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Steward: Andrea Clarke

Tracklayers: Joan Snowdon and June Hines

Thank you to the society for asking me to judge and to Cyril and Gill, who run the trial from the Butcher’s Arms.  I judged this trial in 2011 when the weather was warm and sunny - not so this year!  Only two competitors braved the snow to arrive on Friday and then unfortunately the trial had to be cancelled as it just snowed and snowed.

Thank you to Andrea, who stewarded for the first time in Working Trials (hopefully you will have more to do next time) and to Joan and June, who spent ages hanging around in the cold without a vehicle waiting for some action.

The dogs had to work hard on the nosework, as a combination of the snow and wind had obliterated the track and also covered the articles.  Considering the conditions, both made light work of the control and agility.

1st Hilary Wilson and WSD Bronte, HOLLOWAY HOT CHOCOLATE, 171, Q

2nd Carol Grant and BC Robbie, DREAGANTA ROB ROY, 166.5, Q

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