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Tracklayers: June and Joan

Steward: Fran

Thank you to Cyril and Hucknall and District Society for the invitation to judge my first UD competition, and providing me with excellent accommodation and great food.  Thank you to my very experienced tracklayers for their help and support and not forgetting my trusty steward, who made everything run smoothly.  Thanks to all the competitors and so sorry that not all qualified, also a mention to the farmers for allowing us on to their land.

1st Mr J Simpson with FAR CANAL FOSTER, BC, 199, Q.  What a joy to watch this team work, a stunning performance on the track, losing half a point, and then an equally good performance in the control, losing another half point.  Many congratulations and good luck in the future.

2nd H Butters with DAISY, spaniel, 186, Q.  What an easy team to judge - just stand and watch a little dog go round a track not putting a paw wrong; a delightful team.  Dropped a few points in the control round but a full point track is a great achievement.  Well done

3rd J Hall with ASHER, Lab, 136.5, NQ.  Bad luck on the track but an excellent control round

4th M O’Kane with LITTLE SPROUT, 120, NQ.  Not quite ready yet, but a lovely dog with a good attitude




Tracklayers: Chris Trevor and Alan Bexon

Search and C/A Steward and patrol scribe: Jenny Olley

Patrol steward Karen Bexon

Criminals: Alan Bexon, Chris Trevor, Bernie Martens and Tracey-Lee Sinfield

Logistics: Nicky Martens

Thanks to the society for holding a PD open and for inviting me to judge.  This was my first appointment to judge PD and I had the back up of my competent training team, who provided a full package of track layers, stewards and criminals - what an excellent job you all did, it was greatly appreciated.  Thanks to Cyril and his team, who organised the base, land and a mountain of bacon sandwiches.

We had 6 entries, who all worked on the one day.  We had a prompt 8.30 am start with the stay, followed by C/A; unfortunately after this one team had been knocked out.  The nose work took place with the tracking fields surrounding the control land; it was just a short stroll for every competitor to their field.  Once again we suffered casualties, with two more teams going out on the nosework.

The last stage was the patrol round with 3 possible qualifiers; the three non qualifiers ran first and all made a good attempt at the round.  The round commenced with the pursuit and detention; once the handler had dealt with the situation, there was a short escort to a triangle area in the middle of the field.  From this area the handler sent the dog around the perimeter of the field for the quarter, with four points to be checked, finally bringing the dog to a hide with two criminals in situ.  After the search the second part of the escort, with attack on handler.  This brought the dog and handler back to the start pole, ready for the recall.  Once the dog was back at the handler’s side the last exercise was the test of courage.  30 yards from the dog and handler 2 men were sitting facing each other, whilst arguing aggressively and attacking each other with large plastic bottles filled with stones.  Once the men were challenged to stop the dog was sent in to break up the fight - as the dog was released the men stood up and turned their aggression on the dog; all dogs coped with this well.  The final result was 3 qualifiers and on the whole the standard in all the sections was high.

1st Suzanne Jaffa with OBCh & WTCh AMBERSIDE BUCKANEER, (Buck), ASD, D, 306, Q.  A professional team, that looked comfortable and performed well in every section.  A well deserved win, congratulations, Suzanne and Buck.

2nd Alan Heatley with JOTUNHEIM TRUCKER, (Driver), Mali, D, 293, Q.  Well done on qualifying at your first attempt, another good team for the future.

3rd David Waite with EYLAUERHOF RULA, (Rula), Rott, B, 282, Q.  Well done, Dave, it’s a while since I’ve seen Rula; you’ve really put the work in and it’s paid off.

4th Vic Snook with WOOLSHAN INK SPOT, (Filo), GSD, D, 240.5, NQ.  A little hiccup on the nosework, Vic, but that patrol round must give you confidence for future qualifications.

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