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Venue: North Boarhunt



Tracklayers: Ann Thorpe, Jodie Phillips

Search Steward: Sandra Haim


Many thanks to Hampshire for the invitation to judge the UD stake at their Open Trial. To Jean for being a lovely host as well as Trials Manager, breakfast chef and providing our food throughout the day. Many thanks to Ann and Jodie for laying the tracks, to Sandra for laying all the squares and to Jodie for stewarding the C/A, even the day you weren’t well.  My thanks also to Jan Darby for all her work at the base.

Tracking was on grass, which tracked well on both days despite the difference in the weather.  On Friday the weather was awful - it rained all day, but Saturday was dry and sunny.

Although we had no qualifiers all the dogs had a good attempt, with jumps and stays being the usual problem.

1st John Turtill and WAGGERLAND TAYOVULLIN, WSD, 181, NQ

2nd Martin Bearryman and BOSCKOPH DARK STAR, CDEx, Boxer, 176.5, NQ


4th Pippa Bentham and MY BILLIE, WSD, 157.5, NQ




Tracklayers: Vana Moody, Judy Meekings (Fri) and Tom Darby (Sat).

Squares and C/A steward: Vickie Dixon.

Thankyou to Hampshire WTS for inviting me over to judge.  I had a lovely time; relaxed, friendly competitors, some really nice dogs to judge and a great team of helpers, made for a really enjoyable time.  Thanks to Jean Howells for all the hard work it takes to run and organise a trial like this.  Also, thanks to her and Arthur for having us to stay in their lovely home.

A big thank you to my tracklayers - Vana who laid the early tracks both days, and Judy and Tom.  Thanks to Vickie who travelled over with me and did all my stewarding - much appreciated.  Also thanks to Jan Darby who ran the base and did the scores.

Tracking was on crop, quite sparse in places, but due to the flinty ground, there was not a footprint in sight! Track articles were for the dog to find, not the handler, 3.5" long twig, 3" x 3" black plastic mesh and a 5" long bunch of green wool with a knot in the middle.  Search articles were 5" x 0.5" green wellie, 3.5" long twig, black pipe cleaner and 5" black metal chain.

Friday started dry and then, after an hour, the rain came and made conditions very difficult for the dogs.  Saturday was a beautiful day!

1st Adrian Quick with LAWINICK SLOW N EASY, CDEx, WDEx, GSD, 196, Q.  Lovely big dog with a super attitude.  Only dog to get 3 and 4.  Had to work really hard on one area of the track, but showed great determination and worked it out.  Adrian knows what he has to get sorted to enable Oz to reach his full potential on the Control field! Congratulations.

2nd Ron Davies with KAI JUMPING JACK, CDEx, WDEx, WSD, 180.5, Q.  Kai did a beautiful track, very impressive.  One of the few to do the sendaway well.  A novel approach to the jumps!  It certainly worked for you and your dog, he’s got a fantastic jump in him!  Well done.

3rd Jean Cooke with WAGGERLAND TOPIC, CDEx, UDEx, WSD, 180, Q.  Great to see Jean back on the trials scene again.  This was Topic’s first attempt at TD and I’m sure, in Jean’s capable hands, it will be onwards and upwards!  Well done.

4th Pat Tagg with ABAPSOMA BIANNKA, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, NQ.  A very promising debut in TD for dog and handler.  You should be really pleased with her.

Thank you to all who entered, I really enjoyed watching your dogs work.  To those who didn’t qualify, better luck next time!

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