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Venue: North Boarhunt


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Ann Clark all 3 days, Mary Drewitt Friday & Saturday and Paula Harvey Thursday

Stewards: Colin Harrison

Thanks to Hampshire Society for the invitation to judge the UD stake, also for Jean & all her helpers for their hard work before and during the trial. My thanks to my tracklayers and to Colin who stewarded the nosework & the control you all did an excellent job and were great company over the 3 days even when it was raining. Many thanks to John Bowen who made sure we had a drink and something to eat each day and escorted the competitors to their tracks.

23 entered 22 ran

1st           Gavin Thomson CONCENN XANADU GSD (D) 194.5 Q. A good track and 4 out of the square and only losing 1 on your control, full mark agility. Made you worthy winner (Bet you are glad you did the stays now!).

2nd         Ms Margaret Jones RUSKATH ONE STEP AHEAD WSD (D) 193.5 Q. Lovely control round unfortunate you needed second attempt with clear jump, followed by a nice track and square. Well done.

3rd          Mrs Ruth Kuszek SOUTHLEIGH TORNADO KING SBT (D) 189.5 Q. This little dog has bags of enthusiasm, wasn’t bothered by the pheasant on the track retrieved 4 out of the square. Good control round shame about the clear jump. Well done.

4th          Lynne Watkins STARSHOT DOLGOS WITH SZIKRAS WH VIZ (B) 188.5 Q. Excellent track 3 out of the square full mark agility and nice control round Well done.

Also Qualifying;



Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Vana Moody, Lindsey Poole

Steward: Vana Moody

I would like to thank Hampshire for the invitation to judge. Tracking was on newly sewn crop with no growth. Unfortunately it proved too hard for these young inexperienced dogs. Thanks must go to my tracklayers who also laid my squares. Control was on the whole good but on the second day we had several dogs who broke the stays. Well it was raining!

1st           Steve Linney GEMSTONE EASTER WISH XB B. 90 NQ. Don’t despair you will get your WD soon.

2nd         Robert Willatts MOORMILL NILANDU FCR D. 89 NQ.

3rd          Vreli Middleton SHARDEE’S JODIE GSD B. 85 NQ.

4th          Gary Squires ARNCOURT DELTA CDX. UDX GSD B. 84.5 NQ.


Stake: TD


Steward: Jodie Phillips

Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal, Mary Drewitt, Melvin Drewitt

Many thanks to Hampshire Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge the TD stake at this trial. Special thanks to Jean Howells the trials manager for running the trial so efficiently and for allowing us to stay at her home together with many other helpers. I rate it as a five star B & B.

Thanks to Jodie my steward who was excellent company as well as a brilliant search and C & A steward. Thanks to Arthur, Mary and Melvin my very experienced tracklayers and to the catering team who made the rolls on the production line.

There were twenty-three entries and eighteen ran. We finished the trial with four qualifiers. The weather was wet and windy which some of the dogs found difficult on the track.

1st           Yvonne Fearon with LAETARE BREAK DANCER BC (D). Excellent track and full mark square. Good control round. Well deserved win. 205.5

2nd         Gary Martin with TYTRI ROY BC (D). Tracked in very strong winds but managed to get round with a few casts. Very good sendaway. Well done. 192.5

3rd          Tony Lockyer with DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL WSD (D). Tony’s experience helped when the dog overshot one corner but once back on track he completed the track without any more problems. Well done. 188.

4th          Angela Sanders with SZIKRAS HEIGHT OF FORTUNE Xbreed (D). Super track and the only qualifier with full marks for the agility. Well done. 188.

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