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Venue: North Boarhunt

Stake: CD


Nosework and C/A Steward: Ruth Cahill

Thanks to HWTS committee for inviting me to judge the CD stake at their Championship Trial.

Thanks also to Ruth who stewarded the entire stake over two days, putting out the searches, stewarding the C and A and the down stay. She put all of the competitors at their ease and answered the many questions that CD competitors seem to bring with them, as to what they can and cannot do on the field.

The standard of work was very high, with ten teams qualifying CDEx and two CD.

Thanks must also go the John and Dorothy Bowen for all their hard work in the kitchen.

23 entries, 21 competed.

1st           Christine Clements with BC, MANDERIAN SOLSTICE BELLE OF  MOUNTLOCHAN, 95.5, CDEx

2nd         Lynne Watkins with WHV,  STARSHOT DOLGOS WITH SZIKRAS, 94, CDEx

3rd          Gary Hiam with WSD, WAGGERLAND DILEMA, 92.5, CDEx

4th          Nicky Prescott with WSD, DUNNSLAYNE DASHA, 90, CDEx

Also qualifying CDEx:

Anne Shepherd with XBreed  LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, 89.5

Jacqui Tucker with WSD WAGGERLAND WYRD, 88.5

David Barker with GSD MORROW AMAROO, 86.5

Cathy Dench with GSD DANCING IN THE SHADOW, 86


Roemary Turner with GSD KHAMYSKER KWIK KRACKER, 82

Qualifying CD:

Lynne Cousins with ASD MOORTIME NIGHT SPIRIT, 79.5

Chris Daubney with WSD COLLIEWOOD LA BELLE, 78


Stake: UD and WD


UD Tracklayers: Mary Drewitt 2 days and Arthur Jeal 2 days

Search Steward and C&A Steward: Jody Phillips 2 days

WD Tracklayers: Lynne Watkins 3 days, Mary Drewitt 1 day (off sick 2 days), Arthur Jeal 3 days

Search Steward and C&A Steward: Jody Phillips 3 days

This trial holds very fond memories for me; it’s where I won my first “Ticket” with Jet.

Thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge, I had a super week. What a fantastic nucleus of committee members, friends and helpers you have there Jean. Congratulations on another very successful trial.

My thanks must go to Lynne, Mary and Arthur (Jolly Jeal), for laying all the tracks to perfection and recovering the articles that were missed! We had some rather “meaningful” discussions and lots of laughter too, thank you for giving us your time, energy and expertise. Jody is a brilliant steward, ultra efficient, with bucket loads of personality and fun; Jean has trained and schooled her to the highest standard of excellence. Keep up your training with Rip, he’s a cracking dog.

Dorothy and John Bowen worked like slaves, providing us with goodies out in the field and at the base, you did a fantastic job on the catering - it’s one of the hardest jobs in trials and you made it appear as if it is easy (a job for life!) Thank you both, it is appreciated by ALL of us, I’m sure.

UD Stake

1st  190.5, STARSHOT DOLGOS WITH SZIKRAS, WHV, with Lynne Watkins. Bracken had a wonderful time throughout the test, a very happy dog and handler, what a fantastic partnership you both enjoy Lynne. Congratulations on this win, the marks say it all. Best wishes for a very successful future in trials.

2nd  180, SUMAHA RAZZLE DAZZLE, FCR, with Sue Henderson. Woody worked a beautiful track, just recovered one off the track and 4 from the search; very nice control, with 2nd attempt over the scale. You must be thrilled with his performance Sue, congratulations.

3rd  174, CONCENN XANADU, GSD, with Gavin Thomson. Rosco gained another UDEx today, just lost the odd mark here and there, but good all-round.

4th  169.5, GOMARINGEN HANNS AT DERJANCA, Lab, with Jane Gray. Tarka loves his tracking, and once Jane has him searching with as much enthusiasm he will be on a roll. Lovely agility; I know you were disappointed with the S/A but he had enough and that’s all that matters.

5th 168, LUCICROFT BOUNDER, Lab, with Emily Hayward.  Sam just hauled Emily around the track, a very powerful and enthusiastic dog!

6th  166.5, MEADOWMILL TRAVIS, Lab, with Sue Redshaw.  Travis is a very determined dog; he will hold his own when the going gets tough.

7th  165.5, RIACAUD ULRIC DE PICORS, Py Sh, with Vicky Wilford.  Scooter is a delightful little chap just wanting to please his Mum.

WD Stake

1st   184.5, GRELGANNA KIRI, BC, with Roger Shrimpton.  Kiri worked on Monday, which was a very dry and warm day, only two dogs completed the track that day. She put in a full point C and A, producing a well deserved winning round.  Congratulations Roger and Kiri, good luck in Ticket!

2nd  177, LAETARE BREAK DANCER, BC, with Yvonne Fearon.  Lexi worked on Tuesday, recovering both track articles and 4 from the search.  Lovely control, just a little blip on the agility, but Lexi had more than enough for another WDEx, well done Yvonne.

3rd  NQ, GLENROYAL YAZZ, GSD, with John Simpson. Yazz worked on Monday, and John was delighted with her nosework. Good control but came to grief on the agility, just a bit of confusion - she is more than capable John.

4th  NQ, DUNNSLAYNE DOVE, WSD, with Nicky Prescot.  Maddy worked on Tuesday and found the tracking a challenge, but got round with 2 and 4. Unfortunately she ended up just short on the control, again a bit of confusion, but lots of enthusiasm.  Maddy enjoyed her day out.

Thank you to all the competitors who entered, I thoroughly enjoyed watching your dogs work with you. Congratulations to those who qualified, for those who didn’t manage it this time, keep training - “your day” won’t be far away; be happy with your loyal and best friends.


TD Stake


Tracklayers: Melvin Drewitt, Barry Harvey, Lindsey Poole, Mary Drewitt and Jill Carruthers

Search Steward: Mary Cooper and Ruth Cahill

Scribe on control day: Mary Cooper.

I would like to thank Hampshire for the invitation to judge at their trial.  The weather was kind to us on the whole, only two downpours!  Dorothy and John Bowen did a sterling job in the kitchen keeping us all fed and watered.  Well done to Jean for running the trial and to everyone who helped in the background; escorting, stay stewarding, writing certificates and putting up jumps.

A BIG thank you to all my tracklayers for laying the tracks just as I wanted, and to my Search Steward - Mary Cooper, and Ruth Cahill who stood in for Mary one morning when she had to rush off to the dentist.

Tracking was on stubble which proved difficult, as I thought it would, because this area of Hampshire had not had any rain to speak of until Monday morning - the first day of the trial! Unfortunately these days we do not get much opportunity to train our dogs on stubble as more often than not it is harvested and ploughed within days.

There were 54 entries and 52 dogs did the nosework, at the end of which I had 18 qualifiers. 

1st winning C.C. Angela Porter with CARIS TYLER WOOD, CDEx, WDEx, G Ret, Q, 196.5 Congratulations Angela, a well deserved win. Good Luck at the KC’s.

2nd winning Res Anne Thorpe with GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN, CDEx, TDEx, BC, Q, 195.  Well done, Anne.

3rd  Julie Atkins with OUR DUG, CDEx, TDEx, BC, Q, 194.5.  Lovely control round.

4th  Sally Bergh-Rouse with TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAYK, CDEx, TDEx, GSD, Q, 191.5.  Nice to see you back competing, Sally.

Also qualifying TDex

Gary Atkins, WT CH CAFCOLL RON, 188.5

Pat Middleton-Smith, SLIEVE CLINKER, 187.5


Julie Skipp, SKIPAWAY ZORRO, 179.5

Qualifying TD

Stevi Boyall, STYPERSON LOMOND, 174


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