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Venue: North Boarhunt

CD Stake

Judge: Tim Cooper
Very many thanks to Jean Howells and the Committee at Hampshire for inviting me to be the judge. A real privilege and my first judging appointment. Thanks to Arthur for his expert stewarding and superb squares which were laid exactly to my specifications. Also a big thank you to team Hampshire who supported me so well.
My aim was to set a test that would encourage newcomers to the sport and help them on their way in the future. I selected large, tactile, scent holding articles which would be a fair test for the inexperienced and suited to the 4inch grass where the squares were laid.
6 entries 2 ran. (Most of the withdrawn entries were due to ill health of either the dog or handler.)

1st Linda Payne and PETERSFIELD GIRL, Cross 78 NQ
Some great moments from this team, with good nose work, a near full mark sendaway and scale, most trialists would be envious of this plucky little dog, who was steady as a rock throughout the stays. But Tizzy is a terrier and is easily distracted proving costly on the other jumps and heelwork. Much to be pleased about Linda and I am sure you can get even more from Tizzy, keep it up.
2nd Janette Hammer and OSKETRA LYRA, GSD 54.5 NQ
Welcome to working trials! A really promising team who have great potential, excellent sendaway and heelwork. Nice nose work with all three articles retrieved. You know you have more work on the stays and it is work in progress for the jumps. I wish you luck locating a set for you to practice at home with, I am sure the lovely folk in the Kent area will be more than glad to help.



Tracklayers: Eric Carpenter & Tim Cooper
Square steward: Lesley Turtill

My thanks go to Jean Howell & the committee of Hampshire WTS for the invitation to judge at this well run trial. Many thanks to Jean & Arthur for allowing us to stay at their home, & for the great meals & enjoyable company; very kind of you. Thanks also Penny Bann in the base for looking after the scores & certificates, plus the catering team - Val, Linda, Kelly & Tim for hot drinks & food during the day.
My team in the fields Eric & Tim, two experienced tracklayers who gave every competitor the best chance possible, and Lesley (who collected quite a few Brownie points over the two days) for stewarding the square & C & A. Many thanks, you were great company.
Fifteen entered & ten worked, with six qualifying; most finding the nose work which was on good growth grass easy, despite the strong wind.
The articles were: Track - 2½ x 3” carpet and a squashed fibre plant pot. Square - 4 x 1” scourer; 2 x 1” wood, 3½ x 1.5” carpet, and a squashed (empty) muffin case.
1st Tony Orchard with COLLEGE ROBBIE OF TADMARTON. Lab, D, 195½ pts. Robbie, a powerful young Lab, was keen to ‘get on with things’, giving us the quickest track. Careful handling by Tony in all exercises resulted in a well-deserved win. Congratulations & well done.
2nd Betty Briley with JETRIL JAE. GSD, B, 193 pts. Another young dog, Tetley gave us the best track a good square. Calm & steady teamwork continued to good effect on the control field. Well done.
3rd Jane Davey with ASTRA LYNX. BC, D, 190½ pts. Lynx had a slight problem with some paper/polythene flapping violently on a fence as he was about to take a corner, but Jane worked him past it finishing off with the only full point square. Well done.
4th Sue Main with ASTRA TAM. BC, D, 185 pts. A good track but only three from the square with a bit of mouthing was costly, but Tam finished with a solid C & A round. Well done.
Also qualifying –
Pam Clarke with SMYLIE MYLIE. WSD, B, 183½ pts; and
Pam Clarke with LONGHALVES SUMMER SURPRISE, WSD, D, 177 pts. A good day out for “Team Clarke”. Well done Pam.
Competitors’ thank you for letting me judge you, I hope you enjoyed my test & good luck at your next trial.

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