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Venue: North Boarhunt



Steward: Jodie Phillips

Stay Stewards: Jodie Phillips, Rose Chase

Thank you very much to The Hampshire Working Trials Society for inviting me to judge the CD Stake at their Championship trial.  Although I was only judging the CD stake on the Friday and Saturday, Gary and I spent the whole week on site with lovely people and we all got on with our various jobs and had a good laugh and a great time.  Thanks to Jean for all your hard work before and during the trial and to all who helped me in the kitchen, especially June and Mary and everyone who helped dog sit Arrow and Burford!

My thanks to Jodie for stewarding the control and laying the squares on both days.  I really appreciated having Jodie helping me as she is an excellent steward and great company. Also thanks to Rose for stewarding the stays on Saturday.

There were 22 competitors entered but only 12 competed.  The 2 huge fields we used for CD were lovely lush grass and weather conditions were fairly good on Friday but a bit wet and windy on Saturday.  We heard the TD competitors on Saturday a couple of fields away but I must say the dogs coped with the noisy speaks and redirects very well!  I set the round to give the handlers every opportunity to show me how well they had trained their dogs and I was impressed with the standard of all of the dogs.  Even those that didn’t qualify demonstrated that they were ready to compete in a Championship CD stake and were either unlucky with the jumps or nerves got the better of the handler.

The test started with the retrieve which was followed by the 2 minute sit stay which we did whilst the search square was being laid.  All dogs did the sit stay.  The search articles were a 5" piece of bamboo cane, a 3" piece of garden hose and a wooden cricket bails.  We then moved over to the control field where order of play was Recall, Heel on Lead, Sendaway, Heel Free, Clear jump, Long jump, Scale jump and ended with the 10 minute out of sight down stay.  7 out of 10 dogs did the down stay.  The sendaway was 75 yards downhill to 2 small white crossed poles at the base of a tree.  Every dog reached the send out point without fail although a couple did take a slight detour first. 

1st Mrs Fiona Britton with OWISLEY TIKOUKA, Weimeraner, Q, 94.  Matai was focused, accurate and did everything with style.  I’m so thrilled your hard work on the jumps has paid off.  He jumped beautifully and scored full marks.  A really well deserved win.

2nd Mrs Carole Brooke with TADMARTON DARK REMY, Labrador Retriever, Q, 92.  Remy’s control round was very good indeed and he also scored full marks for the jumps.  A little bit playful with the articles but I’m sure he’ll share them more readily with you next time Carole.

3rd Mr Jim Sewell with STARDELL TYL, Border Collie, Q, 91.5.  Thai did a fast and thorough search square and worked very smartly scoring very well in all exercises.  The clear and long jumps were perfect and the blip returning over the scale may have been due to the conditions and steady rain we had to work through.

4th Mrs Amanda Fenton with AUROQUELLE, Golden Retriever, Q, 91.5.  This team’s heelwork was outstanding.  I loved the way Auroquelle gave her undivided attention to her owner.  Although the sendaway was fairly wide of the mark, the redirect on to the sendout point was pretty impressive.

A couple of special mentions.

Richard Adams with CAESAROMAGO KEDAR, Mali.  It took Blade (and Richard) a little while to settle down but when they did they demonstrated that it’s all there and the control marks said it all.  They made it look easy.

Mary Braybrook with GAMEHEART ABERAHAMA, Cocker Spaniel.  Rags worked his little socks off and got all 3 articles out of the square in 1.03 minutes.  I was sorry he didn’t qualify on the jumps but I really enjoyed watching him work.

Well done to all of the competitors.  I hope you enjoyed my test and look forward to seeing you all at future trials.




Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Val Upton and Arthur Jeal

Search Steward: Jan Darby

C/A Steward: Val Upton

Thank you, Hampshire, for inviting me to judge the TD Stake.  To Jean, for being a super host as well as Trials Manager, thank you.  Many thanks also to the ladies in the kitchen and everyone who works tirelessly behind the scenes; without you we couldn’t have the well run trial we have come to expect from Hampshire.

The weather started the week off hot and windy.  Then it alternated between sun and showers, Friday being very overcast and humid, but Saturday!!! Well!  It was horrendous!  It poured down all day - it’s a long walk from the car park to the control field and back again in the rain.  

Tracking was on grass, and super looking too.  To Tom, a huge thank you for laying all the early tracks, even when one day you weren’t feeling well, but insisted on doing your tracks, and then for us to watch the dogs do your perfect track pattern was just amazing.  What would we do without you and Jan?   Many thanks, Arthur, for agreeing????  Is that the right word Arthur? to lay tracks for ticket.  You were very conscientious and each track was laid perfectly.  Last of the tracklayers, but not least, was Val, who is so, so experienced and makes sure every competitor gets a fair crack of the whip.  Thank you, Val.  Search steward was Jan, and what a good job you did, Jan.  You did everything I had asked, and were great company too.  I do think the search steward walks miles, but Jan just got on with it, without any complaints.  We saw some amazing nosework teams, so good Jean even brought the young handsome policemen up to watch.  (Now that’s what you call good Trial Management).

On the Thursday evening, Val tripped over her dog and broke her wrist; honestly no alcohol had passed anyone’s lips!  Afterwards, I don’t know if it was shock setting in, but she couldn’t stop laughing, and like the trouper that Val is she insisted that she would still do the C/A steward for me on Saturday.   We went through the control round on Friday together.  Val did the round with both her dogs.  We didn’t know what the dogs would do with the send away as it was a right re-direct and Val’s right arm was strapped to her body  "Well let’s just see what happens" she said, and she got her young WD dog out and did the out run:  perfect!  Now for the re-direct without an arm signal?   Super!  She then did it with Vinnie. "Great" I thought "That’ll do me."  Val, I can’t thank you enough for stewarding the C/A.  You were soaked to the skin, in pain, but never showed any of this to the competitors and treated every one to exactly the same test.  Such a professional.  

I wish all the competitors the very best for your future trials, it was an honour to have judged you and your dogs.

1st & CC Nick Williams, SUNSHINE ANTIC, BC, B, 209.5.  Antic is a super little girl; she works in a quiet, calm manner.   I’m sure another ticket is on the cards.  Well done, Nick, and good luck in the KCC’s.  N/W, 3 and 4 - 161.5; C/A, speak 5, heelwork 4, sendaway 4, stay 10, gun 5 - 28; Agility 20.

2nd and Reserve   Janet Parker, NEDLO TOP OF THE POPS, BC, D, 209.  Oh, so close.  It’s a joy to watch you and Echo work; he is a super dog.  I hear you nearly missed the control round - whew!  Kept your nerves together well.  You’ve got to be picking up the red one soon.  Good luck.     158.5, 30.5, 20.

3rd Julie Atkins, WTCh  OUR DUG, BC, D,  206.5.  Another super send away, you could have heard a pin drop.  What a star Dug is.  It’s always a pleasure to watch you work your dogs, Julie.  Good luck with your future  trials. 160.5, 32, 15.

4th Sue Ashby, THE TITAN, WSD, D, 205.   Well done, Sue.  Titan worked so well for you.  It’s lovely to see him growing in confidence - he’s super.  159.5, 25.5, 20.

Also qualifying TDEx:

Pat Williams, SUNSHINE PIP, XB, B, 199.

Sheila Tannert, STYPERSON EBONY, Lab, B, 192.5

Sheila Tannert, STYPERSON CLEO, LAB, B, 182.5

Qualified TD:

Liz Hickman, WOLFHART TOUCH OF GOLD, GSD, B, 175.5  ooooh!

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