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Stake: CD


Square and C/A steward: Hayley Philipson

Thank your to Hucknall &DCTS for the invitation to judge, and Cyril and his base team for running the trial. Thanks also to Hayley, for stepping in at the last minute to be my steward, when Dave was needed to track lay, she did an excellent job and was good company as well.

The weather very windy, with the occasional horizontal snow. Out of eight entries, five competed with two qualifying. We started with nose work, followed by the sit stay, which all dogs completed successfully. After C & A we were left with two dogs qualifying, the down stay was the last exercise of the day.

1st Sarah Longbottom with Garden Willow (willow) Lab, B. This team gave a very polished performance to attain a score of 98, congratulations on your qualification and win.

2nd John Fitzpatrick with Concenn Yusha (Daisy) GSD, B. Another excellent round, with full point square, despite the snow, 94, well done on your qualification.

3rd Mick Fryatt with DAGWOOD DAX (Dax) GSD, D. Nearly there, just not enough marks on the jumps today, some nice work in other sections. 80.

4th Chris Broadbent with MADBONNER MISTLETOE (Goardie), Dobe, B. Some lovely work on the control, but the jumps were the downfall today.


Stake: UD

Judge: Lee Payne

Tracklayers: Joan Snowdon, June Hines

Control Stewards: June Hines (Friday), Di (Saturday / Sunday)

Search  Stewards: Nigel Hines (Friday) ), Di (Saturday / Sunday)

Thanks to Hucknall for the invitation to judge and to Cyril for looking after us and running the trial in such a relaxed manner. Thanks to the staff at The Jovial Dutchman for making us welcome and feeding us, and to Rod and Polly for putting us up yet again. The weather for the three days was not good, with high winds throughout and a bit of snow on the Saturday and Sunday, so special thanks go to my helpers for doing an excellent job in bad conditions. The weather certainly took its toll on the tracking, but almost every dog I saw was capable of qualifying the nosework, and most applied themselves to the job before the winds finally got the better of them.

The first exercise on the control was the retrieve which was generally well done, then the heelwork in which the handlers were told to do their own heelwork within a 20 yard marked out square; this was done so that I didn’t have to distract the dogs by bellowing instructions to handlers who would have done well to hear anyway! The 20 yard square was to insure that they didn’t stray too far from me! A few handlers seemed a bit worried by this, but I’m sure they would all agree that their dogs worked this exercise really well. The sendaway was 80 yards slightly uphill to a purple storage box and the fact that it was not an obvious marker caught out a lot of dogs, with only 1 dog getting close on the first 2 days and most struggling to make halfway.  However, on the Sunday I had three near perfect ones. The down stay took its usual toll in this stake, as did the jumps, and in the end we came away with 4 qualifiers.

Thank you for entering under me and good luck with future trials. 

1st Mrs Fran Mitchell with BARAK BALDEMAR, WSD, Dog, 185. Excellent tracking from this team followed by a solid control round.  Well done.  (Won after a run off )

2nd Mr J Phillips with BLAKATO BILLIE, GSD, Bitch, 185.  Well done John, good work throughout.

3rd Mrs J Reed with KENMILTO DANCING LEGEND, CDEx, GSD, Dog, 180.  Well done, held it together for a deserved qualification.

4th Mrs L Coull with CALLISAE SCARCITY, CDEx, Weim, Bitch, 175.5.  Only dog to qualify in the first 2 days .Well done.


Stake: TD

Judge: Manda McLellan

Tracklayers: Jim Pepperdine and Malc Snowdon

Stewards:  Louise Meakin (Fri/Sun) and Polly Thomas (Sat)

Thanks to Cyril and Hucknall for this invitation to judge and for looking after us so well at this very friendly trial.  Both Lee and I really enjoyed it.  The catering by the Jovial Dutchman pub was really good. Thanks to my excellent tracklayers and stewards who were all competent and good company.  Thanks also to Rod and Polly for putting us up and making us welcome (yet again!).  Especial thanks to Louise, as it was her first time stewarding and she didn’t make a single mistake.  Both stewards also chauffeured me.

The weather was really cold and windy on the Friday but the first dog, Donna’s dalmatian, did the best track of the trial that day.  Saturday and Sunday weren’t as windy but still cold and we did have some snow on the Sunday, resulting in the loss of several competitors who heeded the weather warnings and stayed away from Derbyshire. The nosework was all on grass and the TD in more sheltered fields than the UD up on the hill, luckily for the TD taskforce.  I was glad of my ski trousers and 5 layers!

I saw some great tracking despite the difficult conditions, with most of those completing the track finding all three articles, which were black rubber pipe, green felt and brown underlay.  Square articles were a leather tie, green hose, crinkled black pipe and turquoise cotton backed rubber. Thanks to Ron Jaques for letting me raid his extensive article collection for some of these!  No particular article presented a problem.

Some dogs found the tracking OK but failed elsewhere, and a few seemed like they would complete the track and then went inexplicably wrong.  As usual in trials there was a mixed bag.  The one thing I did notice was the use of long tracking lines, sometimes too long for TD, I felt.

Hopefully those who didn’t succeed here will have better luck next time.   There were certainly some who were capable.  Well done to the three qualifiers - all of you were solid in all three sections.

1st Anne Shepherd and LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, XB, 207.5.  Best nosework with 157 (95+30+32) and C/A 30.5+20.  Lottie is a very determined tracker who scored excellent marks all through with no weaknesses. A well deserved win.

2nd Linda Newbold and COLLIEWOOD DANCING BRAVE, WSD. 194.5 marks.  A very competent round from this pair on a more difficult field than most, yet still gaining 150 marks for nosework (88+30+32). Good control, 31.5 + 15 in agility, the long jump being the only blip.

3rd Bob Shropshire and STYPERSON OLIVER, Lab, 192 marks.  Oliver towed his dad round that track, unfortunately missing the 1st article but getting the other two and gaining the only full point square.  Nosework 143.5 (93.5+15+35). Full point agility, excellent sendaway, shame about the non-speak. C/A 28.5 + 20

4th Donna Walker and FFIGLINA OBERON, Dalmatian, 174 marks.  Best Track.  Nosework 152.5 (97.5 + 30 + 25). Superb track by Logan, shame he didn’t do the C/A today.

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