURINCO RED KITE, 182, Q UDEx.  Kai took almost all the time allowed to complete the track and when he did we all breathed a huge sigh of relief.  He worked his socks off and deserved to get round.  A good square helped recover some lost ground.  Nice control round with full mark jumps ensured a qualification.  Well done, Dave, I know you were very pleased with him, good luck in the future. 

4th Ruth Cahill with her GSD bitch VOMKYNA DEIKA 179.5, Q UDEx.  Minky tracked really nicely, although she missed the first track article.  Lost 1.5 on the track and just 1 in the square.  Very tidy C/A with just a blip on the long jump. You have a lovely rapport with her, Ruth, and she is a joy to watch, nice and bouncy with bags of enthusiasm and such a nice nature.  With your experience and her drive you are a team that will go far.  Good luck in the future with her.

Also Qualified UDEx:

Mrs Gill Cooke with her Cross-breed bitch SWEET GEORGIA BLACK, 172.  Georgia was the only dog to qualify on the first day.  Lost 1.5 on the track but missed the first article.  Square was costly due to mum’s exuberance!!  Lovely control and nice agility ensured the qualification, best of luck for the future.

Thanks to all competitors who entered; it was a pleasure to be allowed to judge your rounds.




Tracklayers: Eric Carpenter. Gary Martin, Vana Moody, Lynn

Steward:  Rose Chase

Thank you to The Hampshire Working Trials Society for the judging appointment, to Jean for running the trial, and to the farmers for providing us with the land.  I hope that people realise how difficult and stressful it can be for the Trials Managers and their team to arrange the trials for us, especially finding sufficient land.  Please make sure that you thank them and not just the judges, tracklayers and stewards, the next time you compete!  Also a big thank you to Jean and Arthur for looking after me and allowing me to stay at their lovely house. Thank you to Jan for doing her usual fantastic job in running the base and making sure the competitors were where they should be on time and for sorting out all the scores.  Thank you to Caroline Martin and her number one assistant, Yvonne Carpenter, for doing a grand job feeding us all; the things they managed to turn out from just a grill were great.  Thank you to my tracklayers for doing such a good job over the 3 days, and thanks to Rose (alias Lucy ) for doing a fine job of stewarding the squares and the control rounds and for being great company.

Thank you to everyone who entered and allowed me to watch their dogs work.   Congratulations to everyone who qualified and commiserations to those who didn’t………it was just bad luck on the day as they were all very capable. 

1st Emma Baker with JESSZAKS RICOCHET RIK, 189, Q.  A team to watch out for with some very nice work. Emma and Rik gave us a few scares on the track but patience paid off.  Lovely control round, with a full point send away. Track 83/20, Sq 33, Control 33, Agility 20.  Congratulations.

2nd Anne Bussey and VONGRAF NAOMI, 188, Q.   Another nice track on a very hilly field.  Lovely control round with just a slight hiccup with the long jump proving costly.  86, 33.5,  33.5, 15.  Very well done.

3rd Sue Russell with GLENALPINE DANNY, 186, Q.  Super track and nice square.  Tidy control round, with Danny deciding to come round the scale instead of over it today. 88, 31, 32.5, 15.  Well done.

4th   Kelly Chapman with TARNEDGE POSY, 184, Q.  A lovely confident track; the grass was extremely long and made the square difficult but this super little dog never stopped working.  88, 33, 28, 15.  Well done.

Also qualifying WDEx:


Jenny Jefferson with BEKKIS THE PATHFINDER, 180.5


Mick Head with SHERINGEM JAZPER, 177.5

Gary Haim with LAWINICK STILL OF THE NIGHT, 177   

June Coutts with CRADBRIDGE BILL, 175.5

Carol Brooke with TADMARTON DARK REMY, 163.5




Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Gary Martin, Lindsey Poole,

Steward: June Hines

Many thanks to the Hampshire Committee for the invitation to judge the TD stake.  Thanks to Jean for running a well organised trial and for her hospitality, inviting judges and helpers to her house for meals. 

Jean didn’t know what the tracking land was going to be until just before the trial, so it was last minute preparation for deciding what articles to use.  The ground was ideal for tracking though, with quite lush grass all round.  I set a pattern to test the handlers and for them to trust their dogs.  Most people coped quite well but it was noticeably the handlers who’ve tracklaid that seemed to hesitate before allowing their dogs to take the last leg of the track. 

Thanks to my tracklayers - Tom, Gary and Lindsey - and to June for laying the squares.  They all did a fantastic job and were good company. 

We had 40 entries in total and 27 went into the control round in a qualifying position.

The control round was straightforward, apart from the double redirect on the sendaway.  Overall, I was impressed with the standard of work from handlers and dogs.  Congratulations to the qualifiers, commiserations to those who didn’t qualify on this occasion and thanks to all the competitors for helping to make this such an enjoyable judging appointment.

1st MOUNTLOCHAN LAIRD O’LEYS, BC, Mary Prentice, 212, Q TDEx.  A competent round, only losing 4 marks on the nosework and holding everything together in the control; quietly handled by Mary ensuring a well-deserved first ticket and the last qualifying place in this year’s KCC’s.  Well done.

2nd WTCh WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, WSD, Gary Haim, 210, Q TDEx.  Another very competent round by this team, just missing out on the top slot.   Excellent track, just lost a few marks in the square but exactly the same control marks as the winner.  Hard luck - but still very well done!

3rd SUNSHINE ANTIC, WSD, Nick Williams, 209.5, Q TDEx.  Nick and Antic only lost 3 on their nosework; there were just the odd marks lost here and there in the control, but well done again, Nick.

4th JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, Margaret Robinson, 206, Q TDEx.  Lost 6 marks on the track but a full mark square; the long jump was costly in the control but nevertheless another good round, as you would expect from Margaret.  Well done.

Also qualifying TDEx:

THE TITAN, WSD, Sue Ashby, 204.5

GLENALPINE REG, BC, Julie Atkins, 204.5

VEKKA LADY, GSD, Kevin Hill, 196.5

HEX AT CARFELD, BC, Yvonne Carpenter, 194

JAQ IN A BOX, BC, Ron Jaques, 194



SPECIAL GIFT, Weim, Nathan Wilson, 184

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