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Tracklayers: Margaret Robinson (1 day), Joan Snowden (1 day) and June Hines (2 days)

Search and C/A Steward: Diane Yeatman


I would like to thank the Society for inviting me to judge this stake and everyone for organising and running the trial. A big thank you to my steward and tracklayers for doing a marvellous job.

14 dogs entered – 13 ran, over two days. Over the two days 10 teams qualified the nosework section, but at the end of the day there was only one qualifier overall, stays and the jumps being the stumbling block for most teams.


1st Kate Peyton with ASTLEY FLEET, BC, Dog, 195, Q. Good solid all round performance from this young dog.

2nd Bob Shropshire with TADMARTON EARL, Lab, Dog, 188, NQ. Solid nosework and control sections but the jumps today proved costly.

3rd Janine Atkinson with THE QUARRIEMAN AT DENLEA, WSD, Dog, 183, NQ. Down stay was Quarrie’s undoing today.

4th Pat Parkinson with WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW, WSD, Dog, 182.5, NQ. Best Track and Control scores over the two days, but jumps proved costly.


I would like to thank all the competitors for the way they presented themselves to work. It was a pleasure and privilege to judge them. Good Luck to all the teams in future competitions.





Tracklayers and Square Stewards: Malcolm and Joan Snowden (Friday); Nigel Hines (Saturday)

C/A Steward: Rod Roberts (both days)

 Many thanks to Cyril and Gill for asking me to judge at this friendly trial. I was looked after very well; the food at the Butcher’s Arms (base) was fantastic. Thanks to Fred and Christine at Edge farm for their hospitality and the farmers for the great tracking land and a good view too!

The weather was cool and breezy with some sharp showers, especially on the Saturday. Thank you to my cheerful hardworking team of tracklayers, I appreciate your hard work and accuracy. Rod looked after the competitors so well, it made my job easy. Finally, thanks to the competitors who all accepted my decisions cheerfully.

Nine teams entered this stake, seven ran and we had six qualifiers. We saw some good teams tackling the nosework, control and agility efficiently and confidently. You will all do well in the higher stakes!


1st JUST ARRAN AT TRENT VALLEY, CDEx, UDEx, WSD, D, handled by Margaret Robinson, 195, Q. 140.5 nosework; 34.5 control and 20 agility. Margaret expertly guided Arran through the exercises; Arran will do well under Margaret’s guidance. A worthy winner, congratulations.

2nd SHADOWQUEST ONE AND ONLY, GSD, D, handled by June Reed, 192.5, Q. 141 nosework, 34 control and 17.5 agility. Arnie is a magnificent shepherd and just got on with his job with great dignity and accuracy. Well done!

3rd TARNEDGE WISP, CDEx, Lab, B, handled by Sheila Tannert, 191.5, Q. 141.5 nosework, 32.5 control and 17.5 agility. Young Inca has a bright future in front of her; with Sheila’s experience and a bit more maturity, she will go far.

4th RASTWYKE RAPIDE, Lab, D, handled by Pat Quinn, 182.5, Q. 138.5 nosework, 30 control, and 14 agility. George tackled the tasks put to him with typical gundog enthusiasm; he was well handled by Pat, who channelled this drive to good effect.

Also qualifying:

CHASING A DREAM with Kim Astbury, 181

LITTLETHORN MORGAN with Glenys Page, 177.5




Tracklayers: Jim Pepperdine, Nigel Hines and Malcolm Snowden

Stewards: Teresa Bramley and Emma Braisby


Many thanks to Hucknall and District Canine Training Society for asking me to judge TD Open. Thanks to the people in the base for supplying food and drinks and for keeping the competitors arriving on a regular basis; without back-stage help we wouldn’t be able to run trials. Thanks to my tracklayers, Jim Pepperdine, Nigel Hines and Malc Snowden, who did a wonderful job; the tracks were all laid to plan. Teresa Bramley was my square steward on Friday and Emma Braisby my steward on Saturday and Sunday. They both did an excellent job, the squares were all laid to perfection and I think most of the handlers and dogs agreed they ‘scented’ the articles well, because most of them were found.

It was mixed weather with sun, wind, rain and hail at various times over the 3 days, however the views were superb and made being outside enjoyable. Thank you to everyone who entered - there was a lovely display of nosework and I feel those who qualified will do really well in TD Championship.

The search square articles were on the diagonals with one in the centre – they were cardboard tube, wood, hairy twine and thin chain, not too difficult for the dog, but marks were deducted for ‘mouthing’ and ‘dropping’.

The control round was straightforward; the speak was 2 paces from your dog for 5 wuffs (to get your dog started), then sit in a chair facing your dog for 7 wuffs. The sendaway was about 70 yards away to a tracking pole followed by a redirect right to another pole and then a left redirect. It seemed hard to the competitors but was easy for the dogs that knew how to take command, as the markers were obvious and there was a path between the poles. The heelwork was designed to transport dog and handler around the jumps; I penalised ‘continuous command’ heavily. The jumps took their usual toll and unfortunately we lost a couple of good dogs this way. All the dogs that did the C/A did their down stay – always a relief! There were 5 qualifiers – well done; better luck to those who didn’t manage it this time


1st Mrs Julz Findeisen with BANDAITCH DIRTY HARRY, GSD/Golden Retriever, 207, Q. Nicely and kindly handled by Julz, an experienced handler who got the most out of this lovely dog. A pleasure to watch, a real team effort in all exercises.

2nd Mr Terry Austin with MANPOL VIXEN, GSD, 202.5, Q. A lovely round, Terry. Very precise on most of the track. Lovely square and good sendaway. Hope you’re working hard on the noise level now.

3rd Sally Toynbee with HUNDWITH DUTIFUL, Weim, 201, Q. Well done, Sally and Merry.

4th Mr Tom Davis with JOTUNHEIM ALMA, Malinois, 194.5, Q. Well done, Tom and Ruby.


Also qualifying:

Mrs Carole Grant, DREAGANTA ROB ROY, BC, 188.


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