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Venue: North Boarhunt

Stake: CD


Steward: Caroline Martin


Thanks to Hampshire for the invitation to judge at this friendly and well run trial.  We love coming down here and helping out is always an absolute pleasure.

Thanks to trials manager, Jean Howells, for all her hard work, for her hospitality and the welcome we always receive when we come here.  Jean never has it easy, with the land available always up in the air until the Sunday on the eve of the trial!  As we were about to start the down stays on day one the inevitable tractor appeared at the gate wanting to spread muck over the field.  Thankfully, the contractor was willing to wait until we had finished.

Penny Bann was looking after the base and was the epitome of efficiency, as ever, always there with a smile and warm welcome.  Jean has a fantastic team helping her, and they are amongst the friendliest in trials.  Nothing is ever too much trouble, they are really a super bunch to be around.  The ladies in the kitchen were fantastic!!  A mug of tea was always produced as I entered the hall, and I do love a mug of tea!!  Thank you each and every one of you for your hospitality and your company.

I was lucky to have three car park attendants on day two in the form of Gary, Julie and Pat, whose attendance swelled the number of spectators to four! 

Articles were 3” x 3” piece of hessian, 2.5” piece of green hose and 4” piece green rubber.  Sit stay was undertaken whilst the square was being laid and after the retrieve.  Sendaway was 50 paces to the hedge, with no specific target, just anywhere on the hedge line.

As ever in CD there was a mixed bag of performances, which is inevitable with young dogs being brought out into competition.  I did think though there was a very good overall standard of work undertaken, and every competitor gave a good account of themselves.


1st           Sheila Tannert with TARNEDGE LEIA, 91.5, Q.  I love to watch such an experienced handler as Sheila bringing out a youngster in trials.  It really is a master class on how to handle an inexperienced dog on the trials field.  Sympathetic and understanding but business-like, Sheila gave Leia the best possible chance of success with her quiet and positive manner.  Leia dropped bits and bobs here and there but put in a very impressive performance.  Great attitude and it’s obvious that Leia loves her mum!  Well done, Sheila, and good luck in the future.

2nd         Yvonne Carpenter with DEV AT CARFELD, 87, Q.  Dev certainly made Yvonne work for this qualification, but then it is team work!!  Lovely square and retrieve was followed by Dev having a rest in the sit stay.  Throughout the rest of his round he dropped three marks, and produced full mark jumps.  A really nice round and thoroughly deserved this qualification.  It’s all there in abundance, Yvonne, and very polished.  Good luck in the future

3rd          Lynda Levett with THAMESPOL DELTA BAXTER, 86, Q.  Nice tidy round by Lynda and Kai, with a creditable performance in all sections.  A bouncy lad who obviously loves to do, and has a really nice rapport with Lynda, which I think is reciprocated!  Super sendaway and generally very nice control round, with just minor bits that were marked.  Lovely team who will do well, good luck in the future.

4th          Pam Clarke with LONGHALVES SUMMER SURPRISE, 86, Q.  Very smart round with excellent heelwork, as you would expect.  Quest left one in the square, but apart from that there was just odds and ends here and there.  Quest has a lovely attitude to his work and a real desire to please.  Very promising start to this team’s WT career, and all the best in the future.


Also qualified CDEx:

Steven Osbourne with AVONWOLF ALBERT SID, 82.  I haven’t seen Steve in ages so it was good to see him again.  He has done a nice job with Albert Sid, who put in creditable performance.  No down stay, but to be honest I don’t think he had really settled.  However, after that he was impressive with the odd mark here and there going astray.  A bouncy, happy lad (Albert Sid, and not Steve!) who was very attentive and has a desire to please.  All the best in the future.


Quick mention of Fizzy who owns Linda Payne!!  What a little character she is, with bags of go in her.  Loves to say ‘Hi’ to her public whenever she can, a real socialite, and then gets back on with her work!  Great attitude and you can see they adore each other.

Thank you to all who entered, I hope you enjoyed the test and wish each and every one of you success in your future trials.



Stakes: UD and WD




Thank you to Hampshire Working Trials Society for inviting me to judge both the UD and WD stakes.  First time for me in this part of the country and it was a joy and pleasure.  The trial was run by Jean Howells, who ran an excellent and very friendly trial, assisted in the base by Penny Bann, who really looked after me.  Thank you to you both.

Thanks to the farmers who provided us with some fabulous fields for the nosework and control.  As with most trials the kitchen staff can set the tone for the trial and they were no exception.  Excellent food, fabulous service and always with a smile.  Thank you everyone.

The weather went from very warm to really hot over the four days.   All work was carried out on grass.


UD Stake:


Tracklayers: Tim Cooper, Paul Maxwell and Pat Herbert

Steward: Yvonne Carpenter


UD was run on Monday.  Control and square steward was Yvonne Carpenter, who was excellent.  Every competitor got clear and precise instructions and was put at ease (congratulations on getting your CDEx, Yvonne).  Tracklayers were Tim Cooper, Paul Maxwell (first time tracklaying) and Pat Herbert (not her first time tracklaying) - brilliant trio to work with.  Many thanks to all 3 for laying first class tracks.  7 tracks, 7 successes - not bad.

Unfortunately, the control accounted for 3 teams not qualifying with the stays and jumps.


1st                Penny Bann with TARNEDGE KHALEESI, 186.5, Q.  EV did you proud.  Lovely Labrador, eager for work and well handled.  A worthy winner.

2nd              Rita Banfather with TRACELYN TYRRELL OF BANNERSWAY, 181, Q.  Well done, Rita, a good all round performance.

3rd               John Turtill with DREAGANTA MYCORRAN GEALA, 170.5, Q.  Nice to watch Teila work, John.  Good team.

4th               Barbara Riste with GEMWELL FIORE SARDO, 165, Q.  Well done, Barbara and Hamish.


Good luck to you all in the higher stakes.


WD Stake:


Tracklayers: Gary and Julie Atkins

Control stewards: Caroline Martin (Tues), Yvonne Carpenter (Wed), Pat Herbert (Thursday)

Square steward: Pat Herbert, all three days


WD was on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Many thanks to all my stewards, Caroline, Yvonne and Pat, you were terrific.  Tracklayers all three days, Gary and Julie Atkins - brilliant, you both laid fabulous tracks for the competitors.  Thank you all for being such good company, I really enjoyed myself

The weather on Tuesday was very warm, Wednesday was red hot and back to warm on Thursday.  Not surprising that we got no qualifiers on the Wednesday, not a breath of wind only baking hot sun.


1st                Jenny Richards with AMBERSLADE MASSACHUSETTS, 193, Q.  Excellent all round performance, Jenny.   Alfred certainly keeps you fit and you know how to get the best out of him.  Many congratulations on your win.

2nd              Sue Ashby with THE ZETA, 192.5, Q.  What a delight to watch this team do a perfect track and the rest wasn’t far behind either.  Well done, Sue.

3rd               Andy Baker with RIGHT THEN SONNY JIM, 192.5, Q.  Super, super performance from you both.  The long jump proved crucial.  If this dog is immature, Andy, I hope I am still around to see him when he has grown up.

4th               Ruth Payton with KALIAZAR CHAOS, 182.5, Q.  The long jump and missing square article was the difference, Ruth.  Very well handled and a deserved qualification.


Very best of luck to you all in TD.


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