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Venue: North Boarhunt

UD Stake


Tracklayers: Lynne Watkins and Vana Moody

Square Stewards: Lynne Watkins and Vana Moody

C & A Steward: Lynne Watkins

Thank you to Hampshire and to Jean Howells for inviting me to judge the whole of the UD stake, it makes the experience much more interesting to be able to see the dogs do the nosework and the C&A.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself even if the weather was a touch inclement!! The good thing about it was that the wind and rain were so intense that the front of my coat was completely cleaned of all mud, and I had an exfoliation treatment for free!

Special thanks to Lynne and Vana for braving the elements in order to lay tracks and search squares. Lynne even had the stamina to steward the C&A as well.  They were also very good and amusing company.  Their efforts were rewarded by seeing some lovely dogs and cheerful handlers come out and work really well in far from easy conditions.

Thanks to Angela for the food and drinks and extra thanks to Jean for organizing the whole thing and running such a lovely B&B.

1st           Sally Bergh-Roose with TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY.  GSD (D).  What a super dog!  Can you imagine, Ji is a GSD that I wanted to bring home but I think I would have had to fight off several other people to get him!!  Only nineteen months old and with that attitude he is bound to go far.  Worked very well on the track, all four out of the square and full mark control.  I wrote 'WOW!' on my score sheet. Well done, Sally.

2nd         Geoff Mayes with RUMFOLD TEMPEST OF OBERON. WSD (D).  What an aptly named dog for the conditions! Storm tracked really well, where he did overshoot on the wind, Geoff gave him the chance to sort it out, which he did beautifully. He then went on to retrieve all four articles from the square with no dropping and only a little mouthing (most of the dogs seemed unable to do a clean retrieve). His heelwork was a joy to watch and his jumps were perfect.  He did give me a challenging moment with the sendaway, though, what an interesting exercise to judge, Geoff!!

3rd          Bill Hardaway with GEMMA FOSTERBOOTH OF BURNAWAY. GSD (B) Another lovely track in the teeth of the gale, she put her nose down and applied herself really well.  All four out of the square even though she had time to relieve herself as well! A very good control round including an excellent sendaway.  She could not quite manage the return over the scale, but the quality of the rest of her work still left her in third place.  Well done.

4th          Ron Davies with GLENALPINE NEAVIE CDX.WSD (B).  What a treat for me to be able to give full marks for a track at my first UD, Neave just did not put a foot wrong. She is such a quick little dog that when she was in the square she didn't give herself time to think,which meant that she only brought out three articles.  I am sure that in Ron's capable hands, she will do extremely well.  It was such an honour to judge one of my heroes!! Thanks, Ron!

Also Qualifynig:

Elizabeth de Unger with BARNSTHORN STRIKE IT LUCKY. LAB. (D)

Heather Caird with BLACK HIPPOCRATES. LAB. (D).

Thank you to all of the competitors, you were a lovely bunch and I hope you enjoyed the test as much as I did.

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