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Open Trial
Venue: North Boarhunt
Trial Held: 17 March 1990




Tracklayers:     Mary  Drewett,  Jean  Howells, Shirley Robinson

Steward:   Evalina  King

Thank you, Andy, for inviting  me - the weather was unseasonably warm and delightful, the fields were good and the base superb.  Thanks also to my  steward  and  tracklayers   for   laying  every square and track as though  it was for their own dogs.

About half the competitors did tracks which were a pleasure to watch but there was only one full mark square • many needed work on holding articles (see Hadley's Way, Jan. issue!!I).

Congratulation to the following on their success:

1st. Ruth Cahill and ARNCOURT FANTASY (GSD)

182 points Steady sure track 93 + 15 + 3 from the square 26.

2nd. Ruth Payton and KALIAZAR KHALIFA (WSD)  177.5 points  After an uncertain start not helped by a pheasant, went well when settled 88   + 15. Square 25 • 3 articles.

3rd.    Sue Martin and  MOONWINDS ANSCHI (GSD) 177 points 'Nervy'  start but  improved as

went along 89 + 15.  4 from the square but a bit of a 'butterteeth' ·30,

Also Qualified

Mrs. J.  Lockyer  and  WAGGERLAND COLOUR CODE (WSD) 176 points   Pity  about the missed bit of

track because the rest was almost faultless. 74 + 15 + 35.

Mr. M. Drewitt and  ROMENO PRINCE APOLLO (GSD) 175.5 points  92  + 15 + 23

Mr. M. Featherstone and  ANNIE LISAH (GSD) 175.5 points 90 + 15 + 24


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