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Venue: North Boarhunt



Stake: UD


Steward: Don Laskey

Tracklayers: Gary Martin, Arthur Jeal and Tim Cooper

Thank you The Hampshire Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge the UD stake at your trial.  Many thanks to Jean Howells for organising the base and for letting us stay at her beautiful home by the sea.  To the farmers, thanks for letting us use the land and of course all the ladies at the base for feeding us all so well.  My track layers had a lovely day on the Friday but Saturday was cold and windy.  All did a fine job, so many thanks.  Thanks, of course, to Don for stewarding and being in charge of the gun and finally thanks to the competitors who were all a great crowd.  I thoroughly enjoyed my two days with such a really friendly group of people.

Tracking was on grass with good growth and most dogs did well. Articles were a piece of lino tile and beige carpet.  In the square was a plastic drinking straw, 6” piece of yellow spotted rope, 9” wooden stirrer and a square of white foam.  The less experienced dogs failed to find the plastic straw but on the second day we had more experienced handlers and most dogs got all four.

16 Entries, 10 Ran

1st           Rosemary Turner’s KHAMYSKER ROULETTE, GSD, 189, COM.  Handled by Mary Drewitt.  Blondie did a lovely track and all four out of the square, but lost bits for mouthing and dropping the articles.  It was lovely to see her sparkle in her heelwork.  Congratulations.

2nd              Penny Bann’s TARNEDGE KHALEESI, Labrador, 187.5, COM.  Another super track by EV and also found all four in the square.  Started the sendaway going straight for it then veered right, before clocking the orange pole and ending in just the right place.  Well done.

3rd               Peter Brooke’s PACESCOTT NORTHERN SPY, CDEx, Labrador, NQ.  Fabulous nosework by Quincy and C/A was going so well until the stays, when he decided to have a munch of grass which didn’t agree with him and caused him to be sick.  Hard luck but I am sure you will be more fortunate next time.

4th               Gaye Strassen and KINTARO HOT PURSUIT AT ST FILLANS, GSD, NQ.  Ryan did good nosework getting 2 and 3, but has had some issues with the agility.   However Gaye was chuffed to bits with what he did today.  Good luck and keep trying.  He’s a lovely chap and will get there.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Caroline Martin and Penny Bann

Steward: Sandra Haim

Thank you to Jean Howells and Hampshire WTS for the invitation to judge the WD Stake at their recent trial.  Thanks also to Caroline and Penny for laying tracks and giving everyone a fair chance and to Sandra who laid the squares and scribed the control round.  The ladies in the kitchen provided us with great food during the day and then served us a lovely evening meal. Thank you everyone.

Jean opened her home up and allowed the judges, stewards and tracklayers to stay with her during the trial, which gave us great company during the evenings - thank you Jean.

There were 12 entries and 9 ran.  Tracking was on grass, which looked good although some teams found it difficult. Day One was dry and sunny and conditions were good but unfortunately no one completed the track. Day Two was cold and windy and three of the five teams completed the nosework.

Final thanks go to the farmer’s for allowing us to use their land and to the competitors for accepting my decisions; it was a pleasure to watch your dogs working.

1st                Mr Andy Baker with RIGHT THEN SONNY JIM, WSD, D, 191, Q.  This young dog did a stunning track, very fast, but very accurate and found both articles.  Nice square followed by a good control round and full mark jumps, making Jim a worthy winner.  Well done, Andy, a star in the making.

2nd              Mrs Ruth Payton with KALIAZAR CHAOS, BC, B, 180, Q.  Another nice track from Dot, another dog that doesn’t hang around.  Ruth did well to keep up after her recent injury.  Dot left one article in the square, did a good control round but no long jump today.  Well done, Ruth.

3rd               Mr John West with AMBERSLADE MICHIGAN AT SHEPALIAN, ASD, D, 178.5, Q.  Mitch was the first dog to complete the track.  He worked hard to get round and found both articles.  A nice square followed by a good control round with the only full mark sendaway.  Well done, John.

4th               Barbara Brown with EVA PARNASSUS MUSE, WSD, B, NQ.  Eva did not complete the track today, but went on to do a good square and control round.  Well done.


Stake: TD

Tracklayers: Yvonne Carpenter, Gary Martin
Search and Control Stewards: Claire Falla, Gaye Strassen

11 entered, 9 ran.
My thanks to the society for this invitation and for their hospitality.  Jean has a team and a half behind her - Odette, Claire, Linda, Val, Barbara, Jo, Gaye and Tim and, of course, Arthur in the background doing this and that, which must be a great comfort to her!  Between them all they create such a good atmosphere that it is a shame it has to end.  l was very well looked after to such an extent I needed to let my belt out.
I had the little and large of the track laying union, but on the evidence at this trial so long as they are well laid it doesn't seem to matter, so thank you, Yvonne and Gary.  Many thanks to Claire and Gaye, who did a day each.  You were excellent stewards and very smelly when it came to the squares.  I would recommend you to anyone.
Thank you to the competitors for giving me the privilege to watch your dogs work.  Your attitude was excellent, even when things went horribly wrong.  And they did go badly wrong for some, with blips in stays and jumps denying some teams the success their other work deserved.  At the end three teams had richly deserved COM’s.  Good luck to all of you at future trials.

1st.    Pat Herbert and GLENALPINE FEN, CDEx, UDEx, BC, B 208.5, Q. Excellent all round work.  Nosework 155 with 3 + 3, control 33.5, agility 20.
2nd     Julie Atkins and GLENALPINE PEG, CDEx, UDEx, BC, B, 203, Q.  Another excellent all round display. 153.5 with 3 + 4, 34.5, 15.
3rd     Chris Gregory and THRIFTWOOD ALLEGRA, CDEx, UDEx, G Ret, B, 202, Q.  More excellent all round work.  155.5, 30, 15.
4th     Caroline Martin and GWYNION SOLL, CDEx, WDEx, BC, D, 191, NQ.  A good effort but mistakes in control too costly.  155.5 with 3 + 4, 16.5, 19.


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