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Venue: North Boarhunt

Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Vana Moody and Mary Drewitt

Search Steward: Rose Chase

Control Steward: Mary Drewitt

Thank you to Hampshire for inviting me to judge, and to Jean Howells for running such a well organised and friendly trial.  Also thanks to Jean for her splendid hospitality. 

My special thanks to Rose, who laid the squares.  It was her first time and she did an excellent job.  Thanks also to Vana and Mary for that brilliant tracklaying, and to Mary for stewarding the control so well.  You were all great company.

12 entered, 11 ran.

1st Bert Maynard and LAKATAMIA NOMI, GSD, B.  very good track and search square and excellent C/A from a very proficient pair.  A very well deserved win – well done.  193, Q.

2nd Angela Sanders and STARSHOT BUCCANEER AT SZRIKAS, WHV, D.  Tyler did a lovely track, only losing 1.5 marks.  Full mark square, done in a hail storm.  A competent control round, with full mark jumps.  Well done.  193, Q.

3rd Mary Prentice and MOUNTLACHAN LAIRD O’LEYS, BC, D.  Kiltie did a good track and square, a beautiful control round and full mark jumps.  Very well handled by Mary – well done.  186.5, Q.

4th Len Newman and SALLY BELL, WSD, B.  Sally did the best track, only losing 0.5.  Mouthing and dropping in the square were expensive.  Len handles this sensitive little bitch beautifully and did an excellent C/A round.  Well done.  180.5, Q.

Also qualifying:

Jenny Orchard and WILLOWY WHISPER OF TADMARTON, Lab, B, 178.5

Lorna East and PENDRE IOLO, WSD, 172.5

Ruth Kuszek and SOUTHLEIGH TORNADO KING, SBT, D, 171.5.   A delightful; happy dog, a joy to watch.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers : Anne Thorpe and Arthur Jeal

Steward : Claire Falla

Thank you to HWTS for the invitation to judge WD.  Thank you also to Jean for the best B and B in town – she found room for all of us who needed a bed and cooked breakfasts each day before continuing the business of managing the trial.

Anne and Arthur each laid a full set of tracks the first day and Anne battled with increasing wind and decreasing temperatures the subsequent two days.  Both gave the dogs every chance but swirling, blustery winds proved too much for all but two teams.  Claire, one of Jean’s potential new recruits to trials, laid the squares exactly as I asked and it was great to have her participating throughout.  As she experienced the biting cold her baptism was anything but by fire!

1st Barbara Riste and GEMWELL STORM DRAGON, CDEx, UDEx, (Gordon Setter), Q, 174.  Bennett made the track look easy though, in true character, kept us holding our breath until he found that qualifying second article.  He continued his impressive performance bringing all four articles from the square.  Throughout the control, Barbara was at her most effective keeping / returning Bennett’s focus to the job in hand. A well deserved qualification and win.

2nd Vana Moody and GLENALPINE SHEP, CDEx, (BC), NQ, 171.5.   The only other team to complete the nose work.  The uncharacteristic problem with the jumps denied a qualification on this occasion.

3rd Judy Meekings and STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, CDEx, UDEx, (Lab), NQ, 137.  What a superb control round!  As with all other dogs on the second and third days, the wind on the track threw him off course.

4th Sue Martin and ASK ME NICELY, (GSD), NQ, 125.  Sue should feel proud of the way Jay committed herself to the track on the last day; it was no mean feat to get so near the end in such conditions.

Track Articles: 2 soft garden ties, piece of sacking.  Square: green scourer (1½" x 3"), wood (3"), plastic tube (3"),  metal (angled 2" x 2").




Tracklayers: Len Newman (Thursday), Melvin Drewitt (Friday and Saturday), Arthur Jeal - Spares and general dog’s body

Square Steward: Jodie Phillips (Thursday), Dan Major (Friday and Saturday)

Control Steward: Jodie Phillips (3 days)

I would like to thank The Hampshire Working Trials Society for asking me to judge the TD stake at their open trial this year.

Many thanks to Jean Howells and Arthur for making me so welcome in your home.  Jean, you did a brilliant job looking after ten of us in your house, organising the food and managing the trial!  Well done – you must have been exhausted!  Thanks to Arthur for leading the seafront mass dog walks, lending me a super warm insulating cover to keep my dogs warm in the van overnight and being there to lay spares, escort competitors and anything else that needed doing.

The weather was very cold, 2° with strong winds and frequent bouts of snow, so my sincere thanks go to my track layers and stewards who all braved the conditions and kept cheerful throughout.  Thanks to my stalwart tracklayers, Len and Melvin, who stayed out at the top of the hill in extreme weather conditions.  To Jodie, who stewarded the control in a very professional way all three days, and did the search squares on Thursday, you were great - thanks again.  Dan, it was your first time laying competition squares and you were most conscientious and precise.  You said you enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot.  You are a great asset to Trials and I hope we can keep you interested in our sport.  Many thanks for diligently laying the squares and recovering all the articles that the dogs missed.

All told, you were a brilliant team and great company – my thanks to each and every one of you.

We had 18 entries but 6 withdrew (was that after checking the weather forecast?).  The tracking was not easy, with high winds and snow showers. However Jane Gray was my first competitor and Tarka proved the track was ‘do-able’ by flying round to gain 89 points plus two track articles.  However Tarka then considered he had earned his supper and chose not to work the square!  Good job you have a sense of humour, Jane.  No dog got around the track on Friday, but Saturday was better with 2 nosework qualifiers, one of whom was Joyce Tibbetts with Quinn, 93 track with 2 articles and 3 out of the square, only to come unstuck in the C/A. What a shame!

Thank you to all competitors who were brave enough to have a go and allowing me the privilege of judging your work and accepting my decisions in a sporting fashion.

1st Mrs. C. Daubney with COLLIEWOOD LA BELLE (WSD).  A very creditable round from Dizzy, with 95.5 track plus 2 articles (the only dog to recover the first track article (but then missed the middle one!) and 3 out of the square. Followed by a very smart C/A.  Well done, Chris, on a very well deserved qualification. 183, Q, CoM

2nd Colin Harrison with WAGGERLAND TED (WSD).  Ted was going very well, but then cut his nose on the sixth leg of the track.  It bled profusely but in true ‘Waggerland’ style Ted tracked on (I don’t know how he could with the smell of his own blood as when he finished his bib was bright red!)  Hard luck Colin, but what a fantastic little dog. NQ.

3rd Mrs Anne Shepherd with LITTLE MISS LOTTIE (XB).  Lottie tracked the first seven legs but then the conditions were just too much for her and she drifted off.  A very promising little dog. Hard luck, Anne. NQ.

4th Ms Margaret Jones with RUSKATH ONE STEP AHEAD (WSD). Dandy worked on Friday and there was snow falling whilst his track was being laid.  He tried hard for you, Margaret, but with the high winds he could not recover after overshooting an acute angle.  Hard luck, Margaret, I am sure he will do well for you in future. NQ.

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