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Judge: Nick Williams

Track Layers: June Hines and Joan Snowden

Square and C/A Steward: Janette Sayer

I would like to thank the Hucknall and District CTS for inviting me to judge, and also the trials Manager, Cyril Barke, who ran an excellent relaxed trial. Thanks also to June and Joan for their excellent track laying, a splendid job well done, and to Janette Sayer, my steward, with me for 3 days, never put a foot wrong.

We had 3 lovely, mainly sunny days, with the usual high winds, which made tracking, which was on grass, difficult at times. There were 28 entries, 26 ran, and 15 completed the track in difficult conditions.

1st Mrs D Cotterrill with SANDYS OAK, Lab, 188, Q. Simba is a 23 month old Lab; it was a pleasure to watch him, he made every thing look easy. Best of luck for the future.

2nd Mrs F M Atkins with BLEDRI OF STEPASIDE, WSD, 183, Q. A very good all round performance from Merlyn and Fran.

3rd Mrs A Clarke with BAINHARD YASKO, GSD, 170, Q. A good all round performance, but unfortunately Coppa missed one article off the track.

4th Mrs C Davis with WESTMIDS INDY, GSD,165, Q. A full mark send away from Indy.

Also Qualified:




Judge: Pat Williams

Track Layers: Nigel Hines and Trevor Smith

Square and C/A Steward: Donna Walker

I would like to thank Trials Manager, Cyril Barke, and the Hucknall and District CTS for inviting me to judge, and all the people at the base for making this an excellent Trial. Thank you to Nigel and Trevor, my track layers, who were splendid all the way through, and to Donna Walker, my steward, with me for 3 days, a very competent steward and a great companion.

There were 20 entries, 19 ran, 12 completed the track in difficult conditions. Tracking was on grass, the weather was good, but very windy at times.

1st Mrs E Price with KESIENBAR PARIS, GSD, 190, Q. Liz and Grace both worked very competently in both nosework and control.

2nd Mrs K Wykes with KIPCROFT MEG OF TARNFORCE, BC, 189.5, Q. Kate and Meg won the trophy for the best nosework round, only losing 3 marks.

3rd R Young with JUST MAYBE AT JARYSMYSTIC, WSD, 186, Q. Rachael and Maybe had the fastest square, with all four articles out in 1 minute and 6 seconds.

4th Mrs P Thomas with POLLGINA GLADYS GLADSOME, Lab, 186, Q. Polly and Maggie worked a nice competent round from this experienced handler.

Also Qualified:

Mrs J Hope with CARISBRO MACH, GSD, 177

Mr C Griffiths with WAGGERLAND CHILE, WSD, 168

Mrs H Phillipson with POPLARTIME MYSTICAL MUSIC, Great Dane, 165

Mr D Cutler with CALLISAE MYLSE MAGESTIC, Weim, 165



Judge: Dave Olley.

Tracklayers: Jim Pepperdine and Malc Snowden

Steward: Jenny Olley

Thank you to Hucknall and District CTS for the invitation to judge. Thanks to Cyril and his hard working team, and to my tracklayers Jim and Malc, and my steward Jenny, thank you for working so hard over the 3 days and for being such good company.

With 23 entries, TD ran over 3 days. All 23 teams competed, 14 teams qualified the nose work, and there were 9 qualifiers overall.

Tracking was on grass. I set a track which could be adapted to fit the shape of the fields. The weather was kind to us with no rain or snow, and I enjoyed watching all the teams work.

1st Doug Shearer with DREAGANTA ALPHA CENTUARI, BC, B, 217, Q. What a team! Just a blip on the track cost a few points, but with 3 articles and a full point square, and finishing off with the only full point C/A of the competition, they were the very worthy winners.

2nd Sara Royle with POLLGINA MICHELLE SO GENTLE, Lab, B, 209, Q. Good nosework with 3 and 4, followed by a competent C/A.

3rd Yvonne Carpenter with HEX AT CARFELD, BC, B, 201.5, Q. Nice nosework, with 2 and 4. Full point jumps.

4th Carole Hall with PENRITH NELL, Lab, B, 201, Q. Powerful, enthusiastic dog - it would be fair to say this dog takes Carol’s breath away.

Also qualifying:

Jenny Miller with FOXFOLD CO-ALITION, X-Breed, D, 200.5

Dave Waite with EYLAUERHOFF RULA, Rott, B, 200

Heather Cook and THAMESPOL ISSIE, GSD, B, 198.5

Sheila Tannert and STYPERSON EBONY, Lab, B, 198.5

Sylvia Austin and GHYLLBECK ANTHEMIS OF ISHEERA, Lge Munsterlander, 191

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