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Tracklayers: Vic Snook, Sheila Tannert, Joan Snowdon

Stewards: Karon Tiffany and Laura Bardwell

Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge, and to Cyril and Gill, who run this trial from The Butchers Arms.  The friendly hosts, Keith and Andrew,  provide an excellent base and food.  Many thanks to Karon who stepped in at the last moment to steward Friday and to Laura who stewarded Saturday and Sunday, and to Vic, Sheila and Joan for tracklaying  on what are very challenging fields for track laying.

The weather on the three days was wonderful for March - Hucknall without snow or rain!  Friday and Saturday were warm and sunny, Sunday a bit cooler.

Thirteen dogs entered and twelve competed.  The track was eight legs, first article a drinking straw and the second a piece of carpet.  Square articles were a blue plastic top, a piece of leather, a piece of welly and a length of cord.  Ten dogs qualified the nosework, nine qualified control but four of these failed the jumps.

1st Alan Bexon, FLY BY NIGHT LAD, WSD, 193.5, Q. I predict a great future for this team.  Fly did an accurate track with articles, slight mouthing of square articles, heelwork needs tidying up slightly, full mark jumps.

2nd Sarah Naylor, FLICKFLACK BLAKE, BC, 189.5, Q. Another promising team, Blake‚Äôs track and sendaway not quite as good as the winner, full mark jumps. 

3rd Lyn Griffiths, STARDELL AVELA, BC, 178.5, Q.  Avela did a good nosework round,  marks were lost on control and jumps.

4th David Sidaway, PRECIOUSPEGG ALFIE, Bearded Collie, 171.5, Q.  Alfie appears to be quite a character.  Missed a track article and minor marks lost on all exercises.

Also qualified:

Paul Thornton, LIMASMYTHE BROWNS BUSTER, (Trojan), GSD, 166.5

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