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U D Stake


Tracklayers: Malcolm Snowden and June Hines

Search square steward: Brian Page

Control Steward: Ian Barke

I would like to thank the committee of Hucknall and District Canine Training Society for the invitation to judge the UD Stake. Trials Manager Cyril Barke and his team provided excellent facilities at this friendly trial. My thanks go to Malcolm and June for laying the tracks and being good company along with Brian my search square steward, and lastly for Ian being my control steward. The weather was dry, but cloudy, and the tracking was on long grass, making it fairly easy.

13 dogs entered, 10 worked, 6 completed the track and 8 located all the search square articles. The tracking articles were a wooden peg and carpet square. The search square articles were beer mat, washup sponge, leather square and underlay square.

1st           Sue Scott with LUCA'T THAT BSD Mal. (B). Nice track and square losing only two on control. Well deserved win 192.5 (Q)

2nd         Carla Morris with AZI AZI KITE collie X. awarded Best Track Trophy, but needs more work on control. 184.5 (Q)

3rd          Angela Smith with MATTIAS BELLARINA GSD B. good round till the stays 179.5 NQ

4th          Mr D Holt with CHARLESTOWN JAKE GSD. D. Better luck next time with stays and jumps. 174 NQ


Stake: WD

Judge: Margaret Robinson

Tracklayers: Nigel Hinds, June Hinds, Jeff Ball, Joan Snowdon

Base Steward: Jill Williamson, while Ian ably assisted in doing the scores and computer input.

Trials Manager: Cyril Barke

First, may I take this opportunity to congratulate Hucknall & District CTS, on their 25th

Anniversary. Cyril along with his committee and helpers have kept this society going through thick and thin, producing this trial every year as well as providing training and help for pets and trialists. Many Congratulations.

Thanks to the society for asking me to judge and to all of the helpers who made my three days so pleasant and special thanks also to the Landlord & Landlady of the Jovial Dutchman for the excellent food.

Many thanks to my tracklayers, square stewards, and control stewards for giving up their time to so ably assist at the trial.

Possibly for only the first or second time in its history the weather was good. To say it was warm on occasions would not be an overstatement. The grassland was somewhat poached but had a good amount of growth.

Eight dogs were qualifying after the nosework but unfortunately only one of these qualified the control & agility. The results were as follows.

1st           Mrs Angela Seddon with SONGLADE ROSIE POSIE CDEx. UDEx. WSD

This little lady worked hard on the nosework gaining 82 points for the track and both articles plus 3 out of the square for a total of 128 + control round 29 & agility 14

Total 171 COM Good luck in WDEx.

2nd         Mrs J Douglas with SHADOWQUEST AREBA CDEx. UDEx. GSD

Qualified the nosework and the agility but unfortunately was seriously let down by the sendaway. Put her in a position to always increase her confidence on the s/a and she will soon get the hang of it.  Good luck

Nosework 135 + control 22 + agility 14 Total 171

3rd          Mrs Z. Finlay with TRIJEM REBEL IN RED WITH OVERDRIVE CDEx. UDEx. ASD

The best nosework of the trial but unfortunately decided on the day that he just couldn’t do the stays and the agility. (I know he can!!. Saw him many times) Never mind Zoe he took away the trophy for the best track.

Nosework 137 + control 20 + agility 11.5 Total 168.5


TD Stake

Judge: J. MORLEY

Tracklayers: Jim Pepperdine, Trevor Smith

Steward: Peter Morley

Thanks to Hucknall for the invitation to judge the TD stake. Cyril Barke has a good band of helpers who come from far and wide and ensure that this friendly trial is still run. My tracklayers did a grand job ensuring that all competitors had a good chance of completing the nosework. Jim laid the earlies travelling a long distance each day, and Trevor laid the 'perpendicular tracks' in fields tha were just that! Thank you both for the mammoth effort each day. Tracking was on varying fields of growth and grass in weather that was kind to all. Peter was my search steward and control steward and chauffeur - thank you very much for that. At the base was Gill Williamson ably assisted by Cyril's son who seemed to be general dog's body doing all manner of jobs. It's not many men who will spend their pre wedding week helping at a trial. Hope all went well for you on the 26th March. The Jovial Dutchman is extremely helpful in sending out the grub and having soup and rolls ready at lunchtime and putting on a good meal in the evenings. The results tell me a lot there were teams who were ready for TD but others need a little more polish. Out of 29 entries we had 8 going home with a certificate of merit. Well done to you all.

1st           Mrs E. M. Warrior with her x breed OH MY KATIE 199.5 Tracked first of the day when the dew was on the ground.

2nd         Mr N. Hinds with TY TRI KES B/C. 197. Well done Nigel, Kes worked really well and showed that he is very capable.

3rd          Mrs P.T. Collier with her GSD SORUMOUR JUST FOR A LAUGH 186.5

4th          Mrs G. Gwesyn Price with ROCKSPRAY WALLIS AT CONCERN GSD 186

Other qualifiers




Mrs C. Stewart BELDORM DUNCAN (Std poodle) 181

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