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Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Joan Snowdon and June Hinds

Steward: John Weselby

Thanks to Hucknall & District C T S for the invitation to judge UD stake and to Trials Manager Cyril Barke and his team for all their hard work. I would like to say a special thanks to the main people. Without their commitment this trial would not be possible - my two happy tracklayers Joan and June and John, who stewarded for me.

Of the 21 entries 18 competed in extremely cold, windy conditions.  Whilst the majority completed the track the stays took its toll.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me.  It was a pleasure to see you and your dogs work.  Better luck next time to those who missed out and well done to the few that qualified.

1st           K. Ingham with RUSKATH OTHENTIC IMAGE (B) WSD 180.5 Q

2nd         J.D. Miller with FOXFOLD CO-ALITION (D) GSD/WS 180 Q

3rd          G.G Pryce with CONCERN XCELL (D) GSD 178 Q

4th          F Williams with HEATON BRIDGE HONEY (B) LAB 170 Q

Also qualifying

L. Campbell with SELDOMSEEN SHEP (D) WSD 166 Q




Stewards: Pauline, Trevor and Geof Tordoff

Tracklayers: Nigel and Geof

I would like to thank the society for the asking me to judge. Thanks to everyone who helped at the base, getting everyone to where they should be on time and keeping the scores. Thank you to my tracklayers for doing a great job, especially given the shape of some of the fields. Special thanks to Trevor for doing the squares on Saturday at such short notice…sorry for getting you out of your nice warm shower to stand in the freezing cold, for the missed breakfast and your missed shopping trip, and I will buy you that drink! Thanks to Pauline for stewarding the control and doing an excellent job for her first attempt. Thanks to Geof Tortoff for doing a fine job of laying the squares and stewarding on Sunday – once we got him to shut up that is!!

Tracking was on grass and apart from snow showers on Saturday morning the weather stayed dry, although freezing cold.

All the handlers and dogs worked really well and if you did not qualify this time I’m sure you will soon, so keep up the training.

1st           Q 191.5 Mrs J Holt and BROCK. Really nice work from a team who I’m sure will go all the way to the top. Congratulations.

2nd         Q 186 Mr D Olley and NELL. Super dog who just loved to work. A full point control round which was lovely to watch.

3rd          Q 177.5 Mr J Simpson and YAZ. Nice steady work from this team. Just a couple of mistakes on the jumps which I’m sure were due to lack of experience rather than lack of ability.

4th          Q 173 Mr T Green and ZEUS. Zeus tried to set a new record for the fastest track and Trevor had no choice but to run along behind, a bit tricky going down the hill! Just needs a bit of work with holding his articles in the square and his wait on the other side of the scale, but a great attitude, he really wanted to work.

Also qualifying with 165.5 Mrs S Pickering and RIO


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Jim Pepperdine & Malc Snowdon

Steward: David Watie

I would like to thank Hucknall and District for the invitation to judge. I would also like to thank my tracklayers Jim and Malc.

It’s not easy fitting TD tracks in to those small fields - you both did a great job. David my steward did a great job, as usual laying all the search squares and stewarding the control and agility.

The weather wasn't very kind to us. It was freezing cold with snow showers on Friday. On Saturday it was just very cold , but on Sunday the sun actually managed to get through.

To those who qualified “well done”. To those who didn't, keep trying, I'm sure it won't be long before you qualify.

1st           Mrs E M Warrior & OH MY KATIE CDex UDex WDex (XBreed). Well done Lis,  Katie did a great track - just struggled on one corner but found all the articles on the track and then found 4 articles in the square. Also best track trophy Just bits and pieces on the control but a good solid round Well Done and Good Luck in Ticket. 206pts Q.

2nd         Miss L Jones & LIVELY CLIVE CDex UDex WDex. (ESS). A lovely track. Clive loves his tracking. Left one article in the square. Heelwork needs tidying up and the agility let you down to-day Well done on your qualification. 199Q.

3rd          Mrs T Collier & SORUMOUR JUST FOR A LAUGH AT GLENTRADA CDex UDex WDex. (GSD) A super dog who tracked really well. 194.5 Q.

4th          Miss K Asterbury & ANGEL IN DISGUISE CDEx UDex WDex. (XBreed) Another nice track and search the Agility stopped this team from qualifying. 187.5 NQ

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