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Tracklayers: Nigel and Malcolm

Steward: Bob

Thank you to Cyril and the committee for the invitation to judge this stake and of course for running the trial - I really enjoyed it. To Nigel and Malcolm, my track layers, and Bob, my steward, thank you all for a job very well done and for your entertaining company over the three days. I must also thank Jill for her work at base and regular refreshments in the field, Publicans Keith and Andrew for feeding us so well and the lovely B&B at Fred and Christine’s farmhouse. Special thanks to Ian, the computer ‘Whiz-Kid’ at the base; well done for all your hard work organising marks and certificates - what would we have done with out you?

Weather-wise we had a chilly wind on Friday, rain most of Saturday but glorious sunshine on Sunday.

1st June Reed with SHADOWQUEST LEGACY, (Buddy), 191, Q. A skilfully handled track and square together with a lovely control round. Well done and good luck in TD.

2nd Mrs Ann Clarke with BEINHARD YASKO, (Otto), 186, Q. Otto worked hard with his nosework and gave us another super control round. A pleasure to watch.

3rd Jan Sewell with BRYN OF HARWOOD DALE, (Bryn), 177, Q. A steady track and search but Bryn lost a little focus in control. A solid qualification nevertheless, well done.

4th Mrs Marie Dixon with THE GODWIT, 174, Q. What a determined little dog, she worked her heart out for you. Well done.




Tracklayers: Jim Pepperdine, Vic Snook, Janette Sayer.

Square / Control Steward: Esther Wakeman.

My tracklayers and Esther my steward all worked well, and did exactly as I wanted - I couldn’t ask for more.

I’ve been trialling and judging at Hucknall since 1985 and I’ve never known the ground conditions to be quite so difficult; however three dogs managed well.

1st Graham Reaney, TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND. Graham and the Lab made it look easy - 3 and 4, with a good solid control round. Well done

2nd Kath Wooley, ANDSAL EYECATCHER AT DUNSA, GSP. Kath was the first to complete the nosework; only a point behind the winner. Well done

3rd Andrea Lynd and REBARK BUBBLY PEG, Lab. Andrea was unfortunate to meet the other 2 today.

Hucknall Trial was, as it always is, a happy, friendly Trial, with everyone being where they should be when they were needed. With Cyril at the helm and Gill doing the paperwork - and keeping Cyril under control - it makes for a fine trial. A favourite of mine, and long may it continue.

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