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Stake: CD


Steward: Lisa Fox

A big thank you to HDCTS for asking me to judge CD at their March Open Trial.  Thanks to Cyril for organising another well run trial, and to Gill for all the hard work behind the scenes.  Last, but not least, a special thank you to Lisa for stewarding.

1st          Sheila Tannert with EBONY, 93.5, CoM.  As the marks suggest, a first class performance from dog and handler.

2nd         Lee Watson and NUDGE, 92, CoM.  A really steady dog, well handled by Lee.  Good luck for the future.

3rd         Sarah Naylor with ASSA, 89, CoM.  Congratulations, Sarah, on a lovely performance.  All the hard work was worth it.  Well done.

4th          Kim Astbury with CHINA, 80, NQ.  Very nice control and nosework rounds, sadly let down by the jumps.  Keep at it, a qualification will not be far away.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: June Hines and Joan Snowden

Steward, Square and C/A: Linda Newbold

I would like to thank the Hucknall and District CTS for inviting me to judge, and Trials Manager Cyril Barke. Thanks to my tracklayers, Joan and June, for doing a brilliant job, in sometimes very windy and wintry conditions, and also a big thank you to Linda Newbold for stewarding for me over three days.

Having experienced the weather conditions at Crich over the years, as both competitor and helper, I set a straight forward track pattern, a ‘box in a box’, with the maximum yardage the available grass fields allowed.  The weather didn’t disappoint us; Friday was cool, dull and windy, Saturday was sunny and windy, Sunday was cold, strong winds with squally snow showers.

There were 19 entries and 18 ran. Over the three  days 15 teams completed the track, and 9 teams qualified overall.

The track articles were a 2in x 1.25in piece of green pan scourer and a 2.5in diam. green plastic disc.  Search articles were 2in x 1.25in piece of rubber backed carpet, 3.75in x 0.5in piece of wood, a metal tea spoon and a 2in piece of plastic pipe.

The overall standard of tracking, I thought, was very good in some difficult conditions, and was a pleasure to watch and judge. The conditions on Sunday did prove too much for some teams. The standard of Control and Agility over the three days was very high with most teams only dropping the odd few points.

1st                 Moira Rogerson and SELDOM SEEN TWIST, (WSD).  Moria and Twist had a full point C/A section, and they made the track and square look easy.  Congratulations and good luck in future trials.  Q, 192.

2nd                Liz Price and VIKKAS PUSHKIN, (GSD).  Liz and Miller had the best nosework score over the three days. Today Miller decided he would go over the scale, which gave this team their qualification. To say Liz was pleased about the scale is an understatement.  Well done, and good luck in future trails.  Q, 191.

3th               Jackie Rutter and STARDELL MAIA AT NYEWOOD, CDEx, (BC).  Jackie and Katie did a good track, but only three articles from the square proved costly today.  Jackie made me smile on the sendaway, when she said, that it was a good job there was a stone barrier behind the sendaway point, because the dog just keeps running and running.  Wow, what a problem.  Well done and good luck.  Q, 185.

4th                 Ruth Bryant and MEISTEWERK BRUISER, (BC).  Ruth and Tig did a faultless control round, and very good track and square, but only managed to get one article off the track. Well done and good luck.  Q, 184.5.

Other Qualifiers

Julia Findeisen and TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, (GSD), 184.5

Roger Shrimpton and CORNDON TAFF AT GRELGANNA, (BC), 182.5

Eleanor Mestraud and WOLFHART FIRENFUL IDES, (GSD), 178.5

Karen Sheeran and KRIEGERGEIST ADONIS, (GSD), 165

Lynne Baker and AQUACADIAN BLACK AZELL, (LAB), 163

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