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WD Stake


Tracklayers : Nigel, Geoff and Lesley

Steward : Walter Evans

Thank you to Cyril and the committee for the invitation to judge this stake.  To my tracklayers, thank you all for a job well done and also for your company during the days.  Weatherwise the conditions were horrendous on Friday and Saturday and only eased slightly on Sunday.

1st           Malcolm Snowden and FLYNNTASTIC JUST JAY BC.  Congratulations on winning this stake and being the only qualifier.  Good luck in the Championships.

2nd         Mrs. Fran Mitchell and RENDALE ROBIN Lab.  Excellent track and square, disaster on the jumps.  NQ

3rd          Mrs. P.A. McGrane and LITTLE THARN CLASSIC BC. NQ.

4th          Miss I. Nicoll and GAME POINT GO AND GO Weim. NQ.

Thank you to the Society for the flasks, bacon butties, etc. and also the landlord Adrian for looking after us so well. 

Finally, good luck to all the competitors for the future.


UD Stake


Tracklayers: June, Joan, Rod

Square Stewards : Maria, Laura

C&A Steward L: Geoff

I would like to thank Hucknall & District Canine Training Society for asking me to judge UD stake.  I would also like to thank my tracklayers, square steward and control steward.  The weather wasn't at its best with gales blowing and 50mph and at times pouring down with rain.  I am pleased to say I had 5 who qualified in spite of the weather.

1st           Mr. N. Hines. TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD BC 190 pts.  Well done Nigel and Kes under the weather conditions it was brilliant.

2nd         Miss M. Padget JESS THE SUPERBLADE WSD 182.5 pts.

3rd          Mrs. R. Kidson CARFELD GYP CD EX BC 180.5 pts.

4th          Mr. D. Waite DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN WSD 178.5 pts.

5th          Mr. J. Sewell. DRESBERG ESTELLE GSD 169 pts.




Tracklayers: Jim Pepperdine, Malcolm Snowden & Cyril Barke

Stewards: Pam Barratt, Pauline Wilson, & Ian Barke.

Thanks to the Hucknall & District Canine Training Society for asking me to step in and judge instead of Jean Morley who was unable to come because Simba was so poorly.  Despite the torrential downpours and the winds that at times almost lifted me off my feet I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Thanks to my tracklayers, Jim & Malcolm and thanks to Cyril for stepping in on Sunday.  You all did an excellent job, in terrible conditions. Thanks to Pam  who laid my squares and to Pauline who acted as my control steward for 2 days and Ian for 1 day.  You were all really helpful and made my job that much easier. 

There was a simple start to the track to motivate the dogs, followed by a 'dovetail' then more simple legs followed by another 'dovetail'. The articles were a piece of cloth, a small piece of hosepipe with a piece of suede at the end.  In the Search Square was a strip of black rubber, a metal pen, half a wooden lollipop stick and a piece of carpet.  The weather conditions were too much for some of the dogs on the track.

1st           Glenys Page with BRIGLEN NUTMEG. (Meg)  Qualified with 207.5 points.  A stunning track and square, in the worst of the weather, showing us all it can be done, followed by a superb control round. Glenys and Meg worked so hard together as a team it was a real pleasure to watch. Good luck in ticket - I'm sure you'll do well. Glenys also won the Jovial Dutchman Trophy for the best track.

2nd         Alan Chadbourne with MAXIMILLION PINK NOSE. (Max)  Qualified with 201 points. A lovely track followed by a nice control round.  Good luck in the future Alan.

3rd          Alison Davidson with COLTRIEVER CONTENDER. (Jet)  171.5 points N/Q.

4th          David Craven with STILLMOOR STORM ON STRIDING EDGE (Smokey)  161.5 points N/Q.

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