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Venue: North Boarhunt


UD Stake


Tracklayers: Jean Cooke, Mary Drewitt, Arthur Jeal

Square Stewards: Mary Drewitt, Arthur Jeal, Jodie Phillips

C & A Steward: Mary Drewitt

Thank you to Hampshire for inviting me to judge. As ever, with Jean Howells at the helm and great teamwork from all helpers everything ran smoothly. Even the weather was great!

18 dogs were entered and 12 worked. It is always satisfying to watch a number of different dogs and handlers complete the same test. Overall handlers should be really proud of the standard of work they achieved with their dogs. Most non qualifiers are knocking on the door of qualifying this stake, mainly being let down by only one exercise - so keep up the good work.

Many thanks to Jean Cooke and Jodie who, on the first day, filled in at the last minute and to Mary and Arthur who laid both tracks and squares on days 2 and 3. Mary also did everything possible to relax competitors when she was stewarding the C&A - thanks Mary.

1st           Gary Martin with TYTRI ROY (BC). 198 Q. This was an impressive round, with full mark control and only dropping half a mark in the nosework. Roy was the only dog who had the extra challenge of retrieving 5 articles from the Search Square and still finished with minutes to spare! (sorry Mary!). A well deserved win.

2nd         Barry Harvey with FITZERS HAZEL (Labrador). 190 Q. A real team effort, in every sense. Twig enjoyed working for you Barry - in the control as well! Well done.

3rd          Marney Wells with BERAKA HURRICANE of COPYHOLD (SBT). 190 Q. Great to see the new boy competing. Busby acquitted himself well with Marney channeling his independent spirit very effectively in the square. A pleasure to watch.

4th          Lindsey Poole with LATCHETS AJAX (GSD). 181 Q. It's good to see Jax out again and putting everything together. He does you proud Lindsey, throwing his all into whatever he is doing - a personality to enjoy.


WD Stake


Tracklayers : Van Moody, Linda Bowden

Square steward : Jodie Phillips

Steward : C/A : Jodie Philips

Thanks for Hampshire for the invite to judge, Jean Howells (what a lovely person) and her team for everything.  Jodie Phillips for her excellent calm stewarding and company with very experienced tracklayers in Vana and Linda.  What more could I have asked?  Thanks for those who entered under me and accepting my decisions.

1st           Val Upton with JAXBERRY JOE (BC) Q195.

Super obsessive with work dog in experienced hands.  Wonderful to watch.  Well done.

2nd         Chris Gregory with VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM (GSD) Q186.5

A very high drive shepherd that was handled well by Chris almost cleared the scale!  Super team.  Well done.

3rd          Pauline Pearce with DUSTERS RAGAMUFFIN (WSD) Q179.5

Pauline is always telling me that she hasn't had time to train!  Yet always she does well.  Well done.

4th          Paul Cousens with MOORTIME FOREST FERN (ASD) Q172.

A very sensitive young bitch that Paul with his quiet, calm handling bought the best out of.  Well done.

Also qualified : John West with FULMAY FIRST CHALLENGER AT SHEPALIAN (ASD) Q160.


TD Stake


Tracklayers: John West, Arthur Jeal, Lyn Watkins, Barry Harvey, Melvin Drewitt

Search and Control Steward: Paula Harvey

Thank you to Hampshire WTS for inviting me to judge the TD stake. Many thanks to my hosts Jean Howells and Arthur Jeal for their hospitality, to my tracklayers for doing such a great job, and to Paula for working so hard as search and control steward.

Thank you too, to Mary and those who helped at base, and to all who helped with Dennis.

This was a friendly and well-run trial, I hope those who entered enjoyed the tests.

Tracking was on crop; the weather was variable and quite breezy across the exposed fields, with most qualifiers on the calmest day (Friday). The track was a boxy 15 legs, with 2 cut-backs. The majority of dogs that completed the track found the articles, no dogs failed the search.

Control rounds were generally pleasing and well handled, although the grass was quite long.  2 dogs failed the stay.

33 entered, 24 ran, 6 qualified.

1st           Julie Atkins with OUR DUG, BC,Q 211.5 .Very nice work all round; the only dog to achieve a full-mark sendaway. Congratulations.

2nd         Joyce Tibbetts with WOLFHARTS MYRKUR ULFRUN, GSD, Q 209.5

Close behind the winner, only dropping 4.5 marks on nosework, very well done.

3rd          Jackie Lane with PHARM PHRESH PHOEBE, X, Q 208.5 Another excellent 3+4 nosework round, well done.

4th          Geoff Mayes with RUNFOLD TEMPEST OF OBERAN, WSD, Q 206

A well-deserved qualification, 3+4, lost most of his marks on speak & s/a.

Also qualifying:

Colin Ball with CONNEYWARREN TUCKER BOX, Lab, Q 198

A smashing Lab, with 2+4.

Nicky Prescott with SKIPAWAY FORTUNE, X, Q197

Worked really hard, the only qualifier on a blustery day.

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