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Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Joan Snowden and June Hines

Stewards: Joan Snowden, June Hines and Fran Atkin

Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge and to Cyril (Trials Manager) assisted by Gill and Emma who manned the base at The Butchers Arms.  Thank you to Keith and Andrew (the landlords) who make everyone welcome, and provide the food, and to the farmers for their continued support of this trial.

Thank you, Joan and June, for tracklaying all three days, for laying the squares for two days, and Joan for stewarding control on Friday.  Huge thanks to Fran who came from Grimsby to steward squares and control on Saturday.

All three days were dry with varying degrees of wind and cold.  The track was nine legs, expertly laid by Joan and June, who know these fields well, having tracklaid here for many years.  Track articles were a yellow gun cartridge and carpet; square articles were artificial grass, white electrical sleeving, rubber matting and green glazing spacer.  Only five articles were not recovered out of the squares.  9 dogs completed the track, seven with both articles and two with only one article.  Six teams did not obtain enough marks to qualify the agility - three of these also did not obtain enough marks to qualify the control.

12 entered, 11 took part. 

1st           Dave Olley with GSD, ELMHAUS PORTER, 194, Q.  Brilliant nosework round from Rooster; full mark jumps, a few points lost on control.  

2nd         Polly Thomas with POLLGINA DENNIS SPARKIE, 191, Q.  Dennis is the dog I could have taken home!  Nosework not quite as accurate as the winner, but a better control round.

3rd          John Currie with DREAGANTA BIG MAC, 190.5, Q.  Mac is a super little dog; another brilliant nosework round.  Unfortunately lost 5 on the agility.

4th          Karen Bexon with SPICY LITTLE MAN, 185, Q.  First UD open for Karen and Spice, who worked in the same field as husband Alan and WTCh FLY BY NIGHT LAD when he did his first UD Open in 2011.  Article mouthing and jumps to sort.

Also qualified:

Jenny Holt and BEELAHOLT BRYN, 168.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Jim Pepperdine and Becky MacGuffie

Stewards: Polly Thomas and Diane Ling

Thank you to Hucknall for inviting me to judge at this lovely friendly trial.  I was very well looked after indeed. The food served by Andrew and Keith at The Butchers Arms is second to none.  Cyril Barke as Trials Manager, ably assisted by Gill and Emma at the base, all did a great job.

My track layers were Jim Pepperdine and Becky MacGuffie, who laid the tracks precisely as I wanted - many thanks to both of you.  Thank you to Polly Thomas who did squares and C/A stewarding on Friday and to Diane Ling coming all the way from Suffolk to do this job on Saturday and Sunday.

The tracking was on pasture land, a little soft underfoot in places, but overall a very good surface.  Track articles were blue knotted rope, cotton fabric square and brown, rubber-backed carpet.  Square articles were a drinking straw, 2" sash cord, 2" green hose and 2" x 1" black cord carpet.

1st           Andrew Fox with STARDELL MUSCIDA, CDEx – WDEx, BC, D, 204.5, COM.  Most of the track was really good, just a few heart stopping moments trying to locate the direction on one particular corner.   Beautiful full point square. Only dropped one point on control and full point jumps earned them this well-deserved first place.

2nd         Janet Freeman with ASHLINDT ARRAN, BC, D, 204.5, COM.  Janet and Solo were a joy to watch on the track and followed that with a full point square.  Lack of a speak and long jump relegated them to 2nd place, but still a very creditable qualification.

3rd          Roger Shrimpton with STARDELL ZUBEN, CDEx – UDEx, BC, D, 199, COM.  Most of the track was very well done, just missed a bit in the corner - I think the wind tricked him!  Ben struggled with the re-direct, but the rest of the control was good and full point jumps.

4th          Sheila Tannert with TARNEDGE WISP, CDEx – WDEx, LAB, B, 193, COM.  The track was going really well, but unfortunately Inca tracked over the end article, so only 2 articles retrieved. Good control and full point jumps.

Also COM, on 189, to Jane Clarke with SKYE'S OVER THE TOP, WSD, B.  Well done, Jane and Skye.

Finally, many thanks to the farmers for allowing us access to their land in this so picturesque part of the country.  Special thank you to Fred and Christine Sayles for having Diane and me to stay in their lovely farmhouse.  We were so well looked after, we almost didn't want to come home.

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