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Stake: UD

Judge: Anne Bussey

Steward: Shelagh Page

Brian Page (Friday and Saturday)
Polly Thomas (Friday and Sunday)
 June Reed (Saturday) and Becky MacGuffe (Sunday).   

I stepped into this appointment when the intended judge, Sarah Burroughs, received a hospital appointment for her long awaited surgery. I am delighted that Sarah is now well on the road to recovery. Many thanks to the society for asking me to step in and for all your hard work organising this trial especially Cyril Barke and Gill Williamson who kept all the plates spinning.  Big thanks also go to my steward Shelagh (it’s more fun than obedience) who laid squares all three days and stewarded the control round. First time helping at a trial and did everything to perfection, well done and thanks again. My track layers were superb, working together to fit the tracks into the allotted space - many thanks Brian, Polly, June and Becky. I really appreciate the thought and effort you all put into tracklaying for me. You all did a brilliant job with the shoehorn and got the tracks laid to perfection. Many thanks to you all. We were well looked after with huge bacon butties delivered to the field daily and warming soup and sarnies back at base. Many thanks to all concerned.


1st Mrs S Rose and RETSWERB HOT SPICE (Lab) 178 BONNIE started her track with rather a lot of enthusiasm(!) but settled to produce a good track with both articles and 3 out of the square. A solid C& A secured this well-deserved win. Many congratulations.
2nd Jenny Miller and MY LANIE JAYNE (G.SD.) 177.5 LANIE did a nice track and got 3 out of the square then did a cracking C& A as we have come to expect from Jeny. Many congratulations on this qualification.
3rd Elaine Boyd ZETA ARA CONCENN CDex (G.S.D.) 165.5 congratulations on a superb track from SASHA, unfortunately only 2 out of the square kept you down the line-up.
4th Mr D Stewart BANDAITCH STAR EDITION (Crossbreed) NQ.  ROXI did a super track and got all 4 out the square. Sensitively handled through the C&A Dave got the best out of her, but unfortunately in his concern Dave ‘helped’ ROXI over the scale and just missed a qualifier. As you say, better safe than sorry. Very well done and good luck for the future.

Thanks to all the competitors who took the last minute change of judge in their stride and accepted my decisions. It was my pleasure to watch you working your dogs.


Stake: WD


Steward: Sarah Burroughes

Tracklayers: Nigel Hines, June Hines

Thank you to the society for the invitation to judge the WD stake.  Thank you to Nigel and June for laying the tracks and Sarah for stewarding -  you all did an amazing job.

Hucknall and District are always desperate for helpers; if anyone could offer to help they would be really grateful.  We don’t want to lose a trial through lack of people volunteering their help.   

We had 17 entries and 12 ran. We managed to have 8 teams qualify.

1st           Moira Rogerson, XANDOAS SCOUT, CDEx, Mali, 190.5, Q.  A lovely all round performance from Moira and Scout - he’s a real credit to you.  More than ready to move up the classes.  Well done on your qualification.

2nd         John Wykes, DREGANTA RED RORY OF TARNFORCE, CDEx, BC, 182, Q.  Well done, John; a little hiccough on the track but he stuck at it and did you proud.  Congratulations .

3rd          Sheila Margreaves, KHAMYSKER ROCKET, GSD,    181.5, Q.  What a lovely happy Shepherd, worked really nicely just needs a bit of tidying up.  Good luck in the higher classes.

4th          Jayne Douglas, GLENWOODIAN FLINDERS, Lab, 178, Q.  Well done, another really happy dog.  Bits and bobs in the control section need a little bit more work, but  I’m sure you will soon sort them out.  Congratulations.

Also qualifying:

David Waite, EYLAUERHOF ISLA, CDEx,  Rottie, 177.5

Bob Shropshire, TADMARTON EARL, CDEx, Lab,   168

Jacquie Hall, MEADOWBURN LITTLE BIDDY, X-breed, 167.5

Jacquie Snook, ASHKINOT CIDER, CDEx, BC, 165.5


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Jim Pepperdine (all 3 days), Andy Laws (Saturday), Brian Page (Sunday)

Steward: Dianne Ellis

Thanks to everyone, especially Cyril, for putting on this trial.  Thanks to the H and DCTS for the invitation to judge the TD stake.  It is a privilege to be asked.  Thanks to the competing teams for travelling and having a go at my test.

1st           QUIZ-IS SOMETHING SPECIAL, handled by Dave Craven, 212.5, Q.

2nd         STARDELL PISCES, handled by Dave Marchant, 211.5, Q (higher nosework mark)

3rd          LITTLE MADAM MAYBELLINE, handled by Judith Stamp, 211.5, Q.

4th          THE ZETA, handled by Sue Ashby, 211.

Also qualifying:

TADMARTON EASTER LILY, handled by Jenny Orchard, 209.5

LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL, handled by Liz Price,208

COLINTON CEIL, handled by Joyce Watson, 208

JASPER THE COWPE CRUSADER, handled by Emily Arch, 206.5

POLLGINA DENNIS SPARKLE, handed by Polly Thomas, 187

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