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Venue: North Boarhunt

CD Stake


Steward : Jody Phillips

Thank you Hampshire WTS for the invitation to judge the CD stake and to Jean Howells for running a well organised trial.  Jacky and Mary did an excellent job keeping everyone well fed.  Thanks to Jody for stewarding and laying all the search squares, you were great company and did a first class job

1st           Marney Wells with BERAKA HURRICANE OF COPY HOLD (D) SBT.  A pleasure to watch, well done.  Q93.5.

2nd         Mrs. E. McIntosh with WAGGERLAND FAIRLIE (B) BC.  After run off with first dog.  Another very good round.  Q93.5.

3rd          Mrs. Lyn Brown with ALVERTON ALL THAT JAZZ (B) LAB.  A very nice search and retrieve.  Q91.5

4th          Beryl Kimberley with OAKENHEART DARK DELIGHT (B) GSD.  Well done Beryl. Q83.

Also qualifying CD only

June Coutts with HORSEDROVE HENRY (D) LAB. 74.


U.D Stake


Tracklayers: Paula Harvey and Arthur Jull Square Steward: Jodie Phillips C&A Steward: Brian Riste

Thankyou Hampshire for the kind invitation to judge the U.D stake at your championship trial. A special thankyou to Jean Howells for all her hard work in making this a sucessful trial, with the help of her very special team of helpers. Also for allowing Brian and I to share your lovely home and looking after us so well. To Jaquie and Mary for the food and drink through out the trial. Jaquie your breakfasts set me up for the day, a big thankyou to you both.

To Paula and Arthur, thankyou for laying the tracks and for your consideration not only to myself but also to the competitors. To Jodie for laying the squares and looking after me so well. Thanks Brian for helping me with the C&A. A big thankyou to you all I could not have had better.


1st           Mrs Paula Wright with FIYNNTASTIC LICENZ TO THRILL CDEX W.S.D 191.5

A good all round performance in all aspects, you worked him well. Well done Paula.

2nd         Ms Ruth Cahill with BAYRIVER AMBUSH OF SAIENZE CDEX UDEX G.S.D 182

Your expert handling got the best out of him. A good all round performance. Well done Ruth.

3rd          Miss Nicky Prescott with DUNNSIAYNE DOVE CDEX W.S.D 157 YD only.Missed out the last leg of the track, otherwise worked well. She can do it Nicky.

4th          Mrs Marney Wells with BERAKA HURRICANE OF COPYHOLD CDEX S.B.T NQ

If only we had not had that rain in the middle of the stays. Worked well otherwise. Hard luck Marney.

Thankyou to all the competitors. I hope you enjoyed working your dogs as much as I enjoyed watching them work.


WD Stake


Tracklayers : Paula and Barry Harvey and Arthur Jeal.

Steward : Jodie Phillips

Thank you to Hampshire WTS for inviting me to judge the WD stake at their Championship trial.  Thanks to Jean for running this trial so efficiently and for her kind hospitality.  Thanks to Jodie for being such a superb steward, chauffeur and great company.  Thanks to the very experienced tracklayers, Paula, Barry and Arthur for laying the tracks perfectly.  The food was excellent with Jacqui West, Mary Drewitt, Lindsey Poole and Lynne Watkins in the caravan kitchen.  The meals in the pub in the evening were also excellent.

The weather was not very good for August with rain on three days out of four.

The helpers at Hampshire are very friendly and make judging there a real pleasure.  Thank you for the very useful gift.

30 entered - 10 qualified.

1st           Hazell Burton and HAZTON'S BRIGHT STAR BC (D) 186.5.  Excellent search square.  A well deserved win.

2nd         C.C. Guard and LENWORTH BERTRAM OF PHILKINDY LAB (D) 183.5.  Excellent sendaway and full mark agility.

3rd          Lesley Jones and LIVELY CLIVE ESS (D) 181.  Excellent track.

4th          Val Upton and JAXBERRY JOE BC (D) 181.  Same mark as the above competitor.  Very good control and agility.

Also qualifying WDex

Gary Martin and TYTRI ROY BC (D) 177.5

Perite Wadham and FURY ANSCHI BC (D) 171.5

Sue Ashby and THE ECHO WSD (B) 171

Frances Webb and BLACK KNIGHT OF LINCOLN GSD (D) 168

Alan Ballinger and DUSTERS RAGAMUFFIN WSD (D) 168

Mary Cooper and SAGENHAFT MARINEER GSD (D) 167.5


A special mention goes to Carline Ashford who tracked in the worst weather I have seen a dog track in - torrential rain, hailstones, thunder and lightening and only lost one mark on the track.  Unfortunately Tauren found two articles in the square but he ate one of them.

Special thanks to my husband, John who looked after my dog and to Joyce Tibbetts (my vet) who treated her the week before so that she was well enough to come with me.

Thank you to all the competitors for making my time judging you so enjoyable.  Good luck in future trials.


TD Stake


C&A Steward: Gary Atkins

Square Steward:Gary Atkins

Tracklayers: Melvin Drewitt, John West, Lindsey Poole, Linda Bowden, Mary Drewitt

First a big thank you to Hampshire for the invitation to judge at one of my favourite trials. Jean Howells is a superb Trials Manager leaving nothing to chance so thanks Jean for your hard work, hospitality and good company. Her back up team is also excellent, so thanks to everyone in the Hampshire team, especially Jackie and Mary who feed the multitudes with a smile on their faces.

The TD helpers out in the fields were fabulous doing a grand job in the horrendous weather conditions we had in August! So thanks to Melvin, John, Lindsey, Linda and Mary for the tracks and Gary for stewarding the squares and C & A.

The 13 teams that qualified the nosework should be proud of themselves, all had to work in difficult conditions but handlers and dogs showed great determination to get to the end of the track. Many other teams that didn't qualify worked well and had very honest, hard working dogs that I was proud to be able to watch.

I was able to set exactly the control and agility round that I wanted to in the field provided and we ended up with 9 qualifiers out of 13 at the end of it, with some very nice rounds that were very satisfying to watch.

The winner was excellent throughout and had been the first nosework qualifier of the week on the Tuesday in very hot conditions. In spite of winning an obedience CC a few weeks before Jane and Robbie came out and did a very tidy Working Trial's C and A round.

1st           Flynntastic Winin Venture WSD D Jane Webb 207 Q

What a super team, congratulations on winning the CC and the very best of luck at the KCC's 2005 and Crufts 2006!

2nd         W.T. Ch. Jolly Jill WSD B Pat Herbert 206 Q

What can I say about this team that hasn't been said before. Did the track like it had just been laid on lush grass instead of stubble, the fastest sendaway as usual and very tidy heelwork! Brilliant!

3rd          W.T.Ch.Styperson Briar Lab B Sheila Tannert 203.5 Q

I love to watch Sheila work her girls, keen, yet tidy work throughout and I wrote on my pad after the track, beautiful handling. Well done!

4th          W.T.Ch.Styperson Tern Lab B Sheila Tannert 201 Q

3 and 4 with both girls when the going was tough, another lovely round with Heather.

And the other very well deserved Qualifications for:  

W.T.Ch.Laetare Day Javu BC D Barry Gilbert 198.5 Q

Fursdon Twylyte Tramontano          Weim B Alison Tohme 197.5 Q

Jotunheim VIP What an impressive team getting their first TDex! Mal D Mick Tustain      194 Q

Flyntastic Red Jaff of Tarnforce BC D John Wykes 187 Q

Waggerland Murphy Another first time TDex for this super team! WSD D  Dave Marchant 183 Q

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