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Venue: North Boarhunt


Stake: UD


Search and Control Steward: Jo Richards

Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal, Tim Cooper and Judy Meekings

Many thanks to the committee of Hampshire WTS for asking me to judge the UD stake at their spring trial.  I would like to especially thank Jean Howells for her hospitality, wonderful home cooking and for making Dafni and me so welcome in her home.

I had a great team of helpers who ensured all the competitors had an equal chance of success.  Particular thanks to my steward, Jo, who put the competitors at ease, although some were very new and nervous.  I am aware that many people train alone and some would appear to be unfamiliar with the rules of trials and the etiquette.  May I suggest it may be helpful to contact the Kennel Club and purchase, for the princely sum of £1.50, the book of Working Trial Rules and Regulations?

The land was excellent and the nosework was in general very good, with only two out of the twelve competitors not completing the track, and all dogs qualifying the search square.  I appeared to throw a spanner in the works by doing the stay exercise before the control round.  Many competitors appeared to be unhappy and unfortunately the stays were a disaster, with only three dogs completing them over the two days.  It was clear to me that several of the dogs who broke and walked out were not expected to complete their stays by their handlers and were not really ready to complete.  If your dog should break and leave the area, you should quietly put the dog on a lead and stand still until the exercise is completed, out of courtesy to other competitors.  That said, I really enjoyed the privilege of judging you and your dogs and thank you for accepting my decisions.

1st           Odette McInnes with BOBS BRECON OZZY, Crossbreed, D, 165.5, Q.  I loved watching Odette and Ozzy - what a fabulous little chap who looks to be a real character and was probably not the easiest of dogs to train.  Small glitch on the tracking but the team never gave up and it paid off.  Full mark jumps, with Ozzy catapulting himself over them all, leaving Jo and me full of admiration for both him and Odette.  Very well done.

2nd         Margaret Tarvit with PATAKPARTI ANGELA, Hungarian Viszla, B, NQ.  Another great team and what an agile, willing and talented dog Esti is.  Excellent marks all round, full mark sendaway, jumps and only losing 2 on the square (completed in 1.27) and 3 on the track.  Unfortunately she wasn't happy in the stays but once they are stable she will soon be qualifying.

3rd          Jennifer Speake with TIEKIEDRAAI ENCORE ,GSD, B, NQ.  Tiekie worked really well for you, Jennifer, only losing 2 of the track and an excellent square, losing a few marks for chomping.  Some work to be done on the jumps which unfortunately stopped you qualifying this time.  Rock solid stay even though dogs broke all around her.

4th          Angelika Wicker with CHICERON CAPTAIN DUNWELL, Beauceron, D, NQ.  I loved this team and it’s good to see other breeds competing; both novices but tried so hard - just needs a few tweaks, some more experience and confidence with the stays.  Clive’s nosework was excellent, with a full mark square and only losing a few marks on the track; brilliant sendaway, jumps need a little polish.


Stake: WD


Steward: Claire Falla

Tracklayers: Gary and Caroline Martin

I would like to thank Hampshire Working Trials Training Society for asking me to judge their WD stake.  Thank you to Jean for letting me stay at your lovely house along with all the other judges - it makes for an interesting evening round the table swapping stories and catching up with friends.

Thank you to Claire for putting all my competitors at easy with your clear instructions and to Gary and Caroline for laying the tracks for me – expertly done both of you.

7 entered, 5 ran.

1st           Hazel Burton with HAZTONS QUEST, CDEx, UDEx, BC,  191, Q.  Quest did a lovely steady track and was the first dog to go straight to the sendaway point, showing that it could be done – well done.

2nd         June Coutts with TADMARTON ESTELLE, CDEx, UDEx, Lab, 190, Q.  Ripple’s enthusiasm round the track is a joy to watch; waiting for June to catch up, and then launching herself back into the harness to tug her further round the track - well done June for keeping up J.   With the quickest square of the stake you deserve your qualification.

3rd          Meg O’Neill’s MINIMOKES ELBA, GSP, 181.5, Q, handled by Dave Currier.  What can I say?  A GSP (my favourite breed - sorry EV!), Elba clearly loves his dad and worked beautifully for him.  Missing the first article was costly, otherwise you would have won.

4th          Terry Hannan with GAUNTLETSRUN MOON RIVER, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 160.5, Q.  A steady track; missing the first article was costly but a good control round helped you qualify.  Good luck in your next trial.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Anne Thorpe, Val Upton

Square stewards: Gaye, Eric

C/A stewards: Arthur, Eric, Odette

Thanks to Hampshire for the invitation to judge.  All Trials Managers know how hard it is to run a trial, but Hampshire must be the hardest.  Jean works miracles finding tracking land and control fields.  Thanks for the always superb hospitality, Jean, and the special catering!  Thanks must go also to the great catering team at the base - lovely food and lovely, friendly company.  Special congratulations to Odette on not only qualifying UD COM but winning the stake.

My tracklayers were Anne (3 days), Val (1 day); square stewards, Gaye (2 days), Eric (1 day); C/A stewards Arthur (1 day), Eric (1 day), and Odette (1 day).  All were great company and worked hard to make sure the dogs had every chance to succeed.  Finally, thanks to the competitors, who accepted my decisions sportingly - some lovely, enthusiastic dogs who were just unlucky on the day.

Tracking was on medium length grass but conditions weren't helped by the wind and only seven of the 16 dogs competing fully completed the track.

1st           JOYFUL JENSON, CDEx - UDEx, GSD, and Kevin Hill, 203.5, COM.  Well handled by Kevin, Stanley never stopped working on the track; lovely square and a super C/A round meant a well-deserved COM and first place.

2nd         SKYE'S OVER THE TOP, CDEx - UDEx, WSD, and Jane Clarke, 199, COM.  Jane stayed so cool on the track and handled Skye perfectly.  151 on the nosework - brilliant, and a very good C/A round.  Well done.

3rd          JOTUNHEIM ELI, CDEx - WDEx, Mali, and Lauren Marlow, 192, COM.  A very good track and a good control round ensured Aka his COM and third place.

4th          NORWULF LUIGI, CDEx - WDEx, GSD, and Frances Webb, 185.5, NQ.  Monty completed a lovely track and qualified on everything except the jumps.

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